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We are an online platform that provides independent and unbiased reviews & resources about various automotive products. Our aim is to offer you firsthand knowledge and professional advice to aid you in making the right purchasing decision.

While major sites push products from incentives by companies, here every piece of content is produced with no third-party involvement. This is because we understand that you’re looking for automotive information that’s:

  • Honest
  • Accurate
  • Helpful

What Makes Us Different

Every article you find on this website has been composed by our team of experts. This is to ensure that the content meets our high standards and is suitable for our target audience.

What’s more? For us, creating high-quality content goes beyond just finding the right products you need or are looking for. That’s why we take many important steps to choose the products we recommend to you or review.

We take pride in the kind of content we produce and always aim to offer unbiased reviews, tutorials, resources, and buying guides. The content you will find include reviews about different types of automotive tools, accessories, and gadgets such as:

  • Automotive products
  • Garage products
  • Motorcycles
  • Car and trucks
  • Repair tools

Another thing that makes us different from other platforms is that we are committed to things like integrity, honesty, and diversity.

How We Curate Our Automotive Reviews

At Garage Deed, we understand that you’re looking for helpful information. This is why every product we recommend usually goes through a thorough vetting process. We normally vet potential products based on things like:

  • User reviews
  • Brand reputation
  • Hands-on experience

Basically, our team of experts usually spend hours researching various online resources and popular automotive brand, also our authors are experienced in the auto industry. This helps them to come up with the best and latest products available. We also aim to test as many products as possible which gives us the chance to provide as much valuable information.

Once we have found the products, we then proceed to research whether they are worth recommending or not. And where possible, we usually buy the products and test them so we can provide you with detailed reviews.

Additionally, to ensure you get value for your money, we only recommend products from trustworthy brands. So, if a brand does not have a well-known, positive reputation, we usually move on to brands that do.

Our Team

Our team comprises automotive enthusiasts, experienced researches, and independent, creative content writers. The writers pride themselves in taking complex ideas and transforming them into easy-to-digest content.

Also, we can say that our team has this kind of automotive experience required to provide trustworthy information.

In addition, our chief author checks every single content.

Meet The Team

Mia Bevacqua

Mia is the chief author of Garage Deed. She is an ASE certified master automobile technician and automotive expert. She has 16 years of experience in the auto industry. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology.

Bojan Popic

Bojan is the author of Garage Deed. Bojan is an automotive expert and has 10 years of practical, hands-on experience. In addition, he has an associate’s degree in automotive engineering and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Read more about Bojan Popic.

What’s More?

Our team usually checks each and every post regularly to ensure that the products recommended are the latest available.

Our end goal is simply to be the best online resource for all automotive products. That said, we hope that you find our content helpful and informative.

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