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Garage Deed takes your privacy very seriously. In this policy, we describe the kind of personal information we gather and how we utilize it. Check out this privacy policy briefing to get more general information about privacy policies.

Routine Information Collection

A visit to any website will have its servers tracking information about you. The information includes referring pages, time stamps, browser details, and IP addresses. That said; none of that information can be used to identify specific guests to this site.

The information is primarily for maintenance and routine administration purposes.

Cookies and Web Beacons

If necessary, Garage Deed stores information about guest’s preferences and browsing history using cookies. This helps in presenting site visitors with personalized content and better service.

Marketing partners and the like may also use web beacons, scripts, and cookies to track visitors to the site. This enables them to display appropriate ads and other information that may be useful.

However, tracking from such third parties is done through their servers and is therefore subject to their privacy guidelines.

Controlling Your Privacy

In case you have any concerns about your privacy online, you can alter your browser settings to disable cookies. Note that disabling cookies for all websites is not advisable because it may hinder how you interact with some sites.

The best course of action would be to enable or disable cookies for each site you visit. Check your browser settings for instructions pertaining to blocking cookies and other tracking tools. Here is a list of browser privacy control links that may be beneficial.

Special Note About Google Advertising

Any ads run by Google, Inc. and associated companies may be regulated using cookies. The cookies enable the site to run ads based on your visits to sites that use the company’s marketing services. Find out how to opt-out of cookie usage by Google. As mentioned earlier, any tracking by Google via cookies or other mechanisms is subject to the company’s privacy policies.

Collected Contact Information

We can assure you that any information about you will not be shared or sold to third parties. We need the information to help us in responding to queries. That means that we may occasionally reach out to you about events, services, products, or new content that matches your interests.  

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns as far as this privacy policy, you can reach us through

You can also check our contact page.