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The Best All-Weather Floor Mats 2022 – Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you own a van, truck, or, an SUV, keeping your car in good condition is critical. This not only helps in retaining a solid resale value but also protects your vehicle’s interior.

So, if you’re looking to protect your investment, you cannot go wrong with investing in all-weather floor mats.

As the name implies, these types of mats offer reliable and all-season protection to your vehicle’s carpet. This is because they can endure a range of elements, including rain, snow, debris, or road salt.


However, these mats are not built equally. Some are of better quality than others. But don’t worry because we have compiled a list of some of the best All Weather Floor Mats to help you. The list is based on:

  • Customer ratings
  • Independent expert reviews
  • Features like durability & quality

Amazon’s Top 3 Best Seller “All Weather Floor Mats”:

Top 10 All Weather Floor Mats Comparison Chart

Depending on where you live, your occupation, or lifestyle, the right all-weather mats can provide value year-round. So, here are our top 10 picks compared.

RankProduct NameBrandMaterials
1Motor Trend Original FlexTough All Weather Rubber Car Floor MatsMotor TrendRubber
2WeatherTech Universal Trim to Fit All Weather Floor MatsWeatherTechAdvanced Rubber
3WeatherTech Floor Liners 446071WeatherTechAdvanced Rubber
4FH Group Trimmable Heavy Duty 3 Row All Weather Floor MatFH GroupVinyl
5Husky Liners Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners for Crew CabHusky LinersFlexible Plastic
6Weathertech Full Set All Weather Floor Mats for SupercrewWeatherTechVinyl
7Motor Trend All Weather Protection Floor Mats for Car, SUV, Truck, & VanMotor TrendRubber
8BDK Odorless Floor Mats with Trunk Cargo Liner for Car, Sedan, SUV, VanBDKRubber
9MAX LINER 1st Row and 2nd Row Floor Mats for Quad CabMax LinerVinyl
10Caterpillar CAT All Weather Heavy Duty Odorless Rubber Floor MatsCaterpillarRubber

Best All Weather Floor Mats in Review

1. Motor Trend Original Rubber Car Floor Mats

Hands down, these are the best all-weather floor mats available on the market, and for good reasons. To start with, you will be happy to know that the units are made from high-quality rubber for maximum durability.

This type of rubber is built to withstand extreme temperatures while at the same time maintaining strength and elasticity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the mats could become rigid and even crack in extreme cold or high heat.

What’s more? Another feature that makes these units worth buying is the fact that they boast a universal fit. This means that they are compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Other Features & Benefits

However, if the mats are not a perfect fit for your car, you can customize them. The manufacturer provides you with simple-to-cut guides. You only need a pair of scissors to cut and shape perfectly to your vehicle.

But here is the best part; each unit comes equipped with an inverted shell design along with deep channels. These channels simply help in trapping all debris water, mud, and snow to prevent them from reaching your vehicle’s carpet.


  • Made from 100% odorless materials
  • Temperature resistant and durable
  • Offers full flooring coverage
  • Flexible for floor contours


  • The rear mat appears to be too short for some vehicles

2. WeatherTech Universal Trim to Fit Mats

Here is yet another set of high-quality all-weather mats made right in America. Each unit is built to fit virtually all vehicle flooring thanks to the unique trim-to-fit features and shaping.

Additionally, you will be pleased to learn that the liners are equipped with a patented MatGrip design for maximum safety. Also, the units feature molded-in nibs to ensure they stay secure on your vehicle’s flooring.

When it comes to durability, this is yet another area that these floor mats don’t disappoint. You see, each model is constructed from an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) formula.

Other Features & Benefits

As if that’s not enough, the mats are engineered with deeply sculpted channels to help trap dirt, mud, water, and sand. Consequently, this helps keep the floor carpet of your car clean.

More importantly, you will be happy to know that these mats won’t harden, curl, or even crack in extreme weather conditions. This is because they are made from materials that can withstand sub-zero weather conditions.


  • Contain no harmful substances like PVCs
  • Includes anti-skid ridges
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Delivers superior coverage


  • Small for some cars
  • Tricky to trim

3. WeatherTech FloorLiner (446071)

When it comes to high-quality all-weather mats, WeatherTech mats are the gold standard for many consumers. The company manufactures a wide range of floor liners that are designed to provide superior protection and durability.

As far as this particular model is concerned, it is built to fit specific vehicles. Ideally, the mats are suitable for vehicles like Silverado class 1500, Silverado double cab, and Silverado with under-seat storage.

However, what really stands out about these liners is the full coverage they are designed to provide. According to the manufacturer, each unit is laser measured to completely protect the front, back, and sides of your truck’s footwell.

Other Features & Benefits

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that similar to other WeatherTech products, these units are made with durability in mind. Basically, each mat is constructed from high-density core materials for superior strength and dependability.

The best part? The units feature advanced surfacing designed to carry messes like debris, road salt, and dirt away from shoes. As a result, this helps keep your car’s interior optimally protected.


  • Available in different finishes
  • Clean up with ease
  • Can withstand battering weather
  • Fits perfectly on the driver side


  • The passenger side mat is not a perfect fit
  • Corners have a tendency to curl outwards

4. FH Group F11306 3ROW Floor Mat

Are you on a tight budget and looking for premium all-weather mats for your SUV, minivan, or crossover vehicle? Well, this kit provides a functional and budget-friendly solution for floor coverage.

But here is the best part; the units come with trim lines, which makes them trim-able. You just need a pair of scissors or shears to trim them for a truly custom fit. On the flip side, though, you can only trim the mat’s width.

Also, worth mentioning is that these liners are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Simply put, each unit is made of premium vinyl materials for ultimate durability.

Other Features & Benefits

More so, the floor mats are engineered with raised outer ridges. This helps prevent fluids from leaking onto your vehicle’s carpet by trapping water, mud, mud, and dirt.

As if that’s not enough, the mats are equipped with heavy nibbled backing to secure them in place. So, you don’t have to worry about the liners shifting both on the driver and passenger’s side.


  • Premium heavy-duty construction
  • Trim-to-fit design
  • Comes in 3 finishes to choose from
  • Easy to clean with soap and water


  • You can only trim the width
  • Doesn’t stay in place well

5. Husky Liners Black Weatherbeater 99001

Made in the USA, the Weatherbeater mats by Husky have received universal praise from the automotive industry. This is thanks to the superior carpet and interior protection they offer to cars, SUVs, and even trucks.

However, similar to WeatherTech FloorLiner (446071), these units are not built to be a universal fit. This means that they will only fit specific vehicles, including Ram Crew Cab models.

But you know what the best part is? Well, each liner boasts Husky’s FormFit design. This helps ensure they fit perfectly to the contours of your specific vehicle. And to ensure the mats stay securely in place, they feature StayPut cleats.

Other Features & Benefits

When it comes to construction, the units are molded from Polyurethane thermoplastic material for ultimate durability. As such, they can provide un-beatable carpet protection regardless of what nature hurls at you.

More importantly, each unit features raised edges designed to contain spills and other dirt. This provides additional protection for your ride’s carpet from oil, snow, water, and other damaging messes.


  • Rugged and sporty build
  • They don’t shift or move back and forth
  • Built to contour to your ride’s floor
  • Hassle-free lifetime guarantee


  • Relatively thin
  • Not flexible enough

6. WeatherTech Floor Liners for Crew Cab

Here is yet another set of all-weather mats from the brand WeatherTech. Like most floor liners from this manufacturer, these too are built to fit specific vehicles. As it turns out, they can only fit the 2015-2018 Ford F150 SuperCrew models with front row bucket seats.

Also, worth mentioning is that the set is built for extreme toughness and durability. Each is made out of high-density Tri-Extruded materials that allow for a rigid core while remaining flexible under extreme temperatures.

Additionally, the liners are laser measured to ensure a consistently perfect fit. Therefore, you don’t need to trim them. Consequently, they can protect your ride’s carpet from all elements.

Other Features & Benefits

You will be pleased to know that the set is engineered with advanced surfacing built to create channels. These channels in return help trap fluids and debris, thereby minimizing fluid movement while driving.

More importantly, the liners are made from materials that are not only virtually odorless but also non-toxic. Simply put, they don’t contain any harmful PVCs, latex, lead, or cadmium.


  • Wear and stain resistant
  • Offers protection from all types of wear and tear
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Does not crack under extreme temperatures


  • The passenger side does not fit snug

7. Motor Trend 923-BK FlexTough Contour Liners

Tired of buying mats that don’t fit precisely? These Motor Trend mats might just be what you need to protect the interior of your car. This is because the units are made to be trim-to-fit.

On top of that, each unit boasts uniquely constructed diagonal and linear ridges that are placed strategically. This helps contain spills, debris, sand, messes, and dirt for maximum and reliable protection.

And you know what the best part is? Well, the floor mats are constructed from advanced rubber polymers that are of the highest quality. And as it turns out, the polymers have been tested to withstand extreme conditions to ensure they don’t deform, crack, split.

Other Features & Benefits

As if that’s not enough, the set of liners is fitted with rubberized nibs on the bottom. This helps ensure they don’t shift. On top of that, each unit comes with grooves on top to provide your feet with better traction.

More so, the mats are engineered with a deep inverted shell for maximum protection. The shell simply guards your vehicle’s carpet against spills and other messes.


  • Designed to be trimmable to fit
  • Easy to cut, clean, and install
  • Made from the highest-quality materials
  • Flexible but tough


  • Not completely a universal fit
  • Too flexible to stay in place

8. BDK Caterpillar CAMT-1003 Car Floor Mats

BDK is a popular manufacturer of premium and innovative automobile products. Their Caterpillar CAMT-1003 Car Floor Mats feature rubberized nibs on the bottom for a non-slip grip. This, therefore, ensures they stay in place throughout.

We also love that each unit is equipped with strategically placed linear and diagonal ridges to ensure maximum protection. Basically, the ridges work by trapping snow, debris, mud, and water to ensure they don’t escape into the vehicle’s interior.

Additionally, the liners are manufactured from high-quality polymer materials that are BPA-free and 100% odorless. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the mats won’t be exposing your car to harmful odors or chemicals.

Other Features & Benefits

These are universally fit all-weather floor mats. What this means is that both the shape and size of these units are built to fit most SUVs, trucks, cars, and vans.

However, the best part is that the units are designed to be trimmable. You just cut through the guide lines until you achieve the right fitment based on your vehicle’s floor contours.


  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Kit includes trunk/cargo liner
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Ergonomic grooves offer extra traction


  • The trunk mat appears to be thin
  • A little small for large vehicles

9. MAXILINER Floor Mats

Do you own a Quad cab with 2 full-size front doors, 1st-row bench seats, and 2 smaller size rear doors? If yes, these MAXILINER Floor Mats are an affordable option for you. This is because they are compatible with the 2002-2008 Ram 1500 and 2003-2009 Ram Quad Cab.

The best part? Each unit is constructed with low-density materials to ensure ultimate elasticity and durability. This means that they will stay flexible and won’t crack or even deform when exposed to extreme temperatures.

You will also be happy to learn that the mats feature molded outer edge and raised lip for complete protection. This feature is designed to contain all the liquid spills and even dirt that you throw at the liners.

Other Features & Benefits

Additionally, the mats boast a custom fit design to give the interior of your ride the best fitting look possible. Therefore, you will not need to trim them just to get a precise fit.

What’s more? Each unit features a textured surface designed to ensure the lines stay in place without shifting. Simply put, the surface is skid-resistant.


  • 100% odorless and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean by wiping or hosing off
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Fits snug into the vehicle’s carpet


  • Does not fit with vinyl flooring
  • The rear mat does not fit 100%

10. Caterpillar CAT Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

You cannot go wrong with this product if you’re on the market looking for universal fit mats from a dependable brand. As it turns out, the units feature trim lines, so you can easily trim them to fit your ride’s floor contours.

But you know what the best part is? This set is made with durability in mind. Basically, the units are made out of advanced rubber polymer formula that has been tested for toughness and flexibility. As such, they won’t deform under extreme conditions.

And since they are constructed from high-quality polymers, you will be pleased to know that the mats are odorless. This means that you don’t need to air them out before use.

Other Features & Benefits

Similar to most all-weather liners, these units also come with linear and diagonal ridges within the deep dish of the mats. The ridges help contain messes to ensure they don’t leak through into the car’s interior.

At the bottom of the mats, you will find anti-slip rubberized nibs designed to ensure the units always stay in place. Also, the kit boasts grooves for additional foot traction and comfort.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Trim-to-fit design with guides
  • Deep ridges for trapping dirt
  • Excellent thickness and durability


  • Rear mats require you to cut too many spots

Buying Guide – Choosing the Perfect All Weather Floor Mats

Your vehicle’s carpet has to endure a lot just from everyday use. But with the right all-weather mats, keeping your car’s interior clean should not be an issue.

However, with so many options available to choose from, knowing which one is the best for your ride can be challenging. So, we’re going to discuss the key features to look out for when buying high-quality all-weather mats. Check them out.


One of the things to consider is the kind of materials the mats are made from. You see, the type of material determines how durable the liner will be.

Generally, the best mats are made from heavy-duty rubber material. This could either be thermoplastic or vinyl rubber. Ideally, the best type of material should be able to withstand extreme conditions. This helps ensure the mats won’t crack or even deform.


The next feature to look out for before buying all-weather mats is the fit. You want to invest in mats that will fit properly into your car and offer full coverage.

Ideally, there are two types of floor liners as far as fitment is concerned. Most of them are designed to be universal. This means they can fit most vehicles. However, for a perfect fit, you will need to trim them for a custom fit. As such, they are also referred to as trim-to-fit mats.

Lastly, we have mats that are built to fit only specific vehicles. This means that you cannot use them on cars that are not listed by the manufacturer to be compatible.

Ridges and Channels

Next up, you should look out for features like raised edges and channels on the surface of the floor liners. A well-built all-weather mat should have raised edges around the entire unit. This will help prevent all sorts of liquids from seeping into the carpet.

Additionally, the right unit should be equipped with a unique channel design to help trap water and other messes. Also, we recommend you look out for liners with high grooves that are built to channel liquids away from your feet.

Underside Grip & Foot Traction

Also, worth considering is whether the mats are fitted with grips on the bottom to minimize shifting. The last thing you want is to invest in a mat that cannot stay secure in one place, especially while driving.

So, be on the lookout for units with rubber nibs or hooks at the bottom. These nibs will help keep the mat snug on your vehicle’s floor. As a result, the mats won’t get in the way of your driving.

More importantly, you should invest in floor liners that are designed to provide maximum foot traction. Ideally, such mats should have ergonomic grooves to prevent your foot from sliding around.

Ease of Cleaning

Last but not least, you should get a pair of all-weather mats that are easy to clean and even maintain. After all, your vehicle’s mats will get dirty from everyday use.

And since cleaning your car’s carpet is a lot of work, then the floor mats should be extremely easy to clean. The best mats that are all-weather can be wiped cleaned or with a simple rinse using water and soap.

Frequently Asked Questions About the All-Weather Floor Mats

Still not sure which mats to buy? Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about all-weather floor mats.

Q: Who makes the best all-weather floor mats?

A: Well, there are many manufacturers, including Motor Trend, WeatherTech, FH Group, and Husky. However, the best mats that are all-weather should be durable, flexible, dependable, and with a good fit.

Q: Are Husky liners better than WeatherTech?

A: Admittedly, both brands offer premium floor mats. However, WeatherTech is a more widely known brand for all-weather mats.

Q: Should I buy all-weather mats?

A: Yes, if you are looking for floor mats that provide your vehicle’s interior and carpet with all-weather protection.

Q: What is better, rubber or carpet floor mats?

A: Overall, rubber mats are more economical than their carpet counterparts. Also, they provide better protection, can withstand all elements, and are more durable than carpet mats.

Which is the Best? – Our Top Pick

Overall, the Motor Trend Original Rubber Car Floor Mats are our top pick. This is because the units offer a universal fit and are tough for all weather. Also, the mats are built for durability and are odorless.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that floor mats are the best way to protect your vehicle’s carpets and preserve their resale value. So, it makes so much sense to invest in the best all weather floor mats. After all, there is an option for every budget and need.

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