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The 7 Best ATV Nerf Bars and How to Choose Right

If you’re constantly racing or off-roading with an ATV at high speeds, you may want to consider installing nerf bars for safety and convenient riding.

ATVs are designed to go through rough terrain and nerf bars will protect your feet from getting smashed in case you slide into trees and bushes. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best ATV nerf bars along with an educative buyer’s guide.

We’re going to discuss the features and benefits of each pair of nerf bars in length for a clear understanding.


Also, we’ve included a buyer guide and answered some frequently asked questions to give you a better understanding of the right nerf bars for your truck.

Comparison Table of Top 7 ATV Nerf Bars:

Before we begin the review, here’s a brief list of the most sought-after nerf bars for ATV for quick perusal.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Tusk Stainless steel Foot Peg Nerf Bars With Black Webbing With Heel Guards SilverTusk4.7 Pounds
2SuperATV Heavy Duty Nerf Bars, Rock Sliders, Tree KickersSuperATV58 Pounds
3SuperATV Black Color Nerf Bars, Rock Sliders, Tree KickersSuperATV63 Pounds
4Kuafu Aluminum Nerf Bars Red w/Black Nets Fits Honda TRXKuafu8.82 pounds
5Tusk Black Webbing Foot Peg Nerf Bars With Heel Guards SilverTusk
6SuperATV Heavy Duty Nerf Bars Tree Kickers for Can-Am Maverick, Tight Trail ProtectionSuperATV44 Pounds
7Foot Peg Nerf Bars With Heel Guards Silver With Black Webbing by TuskTusk

Best ATV Nerf Bars – Reviews

1. Tusk Foot 19-2280 Peg Nerf Bars

On top of our list is this pair of nerf bars that have been designed specifically to fit Honda 400X and Honda 400EX models. One of the main reasons we rank it top is that it’s made of stainless steel hence durable for a long time.

If you’re a serious racer, these pieces will protect your feet since they have heel guards that are heavier and stronger compared to ones made with plastic material. For maximum longevity and traction, the footpegs on the nerf bars are extra wide and have a kick-up design.

More Benefits and Features

What’s more, the nerf bars have a black webbing that is beautiful and increases protection and stability for your feet. Apart from its fair pricing, it has a shiny silver finish that makes it look stylish on the road.

The only downside about these nerf bars is that they are truck model specific and hence can’t be used on all trucks.


  • High quality
  • Black webbing
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Maximum protection


  • No spacers included

2. SuperATV NB-CF-ZF800EX-00 Heavy Duty Nerf Bars

If you’re looking for a perfect fit for your CFMOTO ZForce 800EX or CFMOTO ZForce 1000, then this nerf bar kit should be on your top priority listConsisting of 2 nerf bars, they’ve been to withstand abuse from rocks and trees on the road to protect your car from getting dents and scratches.

Also, we like their beautiful powder coat finish that is rust and corrosion-resistant. This makes your truck stay looking new and stylish for a long time. Another plus is that the nerf bars are UV resistant and hence fading will not occur if you drive in sunny conditions.

More Benefits and Features

When it comes to installation, the bolt-on mounting ensures that it takes less than 30 minutes to fix in your truckAdditionally, an instructional guide will help you not miss any process so that you install it correctly.

These nerf bars are constructed with a 1.75-inch heavy tubing that makes them look good and attractiveYou will not need to spend additional money on buying mounting hardware since it has been provided in the kit.


  • UV resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Mounting hardware


  • Needs a professional for excellent fitting

3. SuperATV NB-P-RZRXP4-001-00 Nerf Bars

For drivers with a Polaris RZR XP 4 1000, these nerf bars are the best in the market. You will love the powder coat finish which ensures your truck is looking new and stylish at every ride.

These heavy-duty nerf bars are good for keeping your truck safe from rocks and trees while racing.

What’s more, these nerf bars are easy to install due to the bolt-on mounting system. The manufacturer has provided all installation hardware to make it easy for you. You will need less time to fix it since a guide to fixing the nerf bars is available.

Another plus we like about these nerf bars is the ability to choose your truck color since they have a variety. 

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the fact that these nerf bars are made of stainless steel means that they will give your car a long service for many yearsHowever, you’ll be required to enquire about the warranty terms from the manufacturer since they’re not very clear.


  • Heavy tubing
  • Multiple colors
  • Rust free
  • High quality


  • Expensive

4. Kuafu Nerf Bars

For all drivers that have Honda TRX 250EX 2001-2014 vehicle models, these nerf bars are the best in the marketWhat we like about these nerf bars is their strength and durability even in harsh driving conditions.

Also, they’re made of an alloy of steel and aluminum metals which combine to form a rusting and corrosion-resistant material. This means you shall take a long time to replace them since they don’t wear out easily.

Another plus is that these nerf bars have been subjected to high heat treatment and include chrome-plated mounts for maximum efficiencyBesides, you can choose a silver or black color since the manufacturer provided the 2 color options.

More Benefits and Features

On top of that, they are easy and fast to install into your vehicle. However, stock heel guards may need a few adjustments depending on your car model year for proper fitment.

In the package, the manufacturer provides mounting hardware and the bolts needed to fix the nerf bars to your carTo ensure that you buy it with confidence, you’re given a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return a product if you don’t like it.

These nerf bars are ideal in driving against hazards and barriers on the road during racing. Lastly, you’re provided with technical support any time you have issues with these nerf bars.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Quick installation
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Durable


  • Regular stock outages

5. Tusk Foot Peg 19-2281 Nerf Bars

One of the reasons that have made us feature these nerf bars is because they ensure you keep off aggressive drivers on the racing trackAlthough they’re light in weight, they withstand a lot of abuse and therefore perfect for racing activities.

Also, since you don’t need any modifications on your track for these nerf bars to fit, it becomes easier and fast to install themHowever, it’s always recommendable to let a professional installer take care of your truck for the best results.

Besides that, due to the high-quality checks and manufacturing standards, it’s very rare to encounter defective or low-quality nerf bars. 1 3/8 inches alloy tubes have been used to build them for durability.

Benefits and Features

In addition, these nerf bars are UV resistant and no amount of sunlight will make them fade. You will not have to worry about driving under wet conditions as the nerf bars are rust and corrosion-free.


  • Perfect fit
  • UV resistant
  • Maximum protection
  • No modification required for installation


  • Regular stock outages

6. SuperATV NB07-002-00 Heavy Duty Nerf Bars

If you’re an owner of a Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicle model, then these nerf bars are the best choice you can purchase from the market. They guarantee you a perfect fit that is stylish and is rugged to ensure your vehicle is protected.

What’s more, you’ll not have to worry about trees and rocks on the road damaging your car sides since they are strong enough to withstand lots of abuse.

These nerf bars have been constructed with alloy steel which is durable and will ensure your car is safe from roadside debris while driving or racingAnother thing is that it’s free from corrosion and rusting no matter the weather and road conditions while driving.

Additionally, a black finish ensures that the nerf bars are resistant to UV light and hence will not fade.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, to ensure that your vehicle stands out from the rest, the end caps are stylish and beautifully installed to enhance your vehicle’s look. Also, the end caps protect tubes along vulnerable areas are safe at all times from having dents.

Another plus about these nerf bars is that they come with full and easy-to-understand instructionsTherefore, you’ll find them easy to install. The manufacturer has provided all the mounting and installation hardware to reduce the cost of fixing it in your vehicle.


  • Maximum protection
  • UV resistant
  • Perfect fit
  • Stylish design


  • Unclear warranty terms

7. Tusk Foot Peg 1166320005 Nerf Bars

These nerf bars have been manufactured specifically for truck owners with a Yamaha Raptor 700 2006-2019 model. If you’re a regular racer and fancy driving at high speeds, these nerf bars are a must.

What we like about them are the footpegs that are extra wide that ensure you get enough traction.

Also, in terms of durability, these nerf bars are above average and therefore give good value for your moneyAnother plus about these bars is the strong heal guards that ensure you’re safe and stable at all times while driving.

You don’t have to worry about installation as all the steps are given in an easy-to-understand guide.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, mounting hardware is included in the kit to help you fix it by yourself. At its price, you’ll love the design and quality the manufacturer has offered on these nerf bars.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy installation process
  • Trusted brand
  • High quality


  • Vehicle-specific design

Buyer’s Guide for ATV Nerf Bars

Most nerf bars are truck-specific for ATV’s and you should look into specific details before making a purchase. Here are the most important things that are important when buying a nerf bar set in the market.


This is one of the most important features to put into consideration when purchasing a nerf bar since it dictates the look of your truckTherefore, before settling on a nerf bar set, it’s important to measure the length of your truck.

Depending on your preference, you may want to fit bars that cover all the area from wheel to wheel or small nerf bars to cover under the cab only. If you’re into racing and driving off-road, then short-length nerf bars are the best suited for you.

Additionally, the metal tubing diameter affects how your truck looks. If you want it to look strong and make a bold statement on the road, then you should consider a nerf bar set with larger tubing.


Another thing you should put in mind is if a nerf bar set will give your truck a perfect fit. Most of the nerf bars in the market are designed to fit in a specific ATV truck model.

This means that you should ensure that you find out which model and brand your truck belongs to and find its perfect and right replacement.

Construction Material

The materials used to construct nerf bars are very important in determining longevity and durability during use.

Most of the nerf bars that have been made with stainless steel tend to last longer compared to the rest of the nerf barsThis is because the stainless steel ensures that the nerf bars don’t corrode or rust when exposed to water.

Nerf bars made of an aluminum alloy aren’t as durable as those made of stainless steel. However, they are cheaper and can give you value for your money.


A good finish determines if your truck will look dull or stylish while on the road. Some of the most common finishes are chrome and black powder coating. The chrome coating gives the best look although the black powder coating is impressive too.

Frequently Asked Questions on ATV Nerf Bars

Got some queries on these bars? We’ve got some helpful responses lined up for you.

Q: Which is the best brand of nerf bars?

There are hundreds of nerf bar brands in the market for ATVs. These nerf bars are uniquely made to fit and work best in particular truck models. It can be a difficult decision to choose which is the best brand since most nerf bars are diverse hence can’t fit perfectly on all trucks.

In our opinion, we have discovered that Tusk and SuperATV nerf bar brands are the best performing in the market from customer reviews. Also, these brands have been tried and tested for many years and their quality is unmatched.

Q: Why do ATVs have nerf bars?

One of the most important advantages of having nerf bars in your ATV is for safety reasons. They’re created to make a safety barrier that makes it difficult for barriers and other hazards from the road from reaching your feet.

Also when racing aggressively, nerf bars prevent your feet from flying off the footpegs that can get your feet broken by the rear tires.

Q: Are ATV nerf bars universal?

Not all nerf bars are universal. Most of the nerf bars in the market have been constructed to fit a particular truck.

However, some companies have started making universal nerf bars such as Extreme Fabrication Racing. You may require to do a little customization to get a good fit in your truck.

Best Pick Overall

Most nerf bars are vehicle specific and therefore finding the best one is quite a challenge. However, some nerf bars are built and function better than others.

In our opinion, the best ATV nerf bars are the Tusk Foot 19-2280 Set. Apart from being made from high-quality and durable stainless steel, the additional black webbing gives it an extra advantage over the rest of the nerf bars.

Final Thought

An ATV truck requires nerf bars to ensure that you and your vehicle are safe from obstacles and distractions especially while racing or driving off-road. We have reviewed some of the best quality nerf bars in the market to make your work easier during purchase.

On top of that, we have provided a buyer guide to help you find out what makes a good performing nerf bar. We hope that this article shall help you determine which nerf bars are the best for your ATV. Good luck!

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