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12 Best Auto Body Fillers of 2022: Reviews & Comparisons

Owning a top of the range vehicle is a fanciful thing that you will always be proud of. It is not only a great and satisfying achievement, but also a highly coveted goal by many.

There are high end vehicles whose exterior outlook is sleek and their design is seamless. They are carefully and tactfully designed by highly trained and experienced designers who have a profound wealth of skills and technical know-how.


Therefore, they integrate the finest state-of-the-art features and topnotch mouldings on the cars’ bodies, which blend very well with a flawless intercourse. With this, everyone who sets their eyes on your classic car: which integrates a stylish make and design, will not only be mesmerized, but also astounded.

Nevertheless, some unfortunate things happen from time to time, and they damage your car’s body. It could be an accident or jealous people can deliberately hit your car and inflict it with dents.

Oops! That is too painful and heartbreaking, but fortunately you will find the best auto body filler in the market. Its work is to fill the dents on your car to regain its smooth and sleek outlook all over again, and give you a satisfying relief.

You will not help giving out a sigh of relief after the dent on your car disappears. You will find out more about these fillers in this review.

Best Auto Body Filler Compared

There are many manufacturers of car fillers and their products have different compositions. It takes a lot of time to compare them because you will have to read all the product reviews. However, comparison has been simplified for you in this review, and you will easily be able to compare them very fast by looking at their details in this table:

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Professional Gold Filler, 00233, 1 Quart by BondoBondo2.2 pounds
2112 Rage 3 Liter Gold Premium Lightweight Auto Body Filler by EvercoatEvercoat8.23 pounds
3U. S. Chemical & Plastics Filler All-MetalU. S. Chemical & Plastics2.5 pounds
4Evercoat 622 Everglass Short Strand Fiber Reinforced Filler Rustproof and waterproofEvercoat11 pounds
5Bondo Body Filler Repair Kit, Everything You Need to Get StartedBondo2.34 pounds
6156 Light Weight Auto Body Filler, EvercoatEvercoat4 pounds
7Bondo Original Formula Auto Body Filler for Fast, Easy Repair & Restoration of Your VehicleBondo1 pounds
8Evercoat 125 Rage Ultra Automotive Body FillerEvercoat8.09 pounds
9Permatex 25909 Liquid Metal Auto Filler Resists Water, Oil and GasolinePermatex4.6 ounces
10US Chemical Original, Premium all-purpose Reinforced Body FillerUS Chemical3 pounds
11Bondo White Color ​Glass Reinforced FillerBondo2.56 pounds
123M Dynatron Dynalite Gray Color Body Filler3M2.2 pounds

12 Best Auto Body Filler Reviewed

1. Bondo 00233 Professional Gold Filler

The exterior look of your car’s body says a lot. Even if you drive a Phantom Rolls Royce but it has dents on it, they will highly tarnish its splendour. Therefore, if such an unfortunate incident happens, you will need this filler to have that dent repaired.


This is a glamourous car filler whose quality is incontrovertibly great and impressive. You will not help praising the great work that it does on your car. It is terrifically designed as a powerful adhesion to stick properly to your car’s body.

Categorically, this filler is designed for dual-coated galvanized steel which is compatible with recent car models, and fibreglass, Aluminium, and SMC among others. It integrates advanced 3M resin technology which makes it easy to combine with hardener.

Surprisingly, it is soft and smooth to apply, and sand in minutes. Owing to the fact that the manufacturer has integrated 3M resin technology in this car body filler, it is easy and quick to fill scratches, spots and dents in cars with it.

This is done before painting so that the entire body will have an even tone and smoothness. It also has a red cream hardener that makes it easy to mix and apply smoothly. It requires just 5 minutes working time and a curing time of 20 minutes.

Moreover, it also has exceptional sanding properties for proper alignment and matching. The filler does not shrink, thus eliminating the likelihood of requiring reworking which would be due to changes after curing.

More Features and Benefits

The face and beauty of your car’s body is perfectly repaired. All the dents are no longer visible and they do not continue ruining your car’s image. In fact, nobody will realize that that particular point had a dent because the whole body is left uniform.

In addition, the best of all the qualities of this filler is its unmatched adhesion properties; which prevents it from peeling off after applying. It sticks firmly and becomes part of the car’s body. It weighs 2.2 lbs. and its dimensions are 4.2 x 4.2 x 6.5 inches.


  • Has cream hardener and topnotch adhesion
  • Compatible with metal, Aluminium, SMC, fibre glass, epoxy, wood, etc
  • It is easy, soft and smooth to work with
  • Of high quality


  • Not available globally
  • You have to import it from USA

2. Evercoat 100 112 Rage Gold Premium Lightweight Filler

Maintaining your car in great shape and condition makes you feel happy and confident. No one will have anything negative to point at on your car. However, since accidents happen and leave your car with dents, you need this auto body filler.


This is one of the distinguished and classic sanding body fillers. Its qualities are indisputably great and outstanding. You will have nothing to regret about because the filler’s sanding leaves nothing to chance.

It incorporates Hattonite, which is an austere ingredient which subsides friction and the heat that is produced by vigorous sanding. Moreover, it also incorporates ZNX-7TM which is a great adhesive for galvanizing Aluminium and steel.

The filler remains clean and stain resistant to keep your car clean and tidy. Therefore, it shields you from incurring any extra costs which would be as a result of staining. Moreover, the filler has great working properties that enhance its user friendliness.

When you are repairing sensitive metals, this filler does not nag you. In fact, Blue cream hardener is a great component of this filler. It is great for filling up to ¼ inches in depth.

More Features and Benefits

This high quality filler has Hattonite which heightens its sand-ability. You can never get worried or fear the adhesive qualities of this filler because it sticks perfectly to both Aluminium and galvanized steel.

Furthermore, it also has an OEM corrosion warranty. Moreover, this filler integrates resin of the highest quality. To top it all, working with it is quite easy because it is soft and smooth. 

Therefore, it has reduced pinholes and heightened spread-ability. It weighs 8.25 lbs. and its container measures 6.6 x 7.4 x 6.5 inches.


  • It is easy and great for sanding
  • Has improved adhesion
  • Compatible with Aluminium, and galvanized steel
  • Integrates Blue cream
  • Easily spreadable
  • Has OEM corrosion warranty


  • Cannot be sold in Catalina Island

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3. U.S. Chemical – All Metal & Plastics

Topnotch quality and glamour are the defining trademarks of this filler, not to mention that it is comprehensive and general purpose. Categorically, it is not limited to car dent repair, but also applied on many other surfaces for the same purpose.


This is a reliable and comprehensive filler that you can use on a wide range of surfaces. For instance, it can be used on Aluminium surfaces for repair because it is designed as a filling compound.


Some of the ways in which you can use it is in restoration work, and also in car repairs. Furthermore, it can also be used by carpenters for filling dents in furniture.

Specifically, it has a very good adhesive force that sticks to metals and wood perfectly. It can be tapped and drilled because it prevents bleaching and bleed-through.

You can use this body filler to mend and level metals, and also in repairing rusted surfaces. Moreover, it is also applied on weld spots, and as a barrier or a finish coat over other fillers. 

More Features and Benefits

This application filler integrates rustproof and waterproof features. It does not require a lot of grinding and shaping. To top it all, it looks like and feels like lead.

Finally, this filler also contains all-metal liquid reactor. It weighs 2.4 lbs. and the containers’ dimensions are 4.3 x 4.3 x 5 inches. 


  • It is good for patching and restoration work
  • Compatible with many materials and surfaces
  • Covers welds and pinholes
  • Covers worn out surfaces and patches
  • Has great sanding features and adhesion


  • Expensive when exporting

4. Evercoat Everglass Short Strand Fibreglass – Reinforced Body Filler

For a reliable and topnotch best body filler, this is the product to go for. There is nothing like trial and error in it because the manufacturer has designed it in a classic way. Its performance is indisputable and you will marvel at its great repairing capability.


This peculiar body filler is reinforced with short strand fibre glass. Fortunately, it has a high build, great strength and it is also waterproof. That confirms to you that it is great for repairing rusted metal, holes, shattered fibreglass, and body seams.


To heighten its stickability, this filler contains ZNX-7. Furthermore, the aforementioned ingredient also makes it corrosion resistant and increases it superior adhesion.

More Features and Benefits

Some of the materials that this filler is perfectly compatible with include galvanized steel, Aluminium, and bare steel. It also integrates Blue Cream hardener and weighs 11 lbs. while its container measures 11 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches.


  • It is a comprehensive filler
  • Versatile and compatible with diverse surfaces and materials
  • It sticks firmly and becomes part of the surface
  • Contains ZNX-7 and it is resistant to corrosion


  • It is inflammable

5. Bondo Body Repair Kit 3M

This is a magnificent and reliable repair filler that does wonders to your car’s body and also to many other surfaces. It has been designed by experts who are so much concerned with the splendid look of your car.


The manufacturer has ensured that you will get the best out of this filler. Therefore, they have integrated the most outstanding ingredients in it to make its performance unparalleled.


It is great and fantastic for repairing scratches, dents, rust holes and many more. You can use it both on the car body as well as on the panels. When you buy it, it comes together with its stepwise instructions for ease of application. 

This product comes as a pack that contains a spreader, Red Cream Hardener, a self-adhesive metal body patch, and original Bondo body filler. With these at your disposal, it goes without saying that you will do an impeccable job which will thrill the car owner.

The materials that have been integrated into this filler are immaculate and their performance is spectacular. Categorically, the materials in the kit are efficient, strong and durable. To top it all, the quality of this kit is indisputable, and it has been in the market for over 60 years.

More Features and Benefits

This product is quite reliable and recommendable when it comes to collision repairs. The painters use it to ensure that the car’s body will be flawless. When you apply it on your car, all the holes, scratches, dents and scratches are all sealed and they disappear. 

All you need to get started when covering and repairing your car body is this kit. The container weighs 2 lbs. and the dimensions are 11 x 9 x 7 inches. 


  • It is rustproof and seals all pinholes
  • Great for filling and repairing car bodies
  • It is the solution to all dents, holes, and scratches


  • Some clients complain that sometimes the kit is sent incomplete

6. Evercoat Lite Weight Body Filler

For a topnotch and exquisite application filler, this is the ultimate product to go for. Its performance is stylish and absolutely commendable. Precisely, you will not help marveling at the exemplary work that it does to your car.


All setbacks that could try to ruin the fanciful appearance of your car by putting scratches, holes, and scratches on it can be quite disastrous. For instance, imagine that you are driving a Ferrari with dents. That could be a grotesque phenomenon.

Therefore, you need to have all the damages repaired and filled up again. Apart from using the filler for repairs, it is also used for restoration. Before repainting a car, filler is very important to have a smooth, uniform and seamless outlook.

You will be left with a sleek car that has nothing left to chance. It is used for car dent repair and the results are not only thrilling, but also satisfying. It is compatible with an avalanche of car brands.

Moreover, you can also use it to do hobby projects. When an old vehicle is given a touch of this filler, you will not believe that it is the rugged and coarse one you used to know.

More Features and Benefits

This filler is easily applicable and it is clog-free. Furthermore, it spreads easily, not to mention that it is smooth for sanding. Therefore, you do not require a lot of sand paper.

You also take less time to cure it, not to mention that its adhesive force is quite good. To top it all, it is compatible with diverse paints. It measures 6.5 x 7.3 x 6.5 inches and weighs 8.2 lbs.


  • Minimal curing time
  • Requires less sanding
  • Repair and restoration work is very easy
  • Reduces pinholes and has great adhesion
  • Spreads easily and does not clog


  • Does not ship to Catalina Island
  • Exporting and importing it hikes its price

7. 3M Bondo Body Filler Rellenador Para Carroceria

A captivating exterior look of your car is what the manufacturer of this filler had in mind when they came up with it. All the nagging issues on your car like dents, holes, and scratches are eliminated.

Consequently, you are left with a nice and outstanding look on your car. The ache in your heart that comes as a result of having your car hit or scratched will become a thing of the past.


This best car body filler comprises dual putty compound that is used to repair all kinds of damages on your car’s body. This filler is designed for convenience and thus, it shapes and cures fast. Moreover, it is also permanently durable and does not shrink.


When you want to have a dent or a hole on your car’s body repaired, this is the filler you should go for. Moreover, it is also great for repairing fibreglass, metal surfaces, concrete and wood, etc.

Some of the ingredients that this auto body repair filler integrates include a hardener and a resin-based filler. The compounds are creamy, but the hardener acts as a catalyst when added to them. When mixed together, they make a great filler.

It spreads easily and adheres to the targeted surface very strongly. Moreover, shaping it is quite easy and you can apply whatever number of coats you feel like until all the scratches, holes and dents are properly filled up.

After hardening in about 25 minutes, it is sanded to achieve a nice finish. The filler also comes with its directions of use to guide you on how to do it properly.

More Features and Benefits

This auto body filler has lasted for 6 decades – since 1955. It has defied the test of time because of its incontrovertible quality. Fortunately, it restores the beauty of your car very well to resume its original look.

Regardless of how bad your car’s body was, it is properly restored to make it look like new. It weighs 14.1 ounces and measures 6 x 6 x 4 inches.


  • It mixes and spreads easily
  • Great for repairing all bodily car damages
  • Sands easily and cures within a short time
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials


  • Can only be shipped within the USA

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8. Evercoat Rage Ultra Sanding Body Filler

Every car owner who drives a flawless car feels confident because it does not have dents. In fact, that is exactly what everyone desires to have. However, even if you have the best of the best, unfortunate things happen and damage your car’s body.

Consequently, your car is ruined and left with dents all over. That is when you will require the best body filler for repairing auto damage. After that, your car will resume its new look again.


The manufacturer of this filler empathizes with you and knows how it pricks your heart to have your car damaged. Therefore, they designed this filler to ensure that when you use it on holes, scratches and dents on your car, it will be smooth and seamless evenly.


You will also take less time to sand the filler. Categorically, you will marvel at how nice and convenient it is to sand this filler. The filler integrates renewable technology which exemplifies its quality and performance.

To top it all, the filling properties are impressive and you will not help wanting to have the filler close to you all the time. It is a non-sag formula that eliminates the need for finishing putty.

More Features and Benefits

Furthermore, it integrates ZNX-7 for a more reliable workability. It weighs 8.15 lbs. and measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches. 


  • It is non-sag
  • Has exquisite filling properties
  • It is a great sanding body filler
  • Incorporates renewable technology


  • Not available in many countries

9. Permatex Liquid Metal Filler

This is an amazing and superb car body filler whose performance and results will astound you. Huh! You will try to check whether your car is the dented and odd-looking one that you previously knew and you will not reckon.

After applying it, you can do whatever else you want on top of it. For instance, you can file, paint, drill, and sand it to achieve a smooth and even surface. Furthermore, it is one of the most reliable application fillers you can find in the market, which is compatible with a wide range of materials.


You can use it to repair wood, concrete, and metal, not to mention that it has fantastic adhesion to galvanized metal. Owing to the fact that this filler is versatile and comprehensive, it is not limited to car bodies.


To that effect, you can use it to repair cracks, and holes in cast metal parts. This includes perforations that cause leaks. Fortunately, it is incompatible with oil, water and gasoline.

When using it, first of all, you have to thoroughly clean the entire surface so that it can be free from grease and oil. If possible, you can make the surface a bit rough and coarse for the best results. This can be done using a sand paper.

After that, tear the seal at the mouth of the tube and apply the liquid metal filler directly from the tube. It dries in less than 4 hours. When filling deep holes, you should apply layer after layer of this filler after the previous one dries up.

When it is filled up, you can use nail polish remover or Acetone to remove it. It is specifically designed as a reliable adhesive for great solutions in diverse automotive bonding functions.

Once applied, it forms a durable and metal tough bond. Fortunately, you can use it on wood, concrete, and metal. In fact, it works best on galvanized metal.

More Features and Benefits

It is an absolutely reliable super adhesive that will serve the purpose satisfactorily. Its weight is 4.6 ounces and the dimensions are 1 x 3.8 x 8 inches.


  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Resistant to gasoline, oil and water
  • Used to repair cracks, perforations and small holes
  • Durable and of topnotch quality


  • Has to be imported from the manufacturer

10. US Chemical Duraglass Valspar

Quality and distinguished performance are the two most integral qualities that everyone would be looking for in an auto body filler. This one is expertly and designed by professionals who have fine and outstanding skills.

It is a product of the US chemicals and plastics. In addition, it has been in the market for quite a long time, and the test of time has left it still standing unshakably. You will have nothing to panic about it because its performance is the best.


For the right kind of repair and restoration of your car body, this is a multipurpose and comprehensive body filler. It is ideal for repairing tears, cracks, holes, and rusted out areas on the surface of your car’s body.

It can be used on a wide range of materials such as wood, fibreglass, and metal. You don’t need to be told that it is absolutely compatible with almost all parts of your car’s body.

Categorically, the manufacturer has integrated chopped fibreglass and resin to heighten the adhesive force of this filler. Compared to the ordinary plastic fillers, this one has a fortified performance which is not only impressive but also firm.

More Features and Benefits

Surprisingly, you can also use it together with fibreglass cloth to repair and cover big holes quickly. It is water and rustproof, and incorporates white cream hardener. It weighs 3 lbs. and its dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches.


  • Compatible with diverse materials
  • Its performance is quite good
  • This brand has been in the market for a long time
  • Rust and waterproof


  • Overseas shipping makes it expensive

11. Bondo Glass White Reinforced Filler 

It goes without saying that the best filler must be reinforced for heightened performance. You will conveniently use it to restore and refill all damages on your car’s body.

Categorically, you can use it as a hole’s foundation, not to mention repairing dents and rusted out parts. With it, you will not need resins, backing strips and cloths. It is absolutely reliable because its performance is impressive.


This filler contains short and interlocking fibreglass strands. Moreover, it also has fibres that make it twice stronger than the regular car body fillers.

You will not fail to notice that this filler is thicker other fillers, and dries pretty quickly. Therefore, it is not messy when applying vertically. Mixing it is quite convenient, and it does not take long.

It comes with Red Cream Hardener which is compatible with Bondo fillers. Furthermore, this filler dries faster and you can sand it in less than 20 minutes. You can use it very conveniently to repair rust outs and small holes.

The repairs are done exceptionally well with fibreglass quality standards of up to ½ inch. Fortunately, when doing this work, you will not require fibreglass mat, backing strips, and fibreglass resin.

This filler is holistic because the manufacturer has integrated short interlocking fibreglass strands which reinforce it to become stronger. To top it all, it also becomes easier to use just like when you would be applying it downwards.

The best of all is that this filler is perfectly compatible with traditional fibreglass tools and materials that are used in repairs.

More Features and Benefits

This filler is compatible with almost all car and boat paint systems. When applying this body filler, the first stage involves pulling dents, removing rust and paint, and masking the affected area.

Secondly, you will have to patch the holes with reinforced application filler. Then smooth and shape it before painting. Thirdly, paint the area and blend it. You can use smoothing primer plus paint.

The fourth and final stage includes removing the small defects. You will also have to seal and polish the clear coats, not to mention other painted surfaces. The product measures 4.4 x 4.4 x 6.5 inches and weighs 2.56 lbs. 


  • Sanded in less than 20 minutes
  • Compatible with a wide range of paints
  • Stronger than other body fillers
  • Fills up to half an inch holes
  • It is waterproof, hence compatible with cars and boats


  • Has to be imported from the USA which is expensive

12. Dynatron Dynalite Lightweight Mastic Leger Rellenador Ligero

Reliability and an impressive topnotch performance are the outstanding and captivating qualities of this filler. It is a well confirmed product that has been in the market for quite long.


Specifically, this auto body filler integrates a resin based polyester material with a smooth, and light texture which is efficient in mixing and spreading. Fortunately, the filler is very friendly and convenient and it cures quickly.


The most amazing thing about this filler is that it cures within a short time, and has a great featheredge. With this, you will require minimal finishing and sanding. You will not fail to marvel at the great compatibility that this filler has with a wide range of paints finish systems.

Specifically, the manufacturer has designed this filler comprehensively integrating talcs, microspheres, and resins that make its quality great and impressive. You can easily and reliably use it to repair and provide a good finish to your car’s body.

More Features and Benefits

It is easy to use it because it mixes easily and quickly with cream hardener. Moreover, it is a lightweight filler that you will spread easily, and sand smoothly to offer you magnificent adhesion.

Sanding is also easy, and it requires little time to cure. It weighs 2.2 lbs. and the dimensions are 17. 4 x 13.2 x 5.6 inches. 


  • Takes less curing time
  • Spreads easily
  • Sands easily
  • Has a nice sanding finish
  • It is a high quality product
  • Compatible with many paints


  • Not available everywhere
  • Shipping costs hike the price

Top Auto Body Filler Buyer’s Guide

Before buying any of these fillers, it is good for you to be well informed. You should have all the fine details on your finger tips to enable you to make the right choice. The following are the things you should consider:

Compatibility with Paints

The filler should be compatible with multitudinous car and other paints. When you apply paint on top of it, it should stick very well without peeling off.

Compatibility with Materials

The filler should be versatile and comprehensive. It should be compatible with metal, Aluminium, concrete, fibreglass, wood and galvanized steel and steel. This makes it reliable.

Curing Time

After applying, the filler should take a short time to cure. That makes repairing, refilling and restoring efficient, and no time is wasted.


Sanding should be easy to avoid using too much sand paper and spending much time on one spot.


The filler should be easily spread without struggling. This also makes the work to look appealing to the eyes because even shaping it is also easy.

Adhesive Force

This refers to the stickability of the filler. It should stick and adhere to the working surface very strongly. After applying, it should become part and parcel of that surface.

Mixing with Cream Hardener

Mixing the filler with hardener should be easy. It should also form a homogeneous mixture. Then its performance should be the best to ensure that everything is in order.

Quality and Durability

It is quality that determines the performance and durability of the filler. When you procure a high quality filler, be sure to get impressive performance, results and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying, it is paramount to dig deeper and unearth all the necessary details that you require about auto body fillers. Some of the questions that people often ask about the fillers include the following:-

Q: Where can I get these auto body fillers?

A: You can procure them online on Amazon or from other outlets near you within USA. However, if you are elsewhere, you will have to import them to your country. When you buy online, they are shipped to you if you are within the allowed countries.

Q: Are auto body filler really firm and reliable?

A: Yes. When the filler is mixed with cream hardener, it becomes hard. You will apply and spread it very conveniently, and then after curing, it becomes easier to shape and sand it. It becomes part and parcel of your car’s body or any other surface or material that you could be working on.

Q: Is auto body filler a do it yourself kind of thing?

A: This depends on the extent of the damage on your car and whether you want to repair the whole car’s body. Moreover, it also depends with what you are repairing or refilling. If it is a small dent, hole, or scratch that you want to repair, you can do it on your own.

However, if the work is too much, and also because of the end results, you can hire an experienced person to do it for you. Some of these fillers come with directions-of-use to enable you to apply them very easily.


To recap this review, these are the best auto body fillers that you can buy for restoration, refilling and repair work on rusted out parts. They can be used on concrete, metal, wood, fibreglass, steel, galvanized steel, etc. Moreover, they are used to refill and repair dents, holes, scratches, and cracks. Their quality and performance is quite impressive, and they restore the working surface to look like new again.

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