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Best Brake Pads for Honda Accord – Top 11 Picks

The Honda Accord has always been the go-to economy car. However, just like with any other vehicle, its brake pads are not built to last forever. They tend to wear down with time.

But don’t worry. This is because there are so many brake pad options available on the market for the Honda Accord.

On the flip side, though, some offer better performance than others. Therefore, it can be hard to know which is the right one for your needs.


So, in this article, we’re going to help you choose the best brake pads for Honda Accord that offer:

  • Superior stopping power
  • Vibration-free stops
  • Smooth and quiet performance

Keep scrolling to learn more of our top picks and what factors to consider before making your purchase.

Comparison & List of Top Honda Accord Brake Pads

In a hurry? Here is a quick summary of our top products, including their key features and prices to help in your buying decision.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad SetBosch4.8 ounces
2Scitoo Ceramic Discs Brake Pads, Front Brake Pads Brakes Kits 4pcsScitoo4.42 pounds
3Akebono Proact Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad kitAkebono1.95 pounds
4Power Stop Front and Rear Carbon Fiber Brake Pads with Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors KitPower Stop60.5 pounds
5Bosch Front QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad SetBosch2 pounds
6Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set RearBosch1.5 pounds
7KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad FRONT SetKFE Brake Systems3.34 pounds
8Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set FrontBosch2 pounds
9Power Stop Evolution Front Ceramic Brake PadsPower Stop3 pounds
10KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Brake Pad REAR Set for Honda AccordKFE Brake Systems1.83 pounds
11Power Stop Front Ceramic Brake Pads with HardwarePower Stop3.34 pounds

Best Brake Pads for Honda Accord in Review:

1. Bosch BC1451 Premium Ceramic Disc

If you’re searching for pads with the best performance and comfort for your Accord, this product is an excellent choice. The kit comprises only the rear pad coupled with a hardware kit and synthetic lubricant for ease of installation.

Additionally, the pad is constructed from premium ceramic materials, which ensures quiet operation with low dust. The ceramic construction also provides you with exceptional stopping power and long-lasting performance.

What’s more? The Bosch BC1451 is equipped with a multilayer rubber core shim designed to ensure improved strength and corrosion resistance. More importantly, this unique shim technology provides great insulation against noise.

Other Features & Benefits

Additionally, the pads feature slots and chamfers that are precision-cut to provide you with better fit and performance.

On top of that, it is engineered with a protective transfer layer on the surface. This feature helps extend the life of the rotor and the pad.


  • Noise-free and smoother brakes
  • Perfect OE fit for Accord
  • Durable metallic composition
  • Ideal for severe and medium-duty applications


  • Clips may not fit perfectly

2. Scitoo 4pcs Ceramic Discs Brake Pads

For the 1991-2002 Honda Accord, this brake kit is worth considering. It includes 4 pieces of front brake pads featuring a slotting design for increased friction. The design also ensures improved ventilation and even distribution of heat.

As if that’s not enough, the pads are engineered with chamfers to ensure a perfect fit. This helps minimize wear and scratches for longer life. Similarly, the pads are 100% shimmed to reduce noise and vibration.

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that the brakes are manufactured from ceramic formula and then reinforced with carbon-fiber. This ensures up to 40% reduced fade and cleaner wheels with exceptional corrosion protection.

Other Features & Benefits

These brakes are made from OE specs and non-ferrous compounds to provide you with long-lasting durability. The pads are also thermal scorched for faster break-in.

More so, each unit features OE semi-metal and organic formulations. Therefore, you can count on the pads to provide safety and reliability for a wide range of applications.


  • Improved drainage and heat dissipation
  • 100% asbestos-free formulas
  • Up to 15% more stopping power
  • 35% quieter and dust-free braking


  • Replacement hardware not included
  • Not a perfect fit for some vehicles

3. Akebono ACT537 Proact Disc Kit

Here is yet another excellent set of brakes that are built to meet the specific OE quality and fit for your Accord. As such, they are sure to provide your vehicle with the ultimate braking experience by ensuring smooth and ultra-quiet braking.

One of the greatest features of this kit is the unique low heat ceramic formulation. This formulation also helps minimize or virtually eliminate any brake groaning, noise, vibration, and squealing.

Additionally, the pads are made from carefully selected materials that are compatible with today’s popular aluminum, open-wheel designs. These materials are designed to eliminate dusting for smooth braking.

Other Features & Benefits

These ultra-premium Akebono brake pads are equipped with slots and rubber shims to ensure virtually noise-free braking. This, therefore, makes them an excellent upgrade for most Honda Accord models.

What’s more? You will be happy to learn that this kit does not need the initial break-in period that most pads may need. Also, they are designed to offer a consistent brake pedal feel, which ensures best-in-class stopping performance.


  • Highly resistant to fade
  • Low dusting for cleaner tires and wheels
  • Increased pad wear performance
  • Built to precise OE standards


  • Installation hardware not included
  • Don’t fit all Honda Accords as listed

4. Power Stop K2742 Z23 Brake Pads

Power Stop is one of the most popular manufacturers of brake pads and rotors. Their brakes are known for their durability, reliability, and great performance. And when it comes to this kit, it provides a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

However, what really stands out about this product is that it includes perfectly matched pads and rotors. The rotors are slotted and cross-drilled to provide you with a big brake feel.

The pads, on the other hand, are manufactured from carbon-fiber ceramic formulation for improved brake power. This unique formulation also ensures maximum durability without sacrificing everyday drivability.

But you know what the best part is? Well, the brakes are 100% thermal scorched to allow fast break-in. As such, installation is easy. Besides, the manufacturer provides you with durable stainless steel installation hardware that is rust-resistant.

Other Features & Benefits

Guess what? The brakes feature high-quality rubberized shims for noise-free braking. On top of that, they have been thoroughly tested ultra-quiet braking. So, with this kit, you can say goodbye to embarrassing noisy brakes.

Also, the set boasts a powder-coated backing plate to protect the pads against elements like rust and corrosion. Consequently, this ensures a longer life span.


  • Slotted and chamfered to reduce vibration
  • Includes high-temperature brake lubricant
  • Offers low-dust braking
  • Improved pad bite


  • Issues with shipping wrong parts

5. Bosch QuietCast BC943 Premium Brake Set

Looking for the best brake pads for the 2003 to 2010 Honda Accord? If the answer is yes, this set might fit your budget as it is a perfect fit for the 2003-2010 Accords. Besides, the pads deliver the superior stopping power you expect and great durability.

When it comes to features, these brakes don’t disappoint. For starters, each disc is equipped with precise chamfers and slots for a premium fit and quality. This feature also helps minimize noise and vibration during braking.

As if that’s not enough, the pads utilize innovative materials, to ensure the highest level of performance. Basically, they are made from copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic formula for ultimate braking power.

Other Features & Benefits

These discs are engineered with a rubber core multilayer shim that provides maximum insulation against noise for quiet operation. You can also expect increased strength thanks to the multilayer shim.

Besides the durable ceramic construction, the set boasts a protective transfer layer on the outer surface. This layer is designed to extend the life of both the rotors and the pads.


  • Quiet operation with low dust
  • Built to OE standards
  • Installation hardware and lubricant included
  • Easy to install


  • Squeals over time
  • Poor quality paintwork

6. Bosch QuietCast BP537 Disc Brake Set

Similar to other pads from this manufacturer, this set is formulated from copper-free ceramic along with semi-metallic materials. Therefore, they can deliver the exceptional stopping power that your Accord needs.

Additionally, the discs utilize a molded multi-layer shim technology designed to prevent the shim from walking or sliding. Consequently, this ensures optimal stability throughout the life of the brake discs.

Also, the set comes with an OE-style shim featuring multi-layer construction for increased strength, corrosion resistance, and reduced noise. Therefore, you can enjoy quieter and smooth braking over the life of these pads.

Other Features & Benefits

Further, these brakes stand out with their OE-designed chamfers and slots that make for quiet and comfortable driving. Also, the slots ensure premium quality and fit.

More importantly, you will be happy to know that this set comes ready to install. Not only do you get the complete installation hardware but also a synthetic brake lubricant.


  • Reduced dust, noise, and vibration
  • Easy to install and fits well
  • Long-lasting and consistent braking
  • Available at a great price


  • Clips seem to be too thick

7. KFE Ultra Quiet KFE914-104 Brake Pad

Looking for Honda Accord 2010 brake pads that allow you to brake faster, harder, and longer? This kit will be a great choice thanks to its higher coefficient of friction that is also consistent. Besides, the brakes boast OEM fitment.

As far as the features of this product are concerned, each unit is equipped with precision cut chamfered edges and slots. This feature is designed to not only increase brake bit but also reduce noise.

Further, the discs are treated with the positive molding and Thermo scorched process for a reduced break-in period. The process also allows for more consistent wear and tear in the lifespan of the brakes.

Other Features & Benefits

Also, worth mentioning is that this set boasts dual-sided rubber shims. The shims function as an absorbent to noise and vibration for ultra-quiet operation.

And for superior braking performance and durability, the set is made from advanced premium ceramic materials. To top it all, the materials are 100% asbestos-free for added safety.


  • No brake fade at higher temperatures
  • Hassle-free limited warranty
  • Enhanced brake bite
  • Perfect for all driving conditions


  • Not as long-lasting as OEM
  • They are not completely noise-free

8. Bosch QuietCast BC1089 Premium Disc Brake

Equipped with a rubber core multilayer shim, there is no doubt that these brakes are built for quiet operation. The shims offer insulation against braking noise while also ensuring increased strength and maximum corrosion resistance.

And you know what the best part is? Each disc features advanced aerospace alloy along with copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic formulation. This not only ensures exceptional braking power but also long-lasting durability.

Additionally, the set is engineered with an extra protective transfer layer on both the rotor and pad surface. Consequently, this helps extend the life of the brakes for the most reliable braking experience.

Other Features & Benefits

You will also be pleased to learn that these discs come with chamfered edges and slots. The chamfers help eliminate noise while the slots allow for gasses to escape from the pad.

More importantly, the manufacturer provides you with all the necessary installation hardware along with a synthetic lubricant. Therefore, installation is easy.


  • Reliable stopping power
  • Comes ready to install right out of the box
  • Great packaging
  • Made from non-asbestos organic materials


  • Not a direct fit for some Accord models
  • Complaints about missing parts

9. Power Stop Evolution 16-465 Z16

Are you budget conscious and searching for brakes you can trust? If yes, this Power Stop Evolution 16-465 Z16 kit will be perfect for your Honda Accord. They are built with durability in mind, which makes them ideal for daily driving and commuting.

What’s more? The pads feature Power Stop’s proven ceramic formula to give you increased stopping power. The formula is also low dust. This is designed to keep the wheels looking like new over the life of the brakes for a clean ride.

Additionally, the Honda Accord rear brake pads are equipped with dual-layer rubberized shims for virtually noise-free braking. And according to the manufacturer, these shims offer 6X more noise reduction compared to plain steel shims.

Other Features & Benefits

Further, the set features a slotted and chamfered design just like OE pads. This feature simply ensures quiet operation throughout the life of the brakes.

To top it all, the discs are thermal scorched to allow for fast break-in periods. And compared to OE pads, they offer better and shorter break-in.


  • Low dust and noise-free
  • Pretty easy to install
  • High-quality build for the price
  • Increased stopping power compared to stock parts


  • Installation hardware not included
  • Not a direct fit

10. KFE Ultra Quiet KFE1451-104 Brake Pad

Another great option from KFE is this KFE1451-104, which boasts a few unique features. The set is built to OE standards and features OEM fitment. So, if you have a 2008-2017 Accord, you might want to consider this set.

Similar to most kits in this list of the best Honda Accord brake pads, the KFE1451-104 boasts chamfered edges and slots. The design helps minimize braking noise and enhance brake bite for extended brake life.

On top of that, the pads are constructed from a premium ceramic formula with 100% asbestos-free materials. Consequently, this enables you to brake faster and even longer in all driving conditions.

Other Features & Benefits

Another notable feature of these brakes is the dual-sided rubber shims. The shims simply act as insulation against vibration and noise every time you need to brake.

Further, the discs are treated with the positive and Thermo scorched molding process. This process is designed to reduce break-in time and ensure a longer lifespan of the pads.


  • Perfect fitment with no issues
  • No brake fade or dust
  • Backed by a hassle-free limited warranty
  • Consistent braking in all conditions


  • Mounting clips and hardware not included

11. Power Stop Front 17-914, Z17 Brake Pads

Last but not least, we’ve got this affordable kit from Power Stop. The set is manufactured using OE positive mold technology, which helps reduce premature wear and control noise. This makes the pads ideal for your daily driving needs.

As if that’s not enough, the discs are slotted and even chamfered like OE to ensure a guaranteed fitment. This design also helps eliminate any noise and vibration while braking for smooth performance.

More importantly, the pads are constructed from a carbon-fiber ceramic formula. The formula is not only low-dust but also highly durable, thereby ensuring your Accord’s wheels remain clean.

Other Features & Benefits

The Power Stop Front 17-914 is also equipped with dual-active rubber shims designed to absorb noise for silent braking. Apparently, these shims provide up to 6X more noise reduction.

Unlike some kits in this list, the set includes premium hardware made from stainless steel for rust protection. As such, you can install the discs right out of the box with no problems.


  • Thermal-scorched for faster break-in
  • Low dust to keep the wheels clean
  • Excellent build quality for the money
  • Includes all necessary hardware


  • Some of the clips are slightly wider
  • Includes only the rear discs

What are the Different Types of Brake Pads?

Generally, there are three common types of brakes based on the materials they are made from. Each of them has its pros and cons. Therefore, choosing the right one is critical.  These include:

Organic (Non-Metallic)

These pads are a mixture of materials like carbon compounds, rubber, fiberglass or glass, and fibers. As such, they tend to emit less dust compared to other types of brakes like metallic ones. Also, they come at a reasonably low price point and are relatively quiet.

However, they wear out faster compared to other types. Additionally, they don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions because they tend to overheat.


These are the most common types of pads available on the market. They are from ceramic materials and tend to have fine copper fibers embedded within them.

Besides being very quiet, they also produce less dust and are more reliable in a range of driving conditions and temperatures.

On the flip side, though, ceramic brakes are relatively more expensive compared to other types. Also, they are not the best for extreme driving conditions like racing conditions and cold climates.


Lastly, we’ve got semi-metallic pads that comprise between 30% to 65% metal along with other materials like copper. As such, they tend to last longer and scores well in a wide range of driving conditions.

However, they are a little noisy and create more dust compared to their non-metallic and ceramic counterparts.

A Buying Guide – How To Pick the Right Honda Accord Brake Pads

So, which are the right Honda Accord brake pads and rotors? Well, it depends on several factors, including your driving style. However, below are the things to consider before making your purchase.

Installation Process

For starters, make sure to only purchase brakes that are easy to install. This is especially important if you plan to install them by yourself.

Generally, the set should come with clear installation instructions and all the necessary hardware needed.

Front vs. Rear

Another factor to consider is whether you need the front or rear discs. This is because the front pads are not of the same size as that of the rear.

However, some kits include both the front and rear brakes. So, make sure to order the correct replacement brakes.

Year of your Accord

Different Honda Accord pads are manufactured for a specific year. Therefore, you need to get brakes that match the year your vehicle was made for a perfect fit.

You certainly don’t want to buy a set that is made for the 2010 Accord, yet your vehicle’s year model is 2005.

Never Let the Brakes Sit Around

More importantly, when you order your brakes, don’t leave them to sit around for months before you can install them.

If you don’t install them immediately, the return period might elapse by the time you’re installing them. And when this happens, you can’t return the pads if they are not of the right size.

Top FAQs About High-Performance Brake Pads for Accord

Knowing which are the right pads for your Accord can be daunting. So, here are answers to some of the common questions people ask regarding Honda Accord brakes.

Q: Are OEM pads better than aftermarket?

A: Yes, although there is not a big difference between the two. However, if you pay a little more, you can get aftermarket brakes that are equally good as OEM.

Q: Are ceramic or semi-metallic brakes better?

A: Overall, ceramic units typically last longer and offer better noise control than semi-metallic pads. Also, they provide minimal wear-and-tear to brake rotors.

Q: How long should Honda Accord brakes last?

A: Generally, they last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. However, this may vary based on your driving habits.

Which is the Best?

The Bosch BC1451 Premium Ceramic Disc is our top pick and for many reasons. For instance, it is built to deliver the highest level of durability and stopping power. On top of that, the set boasts quiet operation and comes with complete hardware for ease of installation.

Bottom Line

Have you been experiencing squealing or screeching sounds when braking? Or perhaps grinding noise every time you apply the brakes. If yes, it might be time to replace your brakes with the best brake pads for Honda Accord.

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