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Top 11 Best Rotors for Dodge Ram 1500 – Latest Guide

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a powerful car so it would only make sense to get equally powerful rotors for it, don’t you think?

You see, rotors are part of your car’s braking system and as a driver, you know how important the said system is for your safety on the road.


In that regard, you want to pick high-performance rotors. By that, we mean that you need to get your hands on the best rotors for Dodge Ram 1500.

No idea where to begin your search? Worry not because, with this guide, we are going to take you through the journey of making the right purchase. Keep it here for that, won’t you?

Comparison Table of Best Ram 1500 Brake Rotors in 2022

We are not denying that we are going to be as comprehensive as possible with this guide but that should not be a turn off for you in case you are unable or unwilling to read the entire thing.

Here is a comparison table to help you make a faster choice from a place of knowledge.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
15-Lug Front Brake Kit for Dodge Durango Aspen Ram Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors by Detroit AxleDetroit Axle25.2 pounds
2Silver Rear Disc Brake Rotor by ACDelcoACDelco24.2 pounds
3Power Stop Front Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Kit, Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Carbon Fiber Ceramic Brake PadsPower Stop52.5 pounds
4Callahan FRONT Premium Grade Rotors Set, fit Chrysler Aspen Dodge Durango Ram 1500Callahan Brake Parts49.5 pounds
5Front Drilled & Slotted Disc Rotors & Brake Pads by Detroit AxleDetroit Axle58.2 pounds
6SCITOO Brakes Rotors Front Drilled Slotted Discs Brake Rotors BrakesSCITOO47.3 pounds
7ACDelco Gold Black Hat Front Disc Brake RotorACDelco25 pounds
85-Lug REAR Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors by Detroit AxleDetroit Axle24.7 pounds
9Atl Autosports 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Front Pair Performance Brake RotorsAtl Autosports
10Duralo, Dodge Ram 1500 2002-2015 Rear Left Drilled Slotted Brake Rotor DiscDuralo23.1 pounds
11Callahan Front Premium Grade Rotors SetCallahan Brake Parts

Buying Guide for Dodge Ram 1500 Rotors

The perfect dodge ram 1500 brake rotors have to come with several crucial features. Let us look at some of those features.

Easy Installation

Granted, you can have your rotors installed professionally, but you have to factor in that the sane will come at a cost.

If you are looking to save your coins, you will handle the installation process on your own. To that effect, you want your rotors of choice to be easy to install. Look out for those that come with the installation hardware required for the job.


Rotors come with metallic parts. That also means that they are prone to rusting and you do not want that.

In that case, you want to go for rotors that are coated with rust-resistant material such as zinc. That way, your rotors will be protected even when exposed to moisture.

Heat Dissipation

Braking involves friction and this can cause overheating in the system. You, therefore, want your dodge ram 1500 rotors to dissipate heat well.

Not only will this improve your braking performance, but it will also ensure that the rotors last longer.

There are numerous options when it comes to dodge ram brake rotors and this may make it difficult for you to choose.

We have compiled a list of some of the best-selling Dodge Ram 1500 rotors to make the selection process easier for you.

The Best Rotors for Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews:

1. Detroit Axle – (335mm) Brake Rotors

To begin with, we have these drilled and slotted rotors that offer up to 20% better braking power compared to regular rotors. We are off to a good start wouldn’t you agree?

What We Liked About It

Now, this product is coated with Zinc Dichromate to prevent it from rusting since it has metallic parts. However, what we loved most is that these rotors are made to surpass OEM specifications.

That means you get superior stopping power.

What Could Have Been Better

Some customers have complained that they did not get the expected customer service when they reached out for the same.

We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job of engaging with buyers.


  • Sheer
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install


  • Customer care could be better

2. ACDelco 18A1428A Brake Rotor

Looking at the build of this product, we realized that it comprises multiple alloys. Now, what that does is to improve heat dissipation and performance.

What We Liked About It

This rotor is certainly going to perform as expected. How do we know that? Simply because it is mill-balanced meaning that no additional weights will be required.

We love that it comes with a rounded radius as well for additional strength. The brake plate is thick as well making the rotor more durable.

What Could Have Been Better

This product appears to be heavy according to some users and while that is not necessarily a bad thing. It may make the installation process difficult.

We feel that the manufacturer should have used lighter material in its construction.


  • Great heat dissipation
  • Superior strength
  • Dependable


  • Could be lighter

3. Power Stop K2163-36 Brake Kit

This unit contains carbon-fiber ceramic materials that work to improve the strength and capability of your brake pads to accommodate heavier loads.

What We Liked About It

Braking is often associated with dust. You will love this particular product because it produces 30% dust compared to regular counterparts.

It also offers drilled and slotted performance for optimal cooling and comes with all the installation hardware required for installation. We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this product was warped within a year of use. We feel that the manufacturer could have used better quality material in the construction to avoid this.


  • Low dust braking
  • Optimal cooling
  • Comes with installation hardware


  • Not as long-lasting

4. Callahan Brake Parts Rotors Set

With this set, you get both right and left front rotors and we believe you will appreciate the convenience that comes with that.

Besides, it features a 1-year manufacturer warranty to cover any workmanship defects. Who wouldn’t want that!

What We Liked About It

You get improved stopping power with this product since it comes with enhanced heat dissipation. These rotors are guarantee to perform equally or better than the original parts as well.

Another great thing about these is that they offer confident and quiet braking. None of those annoying squeals that come with braking for you.

What Could Have Been Better

As per some users, these rotors began to corrode after a while. The manufacturer should have simply coated them in corrosion-resistant material to avoid that.


  • Great stopping power
  • Highly functional
  • Quiet braking


  • Prone to rusting

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5. Detroit Axle – Ram 1500, Disc Rotors

Now, these are drilled and slotted dodge ram rotors. Okay, so how will that benefit you? Only with superior braking power!

The rotors are also zinc plated to ensure that you never have to worry about corrosion a day in your life after purchasing these babies.

What We Liked About It

If you are on the ‘install it yourself’ bandwagon, you will love this product because it is extremely easy to install.

By that, we mean that it comes with everything you may need for the installation process and we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Judging from reviews, this product does generate some dust, which is quite unfortunate. The manufacturer should have checked on this before launching the product.


  • Rust protection
  • Easy installation process
  • Reasonably priced


  • Quite dusty

6. SCITOO Brakes Rotors

We can assure you that you will be getting high-quality dodge Ram 1500 rotors when you purchase this product. How so? Well, it features a rounded and cross-drilled design that allows for air to flow through for faster cooling and stop them from warping.

What We Liked About It

These brake rotors have been tried and tested to provide you with remarkable balance, resistance for rapid and stable stopping without any dust or noise. Can it get any better than this?

What we found most appealing nonetheless is that this product will not succumb to rust only because it is zinc-coated. This also ensures that your wheels exhibit that clean look always.

What Could Have Been Better

The product description states that this product fits the 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 but it doesn’t as reported by some users. The manufacturer should have updated the product description.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Great balance
  • Quiet operation


  • Product description needs updating

7. ACDelco Gold 18A1324 Brake Rotor

You want balance when it comes to braking and that is what this rotor offers you. That also translates to seamless braking and less noise.

What We Liked About It

This is a superior quality and reliable product. We say that because as a brand, ACDelco is known for producing the same.

We love that this product adheres to original manufacturer design as far as dispersing heat. This will help in extending the life of your rotor and reducing vibration and noise.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this rotor is hard to maneuver because it is a bit on the heavier side.

The manufacturer should have used lighter material during construction to counter that.


  • Durable
  • Vibration reduction
  • Smooth operation


  • Not as easy to install

8. Detroit Axle – 13.86″ Brake Rotors

It is important to have as much braking power as you can get and with this unit, you get 20% more power than you would get from standard rotors.

Other than that, this rotor is covered in Zinc Dichromate to offer rust protection.

What We Liked About It

This product is built to surpass OEM specifications as well as give you the fit and finish you need for your Dodge Ram 1500. It also guarantees improved stopping power. We guess that it also counts that this product is beautiful to look at.

Moving on swiftly, this product comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. We will let that sink in as we also let you know that you will get to save a significant amount of money here. We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

The box containing this product arrived open according to some users. We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job with the packaging.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Attractive warranty
  • Remarkable braking power


  • Packaging could be better

9. ATL Autosports ATL53005-14DO Brake Rotors

Getting the right fit rotors for your Dodge Ram 1500 is likely to be hard. That is why we are sure that you will love this particular unit because it does not require any modifications to fit.

It also features drill holes that will reduce temperatures by up to 200 degrees. You also get improved brake life and stopping power so go figure.

What We Liked About It

This product is manufactured in the USA. You can therefore depend on its functionality and performance because the country is known to produce high-quality products generally, not only in the automotive industry.

We love that the product is plated in zinc to prevent it from rusting as well.

What Could Have Been Better

As reported by some users, this unit does produce some noises and we feel that the manufacturer should have put a mechanism in place to reduce the noise.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Fits without alterations


  • Could be quieter

10. Duralo 154-1118 Rotor Disc

You are unlikely to experience any issues with the installation of this unit because it is made to fit the Dodge Ram 1500 perfectly.

It is a brand new part so it should not surprise you that it meets and exceeds OEM specifications.

What We Liked About It

This rotor is built to offer durability and backed by a 1-year warranty. That should get you excited because it means you do not have to worry about replacing yours anytime soon.

It is slotted and cross-drilled as well to provide you with improved braking performance and we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that they did not receive what was in the product description. The manufacturer should have updated the picture to avoid customer mistrust.


  • Increased braking performance
  • Easy to install
  • Exceeds OEM specifications


  • Misleading product description

11. Callahan CDS02068 Rotors Set

Whether you intend to drive in rough terrain or harsh weather conditions, this product has you covered. You also get enhanced stopping power simply because these rotors are drilled and slotted.

What We Liked About It

Still, on braking power, you will get more of it because this product is designed to deliver increased heat dissipation.

Other than that, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on all parts in the kit. That tells you a lot about the quality and we love that.

What Could Have Been Better

This product warped after several months and we feel that the manufacturer should have built it with durability in mind.


  • Built for longevity
  • Enhanced heat dissipation
  • Suitable for all weather conditions


  • Not as long-lasting

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dodge RAM 1500 Brake Parts

Here, we have addressed some commonly asked questions that we have to do with brake rotors for dodge ram 1500. That should help you get a better understanding of the same.

Is a drilled rotor better than a regular one?

With drilled rotors, you get a better bite because the drilled holes offer an outlet for water to escape and keep the braking system dry. Less water translates to improved braking performance so yes, a drilled rotor is better than a regular one.

Can I drill and slot my rotors?

Yes, that is possible but it will not last long. As such, we would advise that you just purchase rotors that are already slotted and drilled.

Are aftermarket rotors as good as OEM?

Aftermarket rotors are cheaper than OEM parts so you may be tempted to go that way. However, they are likely to cause trouble after a while.

You will be better off with OEM parts even if they are costlier because they are of better quality.

Our Top Pick

After assessing all products, we have settled on the Detroit Axle – (335mm) Brake Rotors as our top pick. This product is drilled and slotted to give you improved braking power.

Another great thing is that it is coated in zinc dichromate to prevent corrosion but what we loved most is that this product surpasses OEM specifications.


At this point, you have seen that it is not easy to find the best Ram 1500 brake rotors. Fortunately, we have provided you with a tool to make selection easier for you.

With this guide at your disposal, we believe you are fully equipped to make the right decision so count on yourself to do that.

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