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Top 7 Best Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey in 2022 – Reviews & Comparisons

Like it is with all vehicles, investing in the perfect braking system for your Honda Odyssey is very important. This is because a slight faultiness in the rotors or pads can be the reason for an unfortunate accident.

You see, brake rotors in particular, tend to wear out or degrade over time. And when this happens, you may experience some warning signs including:

  • Visible score marks on the rotors
  • High pitched screeching sounds
  • Vibrations in the brake pedal
  • Poor brake responsiveness

But what are the best brake rotors for Honda Odyssey? Well, we reviewed dozens of products and narrowed our search down to 7 of the best options.

The Best Replacement Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey – Quick Comparison Table

In a hurry? Here are our top picks, including their key features to help you make a good buying decision.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Detroit Axle Front Rear Disc Rotors Brakes Kit Replacement for Honda OdysseyDetroit Axle69.7 pounds
2Beyond Your Thoughts Front&Rear Brake Kits, 4 Drilled Slotted Geomet Coating Brake Rotors & 8 Ceramic PadsBeyond Your Thoughts69.5 pounds
3Detroit Axle Front and Rear Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Kit Rotors All 4 for Honda OdysseyDetroit Axle73.6 pounds
4Detroit Axle Front and Rear Drilled & Slotted Rotors Ceramic Brake PadsDetroit Axle81.2 pounds
5Max Brakes Premium XDS Rotors with Carbon Ceramic Front & Rear PadsMax Advanced Brakes67 pounds
6Hart Brakes Honda Odyssey Brake Rotors Kit & Ceramic Brake PadsHart Brakes81 pounds
7Detroit Axle Pair Front Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Kit Rotors Honda & OdysseyDetroit Axle43.4 pounds

Best Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey in Review

1. Detroit Axle Brakes Kit

Detroit Axle is popularly known for its high-quality products, and this kit is no different. This set has been a fan favorite for quite some time now on the market.

So, if you own a 2005 – 2010 Honda Odyssey, you’re going to find this set a perfect fit. Some of its key features include:

Proper Fit

According to the manufacturer, these rotors are built to exceed OEM specifications. As such, you can expect them to fit properly, thereby ensuring the smoothest of rides and great braking power.

Complete Kit

One of the things that set this product apart from its competitors is that it is a complete kit. This means that the package includes both the front and rear rotors. More so, it comes with brake pads, brake cleaner, and fluid.


What’s more, for your peace of mind, the rotors are backed by a 10-year warranty. Therefore, you can purchase them with confidence knowing that they are manufactured to high-quality standards.


  • Easy to fit
  • Increased stopping power
  • Great build quality
  • Includes high-quality ceramic brake pads


  • It can be expensive to have the warranty serviced

2. Beyond Your Thoughts Front & Rear Kit

Here is yet another high-quality kit that is a compatible fit for all 2005 – 2010 Honda Odyssey models. Similar to our top pick, this kit comes with a set of brake rotors and ceramic brake pads for increased brake power.

But what makes this product stand out? The answer to that lies in its key features that include:

Slotted & Drilled Design

The rotors boast a slotted design for increased friction force. Also, the design helps get rid of gasses, dust, and water from the surface. Additionally, it includes precision drilled holes for optimal heat dissipation, thereby ensuring better-stopping power.


Also, worth mentioning is that the rotors feature Geomet coating to help minimize rusting and corrosion. Besides, the coating will really look good behind your wheels.


Another area that these rotors do not disappoint is in terms of performance. You see, the casting process they undergo adopts a very high accuracy. This helps ensure their performance is better than that of original brake discs.


  • Drilled for optimal ventilation and cooling
  • Minimal brake noise and dust
  • Easy to install
  • Fits and performs perfectly


  • Not precision balanced
  • Hardware for installation not included

3. Detroit Axle Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Rotors

Detroit Axle features on this list for a second time. This is because they manufacture some of the best aftermarket rotors for Honda Odyssey and at great prices. With this kit, it is no different since it is built to exceed OE requirements.

But you know what the best part is? This is a complete kit that includes replacement brake rotors, brake pads, brake cleaner, and brake fluid. Other features that you will be sure to appreciate are:

Rust Protection

One of the best things about these rotors is the fact that they come with a zinc-dichromate plating. The plating helps in keeping rust and corrosion at bay, even in cold or wet weather. Consequently, it helps extend the longevity of your rotors.

Drilled & Slotted Design

Another key feature of the rotors is that they are drilled and slotted to help keep them cool and efficient. And thanks to the unique design, they can deliver up to 20% better stopping power than standard rotors.

Great Warranty

Additionally, the set comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects and poor workmanship. Therefore, you can rest assured that the products are made with quality and durability in mind.


  • Complete set
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Durable build
  • Improved heat dissipation properties


  • Not a compatible fit for many vehicles

4. Detroit Axle Complete Front and Rear Rotors

If you’re looking to replace the entire brake system of your Honda Odyssey, you should check out this kit. It’s a complete set, which means you get the front and rear rotors, brake pads, brake cleaner, and fluid.

What’s more? The entire kit is designed to be a direct replacement for all 2011 – 2014 Honda Odyssey models. Other features include:

Drilled & Slotted Design

Featuring drilled holes and slots on the surface, these rotors are designed to ensure maximum heat dissipation. The slots also help remove water, heat, and dust away from the brake pads for increased performance and durability.

Zinc Dichromate Plating

If you live in tropical conditions or very cold places, you’re going to find this feature handy. The plating helps prevent rust, thereby extending the rotor’s lifespan.

Enhanced Braking Power

According to Detroit Axle, this kit boasts OE quality. This combined with its slotted and drilled design allows you to enjoy up to 20% better braking performance than other rotors.


  • Great compatibility
  • Durable coating for rust protection
  • Easy to install
  • Precision drilled holes for superior cooling


  • May need a bit of prep ahead of installation
  • Few reports of getting the wrong brake pads

5. Max Brakes Front & Rear Brake Kit

For those looking for premium brake rotors that won’t break the bank, this complete set is an excellent choice. This is because it is built to meet or exceed OE specifications with the exact vane counts and weight.

The best part? Each rotor boasts a 100% fitment guarantee for all 2005 – 2008 Honda Odyssey models. Other features that make this kit worth the money include:

High-Quality Casting

Both the front and rear rotors have been cast from premium G3000 grade grey iron. This type of casting offers a perfect balance of hardness and strength. Therefore, the rotors will not disappoint when it comes to durability.

Chamfered Drilled Holes

Additionally, the set features chamfered drilled holes on the surface to help dissipate heat and minimize braking temperature. Consequently, this prevents uneven warpage and wear.

Rounded Slots

Also, included are rounded slots to increase the overall braking power of your Honda Odyssey. The slots also help wipe away brake dust, thereby keeping the pad’s surface clean.


  • Superior stopping power
  • 100% OE specifications
  • Precisely machined
  • Extended brake life and performance


  • Installation hardware not included

6. Hart Brakes Fit 2011-2014 Honda Odyssey Brake Kit

Hart brakes’ brake rotors are a little bit more expensive compared to most kits on this list. However, they do offer excellent durability, stopping power, and performance.

So, if you’ve got a 2011 – 2014 Honda Odyssey and you’re not on a budget, you might want to try them out. Besides, the kit boasts some other great features including:

Cross-Drilled & Slotted

You will be happy to know that these rotors are equipped with cross-drilled holes to allow better air ventilation. The holes also ensure increased heat dissipation. More so, the set boasts precision diamond slots for improved stopping power.

Ready to Install

The best part about this kit is that it comes ready to install. You can fit the rotors directly by just bolting on. Therefore, there is no modification needed.

Zinc Coating

More importantly, each rotor is coated with durable black zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. As a result, this feature helps maximize the life of the product.


  • Excellent initial brake response
  • Low dust and noise
  • OE guaranteed fitment
  • 100% shimmed to reduce vibration


  • Pricey

7. Detroit Axle Front Disc Brake Kit

Making it to our list in the last position is yet another product by the Detroit Axle company. This set of brake equipment is designed to be a perfect compatible fit for all 1999 – 2004 Honda Odyssey models.

And you know what the best part is? The kit includes a few extras such as ceramic brake pads, brake cleaner, installation hardware, and brake fluid. Other features worth mentioning are:


The rotors come with a layer of zinc dichromate plating over them to prevent rusting, especially in tropical conditions. And thanks to the coating, you can enjoy less break-in time compared to other rotors.

Drilled & Slotted

Another great feature of this kit is that it boasts a drilled and slotted design. This design helps keep the rotors cool, while also reducing brake fade and ensuring smooth braking.


Similar to other Detroit Axle’s products, this set also comes with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. The best part is that the warranty covers all the components in the kit.


  • Up to 20% more braking power
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Great build quality
  • Rust protection coating


  • Only includes front rotors
  • The quality of the brake pads could be better

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Buying Guide – How to Choose the Top OE Quality Rotors for Honda Odyssey

One thing for sure is that not all brake rotors are built equally. Therefore, choosing the correct rotors for your Honda Odyssey is critical. With this in mind, below are some of the things to consider when looking for the best Honda Odyssey rotors.

Type or Style of Rotor

Generally, there are four main types of brake rotors, including drilled, slotted, cross-drilled/slotted, and blank. With drilled rotors, they are known to offer better heat dissipation. This makes them ideal for many driving applications.

Slotted units, on the other hand, feature slots on the surface for quickly expelling water, dust, and gases. This helps ensure better braking performance.

When it comes to cross-drilled and slotted rotors, they offer the functionality of both drilled and slotted units in one package. Blank rotors, on the other hand, boast a solid surface. As such, they are an economical choice compared to the rest.

Vehicle Model

Another factor to consider is the year model of your Honda Odyssey. Different rotors are built to fit different vehicle models.

Therefore, you need to confirm if the kit you’re thinking of buying is compatible with the model of the car you have.


Additionally, for the added durability of the rotors, you should look out for kits that have a layer of coating. The coating will help prevent corrosion and rust, thereby extending the lifespan of the rotors.

Generally speaking, some of the best products usually have a zinc-dichromate plating, while others have a Geomet coating.

Complete Kit

Last but not least, you need to consider if the brake kit you are buying is complete. You see, experts recommend changing both the front and rear rotors at the same time.

However, some kits will only include the front rotors while others only have the rear ones alone. The good news is that you can get a complete kit with brake rotors, brake pads, brake fluid, and brake cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Honda Odyssey Rotors

In this section, we provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Honda Odyssey rotors. Check them out.

Q: How much are rotors for Honda Odyssey?

A: It depends on the type of rotor and the brand. However, a complete kit with brake pads usually run anywhere between $140 to $250.

Q: What does it sound like when your rotors are worn out?

A: One of the first and common symptoms is a squealing sound if the rotors are warped or severely worn out.

Q: How long do brake rotors last on Honda Odyssey?

A: Generally, they usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. However, this may vary based on your driving habits.

Q: Are OEM rotors better than aftermarket?

A: Yes. OEM rotors are better built and with high-quality materials compared to their aftermarket counterparts.

Which One is the Best?

If you were to take our suggestion on which rotors to buy, we would suggest the Detroit Axle Brakes Kit. The reason we choose this kit is that it is available as a complete package. More so, it is compatible with a variety of Honda Odyssey models.

Final Thoughts

Brake rotors are an essential part of your Honda Odyssey. Therefore, it is best to replace the rotors before they are completely worn out. Just make sure to invest in the best brake rotors for Honda Odyssey that are durable and offer smooth braking performance.

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