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Top 3 Best Brake Rotors for Subaru Legacy – Latest Reviews

The Subaru Legacy is a great car mostly when it comes to fuel consumption efficiency. However, having your car to take you from one point to another is something to be celebrated.

As a car owner, you should never skimp on brake products as they make the difference between your safety and a road fatality.


Let’s get one thing clear from the start—you shouldn’t skimp on brake products. They are, after all, one of the only things on your car between it and a crash.

For your braking system to be complete, you need the best rotors for Subaru Legacy. Not just for you, but other road users as well.

Now, you are probably here because you do not know where to begin your search. Well, we have you covered. Keep reading to see what we are talking about.

Comparison Table of Top 3 Subaru Legacy Brake Rotors

Here is a comparison table that analyzes the products we have on this list. We created it to help you make a fast and informed choice.

RankProduct Some Top Info
1Bosch Subaru Legacy Premium Disc Brake Rotors

Bosch 48011475 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor - Compatible With...

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Fits: Subaru Legacy
Brand: ‎Bosch Automotive
Material: ABS, Aluminum
Exterior: Zinc
Weight: ‎17.6 pounds
Dimensions: ‎13.58 x 13.19 x 2.2 inches
Manufacturer: Bosch
2Detroit Axle Subaru Legacy Front and Rear Brake Rotors & Pads

Detroit Axle - Brake Kit for Subaru Impreza Forester Legacy Outback...

Check Latest Price
Fits: Subaru Legacy, Impreza, Forester, Outback
Brand: ‎Detroit Axle
Position: Front and Rear (All 4)
Noise: Noise-free
Weight: 66.2 pounds
Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 6 inches
Manufacturer: ‎Detroit Axle
Warranty: 10-Year Warranty
3AutoShack Pair of 2 Front Driver and Passenger Side Disc Brake Rotors

AutoShack Front Brake Rotors Pair of 2 Driver and Passenger Side...

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Fits: Subaru Legacy
Brand: ‎Auto Shack
Weight: ‎25.6 pounds
Certify: ISO / IATF 16949 Certified
Manufacturer: ‎Auto Shack
Warranty: 6 Month warranty

Unbiased Review of Best Rotors for Subaru Legacy

1. Bosch 48011475 QuietCast Premium Brake Rotors for Subaru Legacy

As a car owner, you have a lot to think about other than replacement parts for your braking system. You also do not want to spend your money replacing the parts often.

With this product from Bosch, you will be getting value for your money. Not only because it is reasonably priced, but also because it comes with great functionality and an array of features.

You will get precision balancing to guarantee smooth operation devoid of pedal pulsation with this unit. If you have ever had your life flash before your eyes when hitting your brake pedal, you will appreciate this.

What We Liked About It

This product features an OEM-style configuration that provides you with reduced noise and vibration as well as efficient heat dissipation. This also extends the life of your rotors.

Other than that, this product comes with a bi-metal zinc and aluminum coating to give your wheels a clean look as well as prevent rusting.

What we loved most however about this product is that it is easy to install making it ideal even for beginners.

What Could Have Been Better

According to several users, they received rotors that were too larger for their vehicles while the product description does not state the same.

We feel that the manufacturer could have given a clearer product description.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to install
  • Thick


  • Vague product description

2. Detroit Axle Brake Rotors and Pads Replacement for Subaru Legacy – 10pc Set

First, we want to let you know that Detroit Axle is a leading automotive part distributor and retailer. They claim to be committed to providing outstanding customer service as well as first-rate products and with over 30 years in the business and great customer reviews, we are inclined to believe that is the case.

They certainly delivered on their promise with this particular unit. It is built for durability so you can be sure that it will stand the test of time, rough terrain, and harsh weather conditions.

What We Liked About It

These Subaru Legacy rotors are designed to surpass OEM specifications as well as provide you with the perfect fit and finish that will give you advanced stopping power.

Do not even get us started on the fact that this product comes with all the hardware you will require for the installation process. That makes the process easier than most people would think.

We love that the product comes with a 10-Year warranty as well. That tells you much about its quality.

What Could Have Been Better

These brake rotors for Subaru Legacy appear to be quite heavy according to some users. This could compromise the ease of installation and we feel that the manufacturer could have used lighter material during the construction process.


  • Sheer
  • Superior quality
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • Could be lighter

3. Auto Shack R41061PR Subaru Legacy Replacement Disc Brake Rotors

Did you know that the quality of your brakes directly affects the performance of your car? We can assure you that this unit from AutoShack will give you just that.

That also means that you will be maintaining your car’s braking system and prolonging its life as well as enhancing your safety on the road.

With the high-quality build, you can count on optimal performance regardless of braking conditions.

What We Liked About It

These machine-finished vehicle brake rotors offer precision balance and are created to fit your car’s specific model. Besides, this unit comes with a corrosion-resistant coating to prevent it from rusting.

The manufacturer also has technology in place to deliver longer life, quieter braking, improved stopping power, and an improved overall driving experience.

We love that this manufacturer considered that rotors have to be replaced in pairs and packaged this product as such.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that they received scratched orders. We feel that the manufacturer could have packaged the product better to avoid this.


  • Quiet braking
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Extended life


  • Inadequate packaging

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Buying Guide – How to Pick the Right Brake Rotors for Subaru Legacy

Getting the perfect Leggy rotors requires you to consider a few crucial factors before making your purchase. Let us look at some of those factors.

Product Manufacturer

The braking system of your Subaru Legacy is an integration of several parts and rotors make part of it. At some point, this rotor will lose its functionality and when that happens, you want to get original replacement parts.

You see, when you use such parts, your braking system continues to run smoothly. Of course, you can always opt for aftermarket parts because they are cheaper, but they will not offer you the same level of functionality and longevity as originally manufactured rotors.

Make and Model

There are different car models and they come with their replacement parts. Since we are talking about the Subaru Legacy, you want to buy parts designed for the same.

As a car owner, you want the rotors that you get for your car to operate effortlessly within the braking system and that can only be guaranteed if you get those that are designed for the same.

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Rotor Durability

You will be tempted to save money on replacement rotors but you should never sacrifice quality for the price.

Your Subaru Legacy brake rotors should be made from superior quality metals and crafted under expert workmanship to guarantee smooth braking.

Forget about saving a few bucks by getting cheaper rotors while your life depends on it. You would rather save up and get a quality product than risk your life that way.

Installation Process

You have two choices when it comes to installing rotors into your braking system. You can have a professional do it, or do it yourself.

The former will cost you and if you are on a tight budget, that is not a cost you want to incur. That leaves you to do it yourself.

If that is to happen, you want the installation process to be as easy as possible. Consider getting rotors that come with installation hardware as they are easier to install.

Rust Resistance

Rotors feature metallic parts and that only means that they are susceptible to rusting. That is the last thing you want.

As such, you want to ensure that your rotors of choice come coated in corrosion-resistant material like zinc to prevent them from rusting when exposed to moisture.

Product Warranty

The ideal rotors for your Subaru Legacy should come with an attractive product warranty. That will help you gauge whether the product is worth investing in or not.

Be wary of any parts that do not come with a brief warranty period or none at all. Chances are they will not last long.

There are numerous options in the market when it comes to Subaru Legacy rotors. That can leave you overwhelmed and confused when picking.

Because of that, we have decided to review some top options to help you make a choice.

FAQs on Replacement Rotors for Subaru Legacy

So you have a question or two about brake rotors for Subaru legacy? Unfortunately, we cannot address all of them here. What we can do however is address a few commonly asked ones and we have done that below.

Are all 4 rotors supposed to be replaced at once?

Not necessarily. As long as you replace both front disk brake pads simultaneously, the rear ones can be replaced at a later time.

However, if you decide to replace all 4, we recommend getting a certified mechanic to do it.

How long will my Subaru rotors last?

Generally, Subaru rotors will require replacement before or at 70,000 miles. That said; your rotors may require replacement sooner based on your driving habits and the level of degradation.

What causes my rotors to go bad quickly?

The most common cause of the same is usually emergency or panic braking at high speeds. The friction caused when the brake pad grabs the rotor causes enough heat to cause wear.

Our Top Pick

After checking out the products on this review, we have chosen the Bosch 48011475 Subaru Legacy QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotors as our top pick.

This unit from Bosch offers you value for money simply because it comes with great functionality and various features for a reasonable price.

You get efficient heat dissipation, reduced vibration and noise as well as an extended life with this particular unit. As if that is not enough, the rotors come with zinc and aluminum coating to prevent rusting.

We love that the Subaru Legacy brake rotors are easy-to-install making them the perfect choice even for novices.


Your braking system should not be taken lightly because it affects your safety on the road.

We recognize that shopping for the perfect rotors for your Subie may not be the easiest job and that is why we put this guide together.

You are now in the best position to make the right choice.

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