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Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2022 – 5 Top Picks + Ultimate Guide

Owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee is great because there is so much you can do with it. However, you can enjoy it better by upgrading its performance and one of the best ways you can do that is by installing a cold air intake.

Now, you may find it hard to shop for the best cold air intake for Jeep Grand Cherokee may prove to be difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time.

We understand that and that is why we put together this guide. Keep it here if you would like some help with picking the right one for you.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Comparison Table for Quality Jeep Grand Cherokee Cold Air Intakes

This guide is going to be detailed and that comes with a lot for you to read. We know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea so if you are not able to read everything, here is a comparison table for you that summarizes our top choices.

RankProduct NameAirflow IncreaseCountry of Origin
1K & N 63-1563 Cold Air Intake Kit, Fits on Jeep Grand Cherokee50%USA
2Rtunes Racing Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L V8 Cold Air Intake SystemNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)China
3K&N 77-1567KS Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango 6.4L V850%USA
4Rough Country 10552 Cold Air Intake for Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0LNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)China
5Velocity Concepts Cold Air Filter intake Compatible with Grand Cherokee and Durango 3.6L V6 engineNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)

Benefits of Using Cold Air Intake System on Jeep Grand Cherokee

What do you stand to gain from using a cold air intake system for Jeep Grand Cherokee? Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Improved Gas Mileage: Most drivers know that internal combustion engines function through burning fuel. Oxygen is required for this process and when there is not enough of it, your vehicle consumes more fuel.

Cold air intake systems ensure that you have the correct air to fuel ratio for increased horsepower and better fuel efficiency.

Increased Horsepower: Your engine’s output is affected by the amount of air that is present during combustion. Now, cold air is more conductive and therefore burns fuel more efficiently compared to hot air.

A cold air intake system increases the horsepower of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Enhanced Engine Sound: If you are one of those drivers who appreciate the sound of a roaring engine, then you will love a cold air intake system. You see, standard air intakes are designed to function quietly while cold air systems are made to enhance performance.

As such, the more air taken in by a cold air intake system, the more airflow is generated producing a heavy growl that you will love.

Improved Acceleration: A cold air intake system also works to increase your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s responsiveness. When more cold air enters your engine, your vehicle is in a better position to reach your desired speed faster.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Grand Cherokee in Review:

Here we review some of the best rated Jeep Grand Cherokee cold air intakes. That should help you make a quicker choice.

1. K and N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee

First, on our list, we have this unit from K&N and the first thing we noticed about it is that it is built to offer longevity. That means that you do not have to worry about replacing it soon after purchasing it.

You also get a guaranteed horsepower increase because this cold air intake is tested and confirmed to provide up to 50% more airflow compared to factory units.

What we loved most about it though is that it comes with an improved throttle response to ensure that you get the best performance when it comes to towing, acceleration, and going uphill.


  • Easy to install
  • Offers top-notch protection
  • No filter cleaning required


  • Could use installation holes

2. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System For 11-21 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango 5.7L V8

This cold air intake kit is designed to aid your engine in drawing maximum cold air hence a higher horsepower output and better throttle response.

The unit comes with all the hardware required for mounting so you can be assured that you will have an easy time installing it.

As if that is not enough, it comes with a washable and reusable air filter thus saving you money that you would have used to replace disposable filters.


  • Comes with a reusable air filter
  • Features mounting hardware
  • Provides greater horsepower


  • The filter element could be shorter

3. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.4L V8

Just like the previous unit, this one is easy to install as well and it will take you less than two hours to do it. Another thing about this kit is that it is designed to have improved throttle sound and engine sound.

This cold air intake system is built to replace your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s system and under normal driving conditions, it should go about 100, 000 miles before you service it.

We love that even with all these features, the unit is reasonably priced hence giving you value for money.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Improves engine sound
  • Highly functional


  • The user instructions could be clearer

4. Rough Country Jeep Cherokee Cold Air Intake

With this cold air intake system, you get great throttle response and increased horsepower meaning that you will get to enjoy greater performance when it comes to acceleration, towing, and going uphill.

Moving away from that, this Rough Country cold air intake is backed by a lifetime warranty and that just goes to show that the manufacturer is confident in the quality.

However, unlike the other cold air intakes, we have covered, the installation of this particular unit may prove to be a bit difficult as some users have complained that its pipe tube is quite weak.


  • Easy to setup
  • Features a reusable air filter
  • Offers value for money


  • The pipe tube could be stronger

5. Velocity Concepts Cold Air Filter intake Compatible with Grand Cherokee and Durango

The way this unit is designed offers better filtration efficiency which is good for your engine. It is also made from superior quality material so you can rely on it to serve you and last longer than the average cold air intake would.

That said, professional installation is recommended and we assume that is because the installation is not as easy. Some users have also complained about receiving dented products and we feel that the Velocity Concepts could have done a better job with the packaging.


  • Solid construction
  • High horsepower output
  • Greater filtration efficiency


  • The packaging could be better

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Perfect Jeep Grand Cherokee Cold Air Intake

Picking the first cold air intake for your Jeep Grand Cherokee would not be the best course of action and that is because you need to consider some factors before purchasing. These factors include:

Vehicle-Specific Design

As you shop, you will realize that most cold air intake manufacturers make them fit different engine and vehicle models, makes, and years.

In that regard, you want to ensure that the product you want to buy is designed for your specific truck otherwise it will be a waste of money.


The work of cold air intakes is to eliminate the accumulation of heat in the engine so that cold air flows into it. To that effect, you want to pick a system made from resilient and heat-resistant material.

Intake Tube Flow

The best way to get from one point to another is in a straight line. This is why it is necessary to consider the flow of your tubing. This makes all the difference when it comes to cold air systems.

With straight hoses, you get efficient airflow compared to those that are curved.

Water Protection

It is necessary to buy a cold air intake that comes with water protection to ensure that it does not succumb to water damage. Any water that gets into the system can cause engine failure and you do not want that.

As soon as you start considering getting a cold air intake system, you would want to consult a performance specialist for your particular model of vehicle. Usually, you would find them online and when you do, do not shy away from asking them what cold air intake they would recommend for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

FAQs about Jeep Grand Cherokee Cold Air Intake System

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to Jeep Grand Cherokee that will help you get a better understanding of the same.

What would a cold air intake do for my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee will surely perform better with a cold air intake installed as it works to cool air before it gets into the vehicle’s engine.

Does it matter the type of cold air intake I get?

The brand doesn’t really matter when it comes to picking a cold air intake and that is because it contributes just a fraction to your engine’s performance. Of course, it looks good under the hood and produces a nice sound so it doesn’t matter what kind you get.

Is a cold air intake worth it?

Yes, it is. Even if the benefits are not noticeable, they do exist and they help your vehicle run more efficiently

Our Top Pick

Having analyzed all products, we have chosen the K & N 63-1563 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee as our top pick. This unit not only provides superior protection, but it also doesn’t require you to clean the filter frequently hence saving you time.

What we loved most about it though is that it is easy to install making it the perfect choice even for beginners.


Getting a cold air intake for your Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best decisions you can make as a driver. You get to enjoy things like better acceleration and efficient fuel consumption and with this guide at hand, picking one should not be hard.

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