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Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra – Top 10 Kits Reviewed & Compared

Even though the Toyota Tundra is a fantastic truck straight from the showroom, there are ways that you could improve its overall performance and strength. And with improved performance, you will notice that the driving is pretty smooth.

If you ask any auto-enthusiast for advice on this topic, they are likely to suggest installing superchargers on your truck. However, this option is out of reach for most of us.

A cost-effective alternative is a cold air intake, and that is the basis of this article. Here, we shall guide you on how you can find the best cold air intake for Tundra and a sample of the best units.

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Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra

Top 10 High-Quality Cold Air Intakes for Tundra: Comparison Table

We want you to use minimal time finding the right cold air intake system for Tundra, and that is why we have compiled a sample of the top products in one list.

RankProduct NameAirflow Increase %Country of Origin
1K & N ‎63-9036 Toyota Tundra Cold Air Intake Kit50%USA
2Toyota PTR03-35160 Air Intake SystemNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)Japan
3aFe Power 5-Layer Filter Toyota Tundra Air Intake System38%USA
4Rough Country 10546 Cold Air Intake System 2012-2020 Tundra 5.7LNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)USA
5Airaid AIR-511-213 2007-2020 TOYOTA Tundra Cold Air Intake SystemNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)USA
6K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 63-9031-1No Data in % (Increase Airflow)USA
7Genuine Toyota Parts Cold Air Intake System for Sequoia and TundraNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)Japan
8Spectre Performance High Performance 2012-2019 TOYOTA Tundra Air Intake Kit50%China
9Airaid AIR-511-163 Cold Air Intake KitNo Data in % (Increase Airflow)USA
10Spectre Performance SPE-9964 Tundra Air Intake Kit50%China

Why Cold Air Intake is Important for Toyota Tundra

There are several reasons why you should not shy off from upgrading your Toyota Tundra’s cold air intake system. We have broken them down for you to drive the point home.

I) Better Mileage/Fuel Economy

How does a top-notch air intake system boost your truck’s gas mileage? The explanation is pretty simple since the airflow in your engine has higher oxygen levels, the combustion of the air/fuel mixture will be better, enabling your engine to get more energy from the fuel.

The consequence is an increase in the fuel economy. However, you’ll have to watch out for your driving habits since if you often use extra acceleration, you may not see this benefit.

II) Increase in your Truck’s Horsepower

This is probably the most obvious reason for installing the best Tundra cold air intake. As more oxygen flows into the truck’s engine, better ignition of the air/fuel mixture will result in more horsepower for your vehicle.

III) Ease of Installation

Most of the air intakes that you will come across are designed to be very easy to install. In most instances, they come with a set of instructions to guide you through the process, plus very simple tools are needed.

As a newbie, you should watch videos on how the setup is done so that you get things right when the time comes. And if you are not entirely comfortable, you should hire a mechanic to do the job for you.

IV) Boosts the Throttle Response

As the air intake increases the airflow and fuel combustion in your truck’s engine, your vehicle’s throttle response will increase. This way, you will note an improvement in your truck’s performance on rough and muddy terrains.

V) Longer Engine Life

One of the components of a cold air intake system is the filter which prevents impurities from getting to the engine and interfering with its operation. As a result, your engine’s lifespan will increase by a significant margin.

The Best Cold Air Intake for Tundra in Review:

Check out their detailed review below.

1. K and N ‎63-9036 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Toyota Tundra

K&N is a brand that rarely gets it wrong when it comes to manufacturing high-quality air intake systems. The company has been around since 1969, and over this period, they have figured out what it takes to meet their clients’ demands.

This particular air intake kit features oversized filters that do a great job of keeping your truck’s engine cool. In fact, with this system, your truck can run for over 100,000 miles before you need to replace the filters.

As if that’s not enough, the tubes are rotomolded to facilitate air circulation in the engine.

It is also worth mentioning that the product has been dyno-tested to boost the airflow by up to 50%. For this reason, you can expect your 5.7 Liter engine to have the better horsepower for superior performance.

Then, the easy bolt-on installation ensures that you are done with the set up within an hour.


  • Improves the sound quality
  • Easy installation
  • It has a 10-year limited warranty


  • A minor delay in the shipment

2. Toyota TRD Performance Air Intake System

What more could you ask for than a genuine aftermarket replacement part from a world-class brand? That’s what you’ll get from the PTR03-35160 system by Toyota, and there’s more.

Let’s start with the filter, which is made from high-quality materials. As a result, it will be a while before you have to think about getting a replacement.

In addition to that, the system features an intake flow accelerator to drive more oxygen into your engine through the rear side. This will accelerate fuel combustion, leading to more power production to enable your Toyota Tundra to move faster.

When you acquire this system, you may also be pleased that you’ll be getting replacements for the air filter assembly, inlet hose, and stock airbox upper half.

Do not worry about compatibility since this air intake is designed to work well with all parts of your truck’s engine, including the airflow sensor.


  • An original OEM product
  • A universal fit
  • Looks good


  • No installation instructions

3. aFe Power 54-76003 Toyota Tundra Cold Air Intake System

If you feel like your Toyota Tundra needs a boost in its torque and horsepower, consider switching its cold air intake system with the aFe power momentum GT. This product has been tested and proven to improve the horsepower by up to 20 and a gain of 33 lbs x ft torque.

On top of that, the system features a five-layer oiled cotton gauze media to allow cleaner air to get to the engine. This is made possible with the oil, which traps all the contaminants and debris heading to the engine.

And if you are curious about the system’s operation, you’ll find the built-in sight window to be of great help.


  • Well-made
  • One-piece housing
  • Sounds great


  • Not CARB compliant

4. Rough Country Cold Air Intake Kit for 2012-2020 Tundra

Here is another cold air intake you may consider installing in your Toyota Tundra 5.7 Liter engine. One of its benefits is the easy installation that requires basic tools, and you can do the job all by yourself.

With the new system in place, the cooler, denser air will circulate in the engine and enter the combustion chamber to enhance your truck’s performance.

In addition to that, the system is also designed to increase your Tundra’s throttle response and horsepower, which in turn boosts its power.

We cannot forget the reusable air filter that protects your engine by keeping it safe from debris and contaminants.


  • Improved sound quality
  • Long useful life
  • It has a reusable filter


  • Little improvement in the mileage

5. Airaid AIR-511-213 Cold Air Intake System Compatible with 2007-2020 TOYOTA Tundra/Sequoia

Once we are done discussing what the Airaid 511-213 has to offer, you’ll understand why many individuals consider it the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra.

Made in the USA, the product is manufactured under strict protocols to ensure safe use on your truck. The system also has an aerodynamically engineered intake tube that enhances the airflow into the engine.

Then, the air intake filtration is outstanding to ensure that only high-quality air reaches the engine. By that, we are referring to cooler air with high oxygen levels.

Since cleaner air is getting into the engine, the fuel combustion will be more efficient, leading to more engine power and an overall improvement in the truck’s performance.

And since the air to fuel ratio will be perfect, calibration will not be necessary.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Features a reusable filter
  • No calibration needed


  • Noisy

6. K & N 63-9031-1 Cold Air Intake Kit

It is not surprising that we are looking at another product by K&N since it is one of the leading brands of air intake systems in the US. With this particular model, you can rest assured that your truck’s horsepower will increase by about 50%.

In addition to that, since there will be more airflow in the engine, your Toyota Tundra will have more power due to improved fuel combustion. So, the acceleration and uphill towing will be better than before.

Another notable aspect is the filter which protects your engine by keeping debris and contaminants at bay. In addition to that, the filter is effortless to maintain, and it will be another 100,000 miles before it needs cleaning.

And the bolt-on installation is pretty easy, one hour will be enough for you to start enjoying the benefits that this product brings.


  • Increases the mileage
  • Commendable customer support
  • Improved uphill towing


  • Poor quality finish

7. TRD PTR03-34100 Genuine Toyota Parts Cold Air Intake System

Are you looking for genuine Toyota OEM components to enhance your Toyota Tundra’s performance? Look no further as this air intake system could be the answer to your problem.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this system only fits select Tundras and Sequoias, and you should ensure that it is compatible with your truck before making your order.

Once you are confident that the product works on your truck, you won’t have a problem with the setup, as the process is relatively straightforward.

Next, the system has an effective filtration system that facilitates maximum entry of oxygen into the engine. And since the fuel combustion will be more efficient so that your vehicle doesn’t need a lot of energy to operate, the gas mileage will be better.

Lastly, you’ll notice that your truck’s engine has a great growl which is crucial for smooth driving.


  • Improved gas mileage
  • Faster acceleration
  • Looks good


  • A vehicle-specific fit

8. Spectre Performance 2012-2019 TOYOTA Tundra Air Intake Kit SPE-9055

Is the high-performance SPE-9055 kit by Spectre Performance the best cold air intake system for Tundra? Let’s see.

First, the product is designed to enhance your truck’s horsepower and torque. The consequence of this is that your truck’s overall performance will be more impressive with improved acceleration and uphill towing.

Other than that, its advanced filtration system will play a big role in protecting your truck’s engine. It does this by keeping impurities and contaminants from getting into the engine.

You’ll be pleased that the unit is designed to be durable, courtesy of the reusable filter, black powder-coated heat shield, and a polished aluminum intake tube.


  • Budget-friendly
  • A complete air intake kit
  • Long-lasting components


  • Somewhat noisy

9. Airaid AIR-511-163 Cold Air Intake System for Tundra & Sequoia

As the name suggests, Airaid is a brand that has over the years specialized in manufacturing products that aim to boost the quality of airflow in the engine. An outstanding aspect of this unit is the construction, whereby it is hand-built using some highly technologically advanced materials.

So, you can expect the product to remain useful for a reasonable period to keep your engine cool and efficient in its performance.

In addition to that, the fuel mileage will also improve since the fuel combustion in the engine will have improved. This is made possible by increasing levels of oxygenated air circulating in the engine.

Since the filter is washable and reusable, it is a cost-effective option since you will minimize the frequency of acquiring a new product.

As for the installation, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will need simple hand tools to get the job done.


  • From a reliable brand
  • Nice torque during acceleration
  • Increased mileage


  • Poor water-resistance

10. Spectre Performance SPE-9964 Air Intake Kit

We shall close down our list of top air intake systems for the Toyota Tundra with the Spectre Performance SPE-9964 unit. Let’s start with the unique growl under the hood which is hard to find anywhere else.

Other notable aspects include improving your truck’s towing and hauling since the engine packs more power.

You’ll also be glad to know that the system has been tested and proven to give your truck incredible uphill acceleration in addition to better throttle response.

And if you are a racing fanatic, the additional horsepower and torque are features that will appeal greatly to you.

Other benefits include the reusable filters to help you save some money and the aluminum tubes for durability.


  • Maximum engine protection
  • Enhances the towing capabilities
  • Easy to install


  • Filter pops off a lot

Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Perfect Cold Air Intake System for Tundra

As you search for the perfect cold air intake for Tundra, you will come across numerous brands claiming to provide the best services. So, if you want to make things easier for you, there are certain features that you should look out for.

They are as follows:

I) Type of Air Intake

There are three major types of air intakes which are:

1. Short Ram Intake

This type of intake is inexpensive, easy to install, and requires less fabrication.

2. True Cold Air Intake

Next up is a pricier variant and is more complicated to install compared to the short ram design. This air intake draws air from the engine’s exterior to provide its bay with cooler and denser air.

It may be a bit technical, but this cold air intake design is highly rated by truck owners with the 4.7 Engine.

3. Ram Air Intake

This design is closely similar to the second one, only that its tubes are longer while it has a specified air filter at the back. Other than that, it relies on wind pressure to be more effective in drawing in air, resulting in enhanced engine power.

Take your time and look at the different designs and decide which one will suit most of your preferences.

II) Size

It is crucial that you find something whose size matches your truck. In such a situation, observe the engine space so that you can decide which of the air intakes you are considering will fit perfectly.

III) Compatibility

We may not have included this aspect at the top of the list, but it is the most critical factor to consider. Before you settle for a particular cold air intake, take your time to look at the vehicle’s model, the make, and its year.

This is the only way to determine whether the air intake system was meant for your truck. For instance, if the product is designed for the Toyota Tundra 2007- 2012 3.4 L engine and your truck is in the 2013-2019 category, it will be a mismatch and won’t work.

IV) The Filter

Another thing you need to look at beforehand is the quality of the air filter. Here, we recommend that you get a system with a washable and reusable filter since this type is more durable, and the only maintenance is washing it before using it again.

V) Longevity

If you want to be sure that the cold air material will serve you for a long time, evaluate the quality of the material used in its construction. High-quality materials tend to last longer than lower-quality ones.

VI) Other Features

Although the factors that we have discussed above are the most crucial ones, there are other aspects that you may look at. These include:

  • The Price
  • Ease of Installation
  • CARB-compliance
  • Presence of a thermal barrier

Important Things to Consider for Tundra Cold Air Intake Long Life

How do I boost my cold air intake’s long life? This is a nagging question posed by many Toyota Tundra truck owners. Well, the following tips will in a big way help you achieve this goal:

Regular/Timely Maintenance: Make a point of constantly inspecting your air filters to determine if they need cleaning and do so if necessary.

Dry Vs. Oiled filter: Your choice of the two options depends on the driving conditions you subject your truck to. The former is suited for off-roading and driving through dry and dusty conditions, while the latter is well-suited for racing applications.

Use a heat shield (Thermal barrier): This helps boost your air intake’s efficiency by keeping the airbox cooler. You could find a built-in shield or purchase one separately if it is missing.

CARB-approval: This only applies if you are living in the state of California and would assure you that all modifications you are doing to your vehicle are in line with the state’s laws.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra

In this section, we will answer some of the nagging questions regarding the best cold air intake for Tundra. Hopefully, your queries will be covered here too.

Q: Does the Tundra have a cold air intake?

A: Most Tundra models have an ordinary exhaust system to facilitate the airflow in the engine. However, you could enhance the air circulation by installing a cold air intake system, and you’ll notice an overall improvement in your truck’s performance.

Q: How many types of cold air intakes are there, and which is best for Toyota Tundra?

A: There are three types of cold air intakes out there, and they are the short ram, the ram, and true cold air intake systems. All of them have their unique benefits, and it is up to you to decide which one is best for your truck.

For instance, the short system provides a shorter path, providing a better throttle response. Further, it draws more air from outside the engine for better fuel combustion, providing better gas mileage than the cold system.

Q: How do I get more horsepower for my Tundra?

A: Although there are many ways of doing so, installing a cold air intake is the most cost-effective way of increasing your Tundra’s horsepower. The good thing is that you have countless brands to choose from whereby their products have been tested to be effective in improving your engine’s airflow.

Q: How many miles are considered high mileage for the Tundra truck from Toyota?

A: Most car experts rate anything exceeding 200,000 miles to be high mileage for the Tundra truck. However, with proper maintenance of your truck, you can easily go higher with any model out there.

Q: Is there a way to get better gas mileage from a 5.7 Tundra?

A: Besides upgrading your 5.7 Tundra’s air intake, there are other ways to get better gas mileage for the truck. These methods include:

  • Driving at slower speeds
  • Taking fewer long trips with the truck
  • Removing excessive weight from the car
  • Checking your tires’ pressure to be balanced

Q: How often should I replace my cold air filter?

A: It all depends on the cold air intake system that you have installed. If it is using a reusable oiled filter, it will take longer before you replace it as compared to a dry filter.

The Best Overall

After closely analyzing the key features of the above products, the K&N 63-9036 Cold Air Intake Kit emerged as our top pick. The system’s constituent parts are well-made, the filters have a decent useful life, and make your engine sound great.

Most of all, once you have acquired the product, the installation is pretty straightforward and needs readily available tools to get it done.

Final Word

Are you satisfied with what we have covered on the best cold air intake for Tundra? We hope you have so that you will be well-placed to find the ideal item that will meet your truck’s unique airflow requirements.

All the products that we have reviewed are of top quality, and you won’t be going astray by picking one of them. So, why don’t you save time and energy by focusing on the items we have covered?

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