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The 11 Best DOT 3 Brake Fluids of 2022 – Latest List and Buyer’s Guide

It often happens that when we are thinking about car maintenance, we always forget about the brake fluid. A good brake liquid is very important in the overall good performance and safety of a car.

Therefore, we should be vigilant in the selection of brake fluids to ensure we keep our vehicle’s brake system healthy and functional.


Due to this discovery, we have decided to provide a complete review with a buyers’ guide on the best DOT 3 brake fluids in the market. It shall consist of the best types and brands in the industry while outlining their advantages and limitations.

Best DOT 3 Brake Fluid – Comparison List

We have selected the best DOT 3 brake fluids for a quick comparison for an easy and fast choice decision. The list brings together our top-rated DOT 3 brake fluids in brief.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Johnsen’s 1 Gallon 2234 Premium DOT-3 Brake FluidJohnsen’s12.2 ounces
2Pack of 1 Heavy Duty Brake Fluid for DOT 3 by STPSTP2.29 pounds
3120 Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid by MAG1MAG12.33 pounds
4Case of 12 Lucas Oil DOT 3 Brake FluidLucas Oil10.95 pounds
55 Gallon Mag 1 DOT 3 Premium Brake FluidMAG142.7 pounds
6Bosch Brake Fluid for DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1Bosch2 pounds
7Genuine Honda Fluid, DOT 3 Brake FluidHonda14.4 ounces
8Genuine Chrysler Fluid, DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake FluidGenuine Chrysler13.6 ounces
9Prestone DOT 3 Synthetic Brake FluidPrestone1.98 pounds
10Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid by MAG 1MAG113.6 ounces
112224 Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid by Johnsen’sJohnsen’s6.4 ounces

11 Best DOT 3 Brake Fluids – Review

1. Johnsen’s 2232 Premium Dot 3 Brake Fluid

One of the most amazing qualities about this brake fluid is its compatibility and approval to be used in many different kinds of braking systems. Therefore, it’s a convenient brake fluid if you have different kinds of vehicles.

Also, you will use it for a really long time before replenishing it compared to the other brands.

What’s more, it has been designed with an anti-vapor ability to prevent the build-up of gas vapor in the braking system. Its high quality has enabled it to get approval from the FMVSS and therefore you are assured of a high-performance and safe product.

More Benefits

In addition, the brake fluid reduces corrosion accumulation and rust forming in the brake parts increasing the life span of your braking system. Besides that, the product is compatible with other DOT 3 brands that have been approved.


  • High compatibility
  • High quality 
  • Anti-vapour feature
  • Reduces corrosion


  • Stressful pouring due to the size of the bottle

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2. STP Heavy Duty DOT 3 Brake Fluid 

The main feature of this brake fluid is the vapor lock technology. This feature protects against brake failure which increases the longevity of your car’s brake system.

Also, it has corrosion reduction properties that keep the braking parts safe. It’s a very effective fluid for use in heavy-duty brake systems. However, you’ll have to pay a premium price for this fluid.

In addition, it has high compatibility with multiple types of braking systems that need DOT 3 brake fluids. Moreover, you will not need to worry about its quality since it has been approved by the FMVSS.

More Benefits

Besides that, the brake fluid performs best in drum and disc systems. It’s an affordable fluid that can be easily accessible in many outlets.


  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Approved by FVMSS
  • Vapor lock technology
  • High compatibility with other DOT 3 brake fluids


  • Expensive

3. MAG1 120 Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid

If you’re looking for a brake fluid that prides itself on having evolutionary performance, then this product should be your number one choice. It features the FMX technology that is specially blended to give you unmatched protection for your car’s brake system.

Also, it has a low minimum wet boiling point at 140 degrees Celsius. It functions best in the ABS, drum, and disc systems. The product has high durability that increases the longevity of your braking parts.

Besides that, the brake fluid has reached the FMVSS standards of quality and safety.

More Benefits

The MAG1 120 Premium is good and will last if your car has high mileage. You are advised to replace it every two years. It’s also important to ensure that your car is compatible with DOT 3 brake fluids.


  • FMX technology
  • High durability
  • Surpasses FMVSS standards
  • Trusted brand


  • Easy seal and cap breakage

4. Lucas Oil 10825-12 DOT 3 12 Oz Case of 12 Brake Fluid

Lucas Oil 10825-12 is a good brake fluid for your car’s clutch system, disc, and drum brake systems. It’s almost compatible with all rubber breaking systems in the market at the moment. Therefore, it’s convenient to use.

In addition, the fluid is made with quality additives that protect the seal from becoming hard or soft. More to that, the brake fluid contains polythene glycol that is an excellent lubricant that reduces rust formation and corrosion.

Besides that, you can easily access it in many stores at a good price. With this fluid, you are assured of a good brake system that will serve you safely for a long time.

More Benefits

It’s also important to note that the brake fluid has surpassed the quality measurements given by FMVSS. Therefore, you are assured of a quality product


  • Excellent in lubrication
  • Reduces rust formation
  • FMVSS approved
  • Prevents seal hardening


  • Unreliable for racing cars

5. Mag 1 125 DOT 3 Premium Brake Fluid – 5 Gallon

If you talk about trusted brands in the brake fluid market, then the Mag 1 125 DOT 3 brake fluid can’t be left out. The fluid has been manufactured with the safety of a passenger and the driver in mind.

Also, its quality has exceeded the FMVSS standards and therefore you can trust that it will do its job perfectly. The fluid ensures that the brake parts are free from fast corrosion. Therefore, wearing and rusting are slowed down hence your brake parts are kept functional.

More Benefits

In addition, its high boiling point ensures that it’s effective in high-temperature conditions. Besides that, you are assured to get value for your money even if you pay a higher price than other brands. We know that this brake fluid shall satisfy your car needs.


  • Good wet and dry boiling points
  • High performance
  • Reduces rusting on brake parts
  • Approved by FMVSS


  • A bit expensive

6. Bosch ESI6-32N Brake Fluid

Bosch brake fluid is one of the most recognized brand in the automotive industry due to its good reputation for performance on the braking system. This fluid can be used together with other types such as DOT 5.1 and DOT 4.


In addition, it’s best known for its extended service interval that allows it to last longer than other types by a huge margin. For instance, the Bosch ES16-32N last 100 percent more than other DOT 3 brake fluids.

Also, you can replace it after 3 years of use. This means it will help you save money for other car repair and maintenance services. 

More Benefits

Besides that, its high wet and dry boiling points enables it to handle temperatures that are high enhancing efficiency in the braking system.

What’s more, it has excellent packaging that is properly sealed.


  • High compatibility
  • High-quality standards
  • Awesome packaging
  • Gives more service life


  • Unsuitable for racing cars

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7. Genuine Honda Fluid 08798-9008 DOT 3 Brake Fluid – 12 oz

All Honda brand models are compatible with this brake fluid. The main advantage of this fluid is that it has been made with special consideration to be compatible with the Honda model brake system.


Therefore, you are assured that the fluid will not cause defects or malfunctions in your car. However, it’s not advisable to mix this brake fluid with DOT 4 or DOT 5 fluids since they are not compatible.

In addition, you get an efficient and safe brake fluid since it’s an original equipment manufacturer that has produced it.

More Benefits

Besides that, it’s important to note that you should avoid the brake fluid from coming into contact with the brake lining and on painted surfaces. The effectiveness of the brake fluid depends on the storage measures that you adopt to protect its quality from impurities.


  • Original Honda product
  • High quality
  • Good packaging
  • Long service


  • Low compatibility with other DOT brake fluids

8. Genuine Chrysler Fluid 4318080AD DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid – 12 oz.

One of the major reasons we like about this brake fluid is the fact that it’s not made for the whole market. Therefore, Chrysler model users have the advantage of using a fluid that has been thoroughly tested and made with quality compounds.

Also, the brake fluid has been approved by the FMVSS since it’s standards match the required levels in the market. The brake fluid has a long life span that will help you save money used while replacing a low-quality fluid regularly.

More Benefits

You need to know that the manufacturer recommends that you replace the brake fluid every 2 years for maximum efficiency in your car’s braking system. Its packaging comes with a solid seal that ensures it’s always stored in a safe place.


  • Superior quality
  • Long-lasting
  • High efficiency
  • Perfect for Chrysler car models


  • High price

9. Prestone AS401 DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid – 32 oz.

The Prestone AS402 synthetic brake fluid is a high-performance liquid that helps keep your braking system healthy and safe for driving.

It’s fitted with various features such as anti-vapor technology that prevents vapor from forming in the tubing when exposed to high temperatures. This is possible since the brake fluid is added with polyglycol ethers.

In addition, the fluid has a high boiling point compared to the rest of the DOT 3 brake fluids. Therefore, you will have a higher safety margin over other DOT 3 brake fluids.

More Benefits

What’s more, the fluid has exceeded the laid out requirements for acceptable quality that you can use safely. It’s important to note that this brake fluid is suitable for, ABS, drum, and disc car braking systems.


  • Anti-vapor technology
  • Excellent boiling point
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for disc and drum brake systems


  • Lacks anti-corrosion properties

10. MAG1 122 Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid – 12 oz.

The MAG1 122 is a quality formulation that helps your car achieve longevity in its role in the braking parts maintenance of your vehicle. The dry and wet boiling point is enough for the brake fluid to function as intended.

Also, you need to know that this brake fluid is compatible with other DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids types that have been approved by the FMVSS. It prides itself on being dependable and staying for a long time before replenishing it.

More Benefits

Besides that, the brake fluid gives consistent results throughout the period that you shall be using it. It generates a maximum braking response. Therefore, you find it reliable and it delivers its promise fully.

It has an affordable price that enables you to afford it even when you are on a tight budget.


  • Premium quality
  • High compatibility
  • Perfect wet and dry boiling points
  • FMVSS approved


  • Easily broken cap

11. Johnsen DOT 3 Brake Fluid

The main advantage of the Johnsen DOT 3 brake fluid is its high compatibility with other approved DOT 3 fluids. It’s perfect for different braking systems such as ABS, disc, and drum types of brake systems.

In addition, the brake fluid is verified as safe and efficient by the FMVSS. Therefore, you can be assured that you are getting a good fluid. You can be assured that there will be no leakages in your braking system.

More to that, the brake fluid has been manufactured with products that prevent corrosion in the breaking parts of the car. Besides that, the brake fluid can be used in the big brake cylinder that connects all other cylinders in the braking system.

More Benefits

Johnsen is a trusted brand that has been serving the automotive industry for many years. You will ultimately like their product and we guarantee you will be satisfied with its performance.


  • Approved by FVMSS
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • High compatibility
  • Trusted brand


  • Small quantity

Buyers Guide for Top DOT 3 Brake Fluid

While purchasing a DOT brake fluid, it’s not enough just to buy any type in the market. Different brake fluids have unique properties that make them desirable to a specific vehicle.

There are very important factors that you will have to check to avoid regretting when you have used the wrong product. We have clearly outlined each one of the factors and properties below so that you can have an easy time choosing your preferred and right DOT 3 brake fluid.

Corrosion Resistance

A good DOT 3 brake fluid is one that has properties that can reduce the speed at which corrosion is happening especially in calipers or control valves. It should help your brake system to stay in the best state to avoid accidents on the road.

Also, a corrosion-resistant brake fluid increases the life-span of the brake system enabling you to save money by spending less on repair or replacement costs.

Compatibility with Your Vehicle

There are many brake fluid brands in the market. Although many DOT 3 brake fluids types are similar, some few brands work with specific brake systems.

Therefore, buying a brake fluid since it’s affordable can be costly if your vehicle should use a specific brake fluid type. There are high chances of brake system failure when you use a low-quality DOT 3 brake fluid that is not approved by your manufacturer.


Depending on the quality, brand, and target market, DOT 3 brake fluids come with different sets of pricing. There are break fluids that have are very cheap or expensive and we also have low and high quality.

Therefore, you should go for a brand that suits your budget and ensure you can afford it without struggling.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 116

All DOT 3 brake fluids are required to pass a safety standard to be considered as high quality and approved for use in vehicles.

Apart from having high wet and dry boiling points, other standards include having specified viscosity characteristics, corrosion resistance, and proper lubrication to a vehicle’s brake system.

You should check on the brake fluids label to find out if it’s an approved type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any burning queries on this topic? Here’s our FAQs section that responds to the key ones.

Q: What happens when you mix DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids?

A: The good news is that DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids are compatible. Therefore, you can mix them without negatively harming your vehicle’s braking power. Note, however, that DOT 4 fluid has a higher boiling than DOT 3. It’s not usual to mix these two.

Q: Does the brand of brake fluid product matter?

A: Yes, it is important to be choosy about the brand that you settle for. Only a few trustworthy fluid manufacturers exist in the world so it’s okay to be choosy with the brands you settle for.

Best Overall

In our view, the best DOT 3 brake fluid is Johnsen’s 2234 Premium DOT-3 Brake Fluid – 1. This is because it lasts the longest in that category. Also, it has corrosion fighting properties and is approved in terms of standards set by the FMVSS.

Final Thought

We hope that you have learnt about the different types and brands of brake fluids in the market. We have carefully selected the best ones for you to decide more easily. High-quality DOT 3 brake fluids ensure the brakes system to ensure the safety of the car during driving.

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