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The 11 Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2022 – Review, Comparison & Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is not the cheapest vehicle around, and so you should try your best to keep it in good condition. This includes both the interior and the exterior.

In this article, we shall focus on protecting the vehicle’s floor from elements such as mud, dirt, and water. The trick is by investing in the ideal floor mat to provide the necessary protection.


We understand that finding the right item is not always easy, and that is why we shall be discussing the best floor mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Let’s do this!

Best Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Floor Mats – Comparison Chart

Below is a sample of Jeep Wrangler floor mats that we consider to be the best around. Please have a look and see what they are all about.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Mopar All-Weather Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door Black 3-Piece Floor Mat SetMopar8.3 pounds
2MAXLINER Black Color Floor Mats 2 Row Liner SetMAXLINER11.62 pounds
3Rugged Ridge All Terrain Front/Rear/Cargo Floor Liner KitRugged Ridge1.56 pounds
43W 4 Doors First and Second Row Full Set Car Floor Mats3W10.13 pounds
5WeatherTech Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Jeep Wrangler/Wrangler UnlimitedWeatherTech2.2 pounds
6OEDRO All Weather Guard Floor Mats, 1st & 2nd Row Floor LinersOEDRO8.7 pounds
7Mopar All Weather Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door Floor MatsMopar12.71 pounds
8INUNITE Front and Rear Floor Mats, TPE Floor Carpet Liner SetWinunite11.23 pounds
9Jeep Brand 2020 JL 4 Door All Weather Rubber Slush Mats OEMJeep10 pounds
10Rugged Ridge All Terrain Black Color Floor LinerRugged Ridge8 pounds
11OEDRO All Weather Protection Front and Rear Floor Mats LinersOEDRO8.2 pounds

The Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Review

1. Mopar 82213860 3-Pc Floor Mat Set

The first item on our list is the Mopar 82213860, which comes in a three-piece set of front and rear pieces. This is to ensure that you get enough mats to cover the entire car.

All the mats have a rubber construction, and this makes them durable and very easy to clean. On top of that, they feature deep ribs for trapping water and debris so that it does not roll onto the carpet.

Another aspect is the all-black appearance with the Jeep logo, which we found to be quite stylish. So, you can expect your Jeep Wrangler to have a very classy interior.

Lastly, this is an all-weather item that should serve you for a long time to come.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Rear mats are awkward

2. Max Liner Floor Mats

If the first product did not meet your preferences, take a look at what this next one has to offer. The Max Liner floor mats come in a two-row set so that you can provide coverage for both the front and the rear of the vehicle.

The mats are then made out of low-density materials to offer the elasticity needed to cover the entire vehicle. Further, the mats feature raised lips and molded outer edges to help lock in all the debris and liquids they are exposed to not get to the carpet.

Also worth mentioning is that the mats are designed to offer all-weather protection against elements such as snow, sand, and mud. The textured surface helps to make them anti-skid.

Besides the protective aspect, the mats also help in enhancing your vehicle’s interior appearance.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect fit


  • Cheap construction

3. Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

When you hear the brand name Rugged Ridge, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable firm that has produced high-quality floor mats for the Jeep vehicle. The first thing about these mats is that they are a perfect fit for your vehicle to cover the cabin floor in totality.

Then, the mats come in grey, black, and tan colors, and this allows you to pick a set that matches your vehicle.

The mats have an anti-skid surface, while the bottom features raised nibs to hold the mat securely to the vehicle’s carpet. In addition to that, the deep ridges trap the debris and water so that it does not mess up the carpet.

Lastly, the product comes with a five-year warranty as a mark of confidence.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Deep ridged
  • All-terrain design


  • Rear fitment not perfect

4. 3W Floor Mats

Another high-quality set of floor mats for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the 3W floor mats. It includes mats for both the front and the rear area, plus you can also get a set that covers the cargo area.

All the mats are constructed out of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), and this material equips the mats with the flexibility and elasticity needed to make them efficient.

We liked the waterproof design in addition to being odorless and stain-resistant. Additionally, we believe you will appreciate the anti-slip surface greatly.

Last but not least, with these mats, you can expect your Jeep’s interior to look classier than before.


  • Classy appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • All-weather design


  • Pricey

5. WeatherTech Front Floorliner for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Made in the USA, the Weathertech floor mats are laser-measured to offer one of the most advanced floor protection that you may ever come across. So, in addition to the front and the rear of your vehicle, the mats will also cover the sides of your vehicle’s footwell.

Let’s talk about the high-density tri-extruded material used in the construction that gives us a solid core unit plus gives the surface a tactile feel. On top of that, the advanced technology used in the making of the unit creates a surface with channels that ferry the debris and fluids to a separate reservoir away from your shoes. Later on, you can easily get rid of this mess.

You should also be pleased that the mat has no potentially harmful elements such as lead or mercury.


  • All-weather protection
  • Non-toxic composition
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit slippery

6. Oedro Floor Mats for the 2014-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Besides all the physical features you may be looking for in a floor mat for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, customer service is an important factor in persuading you to purchase a certain product. An excellent example of such floor liners is the Oedro set, which has a reliable customer support team to respond to all your queries.

Due to the 3D technology used in the measurement, the high-level accuracy eliminates the need for further trimming and cutting to attain a perfect fit.

Next up are the 3D liners that give the mats an anti-skid property. In addition to that, the installation is a straightforward affair while it provides total coverage to all the floor areas, including the footwell and the hump area.

Lastly, the floor liner is easy to clean, with a simple wipe or rinse being enough to get the job done.


  • Top-notch customer support
  • Custom-fit
  • Non-skid surface


  • Not very durable

7. Mopar 2018 New Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Floor Mats

Once again, a product from the Mopar brand makes it to our list, and this should give you a hint of the quality that their items possess.

First, the mats have an all-weather design to provide protection against elements such as snow, mud, and dust.

The next crucial feature is the high-wall bucket-style design that ensures the mat provides maximum coverage and protection to your vehicle’s floor.

And if you are a true Jeep fanatic, you should be impressed with the company logo on the mat’s surface.


  • High-walled
  • Attractive design
  • All-weather protection


  • Slippery

8. Winunite Front and Rear Floor Mats

Are you looking for the ideal Jeep Wrangler Unlimited floor mat that would not pose any harm to the environment? If you are, the Winunite floor mat set could be the solution to your problem. All the mats have a non-toxic construction without any potentially harmful elements that would pose a risk to you or the surroundings.

We liked the all-weather design that offers protection in all weather types, be it snowy, rainy, or dusty.

Next, the set’s mats are rugged and have an outstanding grip to ensure that the risk of slipping does not exist.

Lastly, the black color with the surface patterns gives you a set of good-looking mats that will enhance your vehicle’s appearance.


  • Excellent grip
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor water-resistance

9. Jeep Store Jeep Wrangler Rubber Slush Mats

What makes us consider this set of floor mats to be an excellent investment? There are several answers to this question. Let’s start with the fact that this is a four-mat set meant to provide total protection to the vehicle’s front and rear.

The other impressive thing is the all-weather design coupled with the high wall and bucket style to offer maximum protection against elements such as mud, snow, and water.

We liked how stable the mats are, and we attribute this to the nibbed backing and grommets for retention posts for holding them in place.

Let’s also mention matching the vehicle drain holes to allow water to drain away without removing the mat.

On top of everything, the mats have passed all the necessary tests on factors such as strength and ease of cleaning, and suitability to extreme temperatures. This ensures that you end up with a high-quality unit that will meet all that is expected of it.


  • Stylish terrain design
  • Passed strict protocols
  • Anti-skid backing


  • Not the perfect fit

10. Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liner

As the name suggests, this mat features a deep ribbed surface with a molded tread pattern to capture and remove dirt and mud from your shoes. This, coupled with the all-weather design, makes this floor mat to be perfect for off-roading.

We liked the top-notch construction from OE-standards thermoplastic for outstanding durability, while the nibbed bottom helps keep the mat stable.

Lastly, the product comes with a five-year warranty to give you peace of mind as you invest in the floor liner.


  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Well-made
  • Raised-lip design


  • Numerous fitment issues

11. Oedro Floor Mat Liners for 2014-2018 Jeep Wrangler

Closing down our list is the Oedro floor mat set, which features two front mats and one rear one. All the units are made from high-density TPE material, which is environmentally-friendly and suited for all weather types.

Another thing is that the ruggedness of the mats gives them an outstanding grip to make them non-slip. Additionally, we liked the units’ temperature-resistance, which is relatively better than that of ordinary PVC.

Next, the mats are very wear-resistant and maintain their flexibility, even when exposed to very low temperatures.

Lastly, the floor liners are odorless and non-toxic without potentially harmful substances such as lead and cadmium.


  • Offer total carpet coverage
  • Anti-skid design
  • Stain-resistant


  • Not very durable

Buying Guide to High Quality Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Due to the availability of many floor mats brands in the market, your search for the ideal item may be more complicated than it should be. You can get creative to narrow down your search by paying attention to specific factors.

We have pointed out these aspects below.

I) The Construction

In this instance, we shall look at the materials involved in making the unit. Different materials have unique properties, and you should look for one that enhances the unit’s performance. For example, there are materials with all-weather capabilities while others are stain-resistant and therefore easy to clean.

It is also common knowledge that materials have a better appearance than others.

II) Rims and Ridges

The significance of a high-walled mat is that it keeps liquids from seeping onto the vehicle’s carpet. Further, the ridges also direct the fluids from your legs and the pedal region into the collecting basin.

So, you can see the role that high ridges play in keeping your car clean.

III) The Mat Bottom

When we mention the mat’s bottom, the first thing that should come to mind is stability. An ideal floor mat should have features that hold it in place and not skid off when you step on it. So, look out for pieces with nibs or teeth at the bottom to prevent any accidental slipping as it will be attached to the carpet fibers.

IV) Perfect Fit

The reason behind getting a floor mat that is a perfect fit for your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is very simple; to enhance the level of protection that it offers the vehicle’s floor. So, the better the fit, the more efficient the car floor mat will be.

V) Eye-Appealing

If you get a good-looking mat, the overall appearance of your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited’s interior will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, try and find a unit that, besides fitting well, it should have a color combination that boosts the vehicle’s appearance.

FAQs on the Top Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Here now are some of the commonly asked questions on the floor mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We hope some of your queries will be answered here.

How do I know that my floor mats need replacing?

The first obvious pointer that your mat’s time is out is if you notice signs of wearing out. If the unit becomes thinner than before or starts becoming slippery, you should start thinking about getting a replacement. Another pointer is color-fading, as this happens when it has been in use for too long.

How should I clean my Jeep Wrangler’s floor mats?

Luckily, you have different ways of cleaning your vehicle’s floor mats whenever needed. You could use a vacuum cleaner or a hosepipe, while a simple wipe down with a wet cloth could do the job at times.

Can I adjust my Jeep’s floor mat’s size?

It depends on the type of mat that you purchased. Some allow for trimming with a pair of scissors or a knife whenever they do not fit as perfectly as expected of them.

Our Top Pick

Even though all the products featured in our analysis are of top quality, there is one that stood out for us: the Mopar 82213860 3-Pc Floor Mat Set. The mats in this set are built to last and are easy to clean. Most of all, the Jeep logo on the surface is one that should play a part in making your vehicle look good.

Final Thought

If you have been wondering what the best floor mats for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited are, we hope our article has answered the question for you. Besides analyzing the top products in the market, we have also provided you with a simple way of narrowing down your search to make the right choice.

In the end, if you end up with the right product, you will be on the right track in keeping your Jeep’s interior looking good for the longest time possible.

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