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Top 11 Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500 in 2022 – An Unbiased Review

Owning and spinning a fanciful machine is everyone’s desire, and achieving it heightens your confidence. Posh and high-end cars make one to feel nice and proud, particularly when you are behind the wheel.

Therefore, if you are fortunate to have one, you will feel indebted to maintain it meticulously.


Cleanliness is vital in your car, and the most affected part of it is the floor. It is prone to dirt, soil, mud, and debris because passengers keep on stepping on it. 

Therefore, you have to install your car with the best floor mats for Ram 1500 to keep it from getting dirty.

These mats are exceptionally designed with top-notch handiwork skills to give you a stylish product. In fact, when you install them in your car, you will be overwhelmed with admiration. They seamlessly complement the aesthetic value of your car’s interior. To top it all, you will not help referring it to your friends.

Amazon’s Top 3 Best Seller Floor Mats For Ram 1500:

Popular Floor Mats For Ram 1500 – Comparison Table

For you to make a well-informed decision that you will not regret after buying floor mats for your car, it is good to analyse their fine details first before procuring them. The following table lays the mats side by side for you to have a quick preview of all their details:

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Husky Liners Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits Dodge RamHusky Liners10.74 pounds
2Rugged Ridge Floor Liner, Front/Rear for Dodge Ram 1500Rugged Ridge18.3 pounds
3MAXLINER 4 Full-Size Doors Floor Mats, 2 Row Liner Set for 2012-2018 RAM 1500MAXLINER10.98 pounds
4MAX LINER for 2012-2018 Ram 1500 Crew (4 Full Size Doors) with 1st Row Bench SeatMAX LINER12.82 pounds
5Husky Liners Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits for Dodge Ram 1500Husky Liners10.34 pounds
6Gator Accessories Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits for Ram 1500Gator Accessories11.38 pounds
7OEDRO Black Floor Mats Compatible for 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500, Full Set LinersOEDRO12.17 pounds
8MAXLINER Custom Fit Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set for Ram 1500 Without Rear UnderseatMAX LINER14 pounds
9Rugged Ridge Black, Floor Liner, Front/Rear 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500Rugged Ridge17.71 pounds
10MAXLINER Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set for 2002-2008MAXLINER10 pounds

The Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500 in Review

1. 99001 Husky Liners Floor Mats for Ram 1500 & 1500 Classic, Dodge Ram Crew Cab

These are outstanding and unbeatable floor mats that not only protect your car’s floor from getting dirty, but also make it look amazing. They are reliable all-weather mats that absolutely cover and protect your car’s floor.

Product Description

They look sporty and rugged, not to mention that they are contoured to fit your car perfectly. You can clean them very easily, and conveniently with a damp cloth or sponge.

The manufacturer has also installed the mats with StayPut cleats that keep the liners in place without unnecessary movementOwing to their ruggedness, these mats can withstand harsh environments and they are also durable.

Other Features and Benefits

They are accompanied by a lifetime guarantee and assure you about their quality. The mats weigh 10.2 lbs. and their dimensions are 32 x 22.9 x 6.5 inches.

Husky Liners also manufacture truck bed mats. These come in handy when you need to protect the rear part of your pickup. What’s more, if you tend to transport all manner of luggage, these mats can be of great help as they are usually very easy to clean yet highly durable.


  • They are durable
  • High quality
  • Rugged
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Contoured and integrate StayPut cleats


  • Cannot fit all cars
  • Expensive to purchase overseas

2. Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 Quad Cab Floor Liner Kit 82989.40 by Rugged Ridge

After working hard to buy a car, you would never like to take chances with it. One of the most stressful parts of the car to keep clean is the floor. To prevent it from dirt and wearing out, you need to install it with all-weather floor mats.

Product Description

Categorically, the liners are contoured according to the vehicle’s floor for a perfect fitting. In addition, the manufacturer has also installed them with floor hook attachments to keep them in place.

You cannot be afraid of debris and spillage in your car because the mats have a raised lip to capture all of them. These mats are made of a durable thermoplastic material that cannot wear out due to usage.

Other Features and Benefits

They weigh 18.35 lbs. and their dimensions are 56 x 22 x 6 inches. To top it all, they are backed up by a 5-year warranty which guarantees you that the quality is indisputable.

And if in case of any discrepancies, you can get free repairs and replacements. Of course, these are subject to common exclusions but overall, this is the kind of iron-clad guarantee we all need when making purchases online. Would you agree?


  • Have a warranty
  • They incorporate a rugged make
  • Made of thermoplastic
  • Keep your car’s floor free from dirt, spillage and debris
  • They are non-slip


  • You cannot do without them when you get used to them

3. MAXLINER Floor Mats for Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab

The interior of your car is vital and maintaining its hygiene is paramount. Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap. These are the most ideal floor mats that you can procure and use to protect your car with.

Product Description

They can be used on a wide variety of cars like vans, SUVs, cars and trucks. Therefore, they are versatile, reliable and a general purpose mats. Categorically, they are made with your car’s interior look in mind. Specifically, they integrate contours to fit properly on your car’s floor.

Other Features and Benefits

These fanciful floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, hence hassle free. They weigh just 11 lbs. and their dimensions are 36 x 28 x 5 inches.

And to sum it up, the surface of these Maxliners is textured and, therefore, skid resistant. Not only is it comfortable to step on, it’s also easy to wipe clean or simple hose off. How cool is that?


  • Have hooks on the passenger and driver’s seats
  • Resistant to stains and rugged for all-weather
  • Have a non-slip surface
  • Offer guaranteed protection to your car
  • They fit perfectly and they are durable


  • Only compatible with crew cab (four full-size doors)
  • Do not fit with vinyl flooring

4. A0231/B0047 Floor Mats for Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew by MAX LINER

Your car floor’s safety and cleanliness are crucial. Only the best of the best Ram 1500 floor mats can absolutely guarantee the safety of your car’s floor. The mats’ outer lips are reinforced to ensure that they properly prevent soil and water from seeping out of the mats.

Product Description

Obviously, you always want to go for durable, elastic mats made of low-density material. These are the ultimate ones that integrate moulded and raised lips.

Apart from protection, the interior decor of your car is also well complemented. They have standard and multipurpose shapes to fit properly in your car. Both the design and texture are great.

Other Features and Benefits

They are stain-resistant, odourless, and compatible with many vehicles. They weigh 12.85 lbs. not to mention that they measure 36 x 28 x 5 inches.


  • Have no smell
  • Remain flawless due to their stain-resistance
  • Heighten your car’s interior decor
  • Fit properly into your car
  • Offer you guaranteed protection
  • Do not slip
  • Have a lifetime-warranty


  • Importing them take quite a while
  • Shipping costs are also high

5. Husky Liners Black 99011 Weatherbeater 2009 & 2019 Floor Mats

After working tirelessly to buy your highly coveted dream car, you could be thinking of going for dodge ram pickup floor mats.

Product Description

They are perfectly designed and engineered to ensure that they take absolute care of your car’s floor: leaving nothing to chance.

They perfectly fit your car’s contours because they are compatible with them. Moreover, they are rugged and sporty mats that take absolute care of your car’s floor.

Other Features and Benefits

They measure 33 x 22.5 x 7.5 inches and weigh 10 lbs. They are of an outstanding quality hence withstand rough abuse.

Husky Liner one of the top brands in the market, who manufacture vehicle floor mats for a long time with a good reputation. So, it’s a big very good option for your ram 1500 truck.


  • Secured by a lifetime guarantee
  • Sporty and rugged
  • Withstands heavy usage
  • Stay safely in place and have contours


  • Made in USA, hence you have to incur shipping cost to other countries

6. Gator Accessories 1st and 2nd Row 2009 – 2022 Ram 1500 Floor Mats

Style and glamour are the defining trademarks of these Ram floor mats. They are exquisite and they add unparalleled splendour into your car’s interior.

Product Description

They are designed to fully cover and offer the most outstanding protection to your car’s floor. Categorically, the floorboard has nothing left to chance. Specifically, they are laser measured for a perfect fit.

Your car cannot be contaminated by snow, spills, mud, soil, and other kind of debris. You will have nothing to fear as long as these mats are properly installed in your car. They are made of a material called elastomeric.

Other Features and Benefits

These mats weigh 11.6 lbs. and they measure 37 x 32 x 7 inches. They are tried and tested products that have value for your money.


  • They are great mats even according to customer reviews
  • They serve the purpose
  • They are of high quality
  • Durable


  • Do not fit all kinds of vehicles

7. oEdRo 2012-2022 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Floor Mats

With a good ride, you will be obliged to also install it with the best mats so that it can remain stylish. This brand features a perfect fit to ensure that your car will be properly protected.

Product Description

Mud, snow, water, debris, and spills are all kept at bay. They incorporate a deeply moulded tread that resembles a chevron pattern. Installing it is hassle free because it has been carefully measured for a perfect fit.

Other Features and Benefits

They last for long because are tough and sturdy. The tread on them makes them non-skid and comfortable, not to mention that they are odourless and safe. 

They weigh 12.2 lbs. and their dimensions are 32.5 x 27.7 x 6.3 inches.


  • Compatible with quite a number of cars
  • Made of high-density materials
  • With it, you will be assured of cleanliness
  • Fit in your car perfectly
  • Durable and tough


  • Importing them from America is expensive and tedious

8. Max Liner 2019-2022 Row Liner 1500 Crew Cab Floor Mats

Smartness, quality, and beauty are essential features that you should observe when buying a floor mat for your vehicle.

Product Description

These mats are state of the art products that integrate spectacular features such as a nice fitting, flexibility, and a solid and rigid feeling. You will not have to panic in case you were eating an ice cream and accidentally it fell on the floor.

Furthermore, if you were drinking coffee, milk, alcohol or water and they accidentally spill, they will not mess your car. They remain on the mat until you clean them up.

Other Features and Benefits

They are contoured to hug and fit into your vehicle without any hassles. The sides of the car’s walls are also well sealed to ensure that soil, debris or moisture cannot penetrate.


  • Do not yield any odour
  • Compatible with a variety of car brands
  • Offers good protection to your car’s floor
  • They are non-skid
  • Durable and have a lifetime warranty


  • Limited to fit in cars that have 4 full size doors

9. Black 82989.42 Rugged Ridge 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Car Mat

Dirt, debris, water and spills can cause you much ado in relation to maintaining your car’s cleanliness. However, with Rugged Ridge Ram floor mats, you will be relieved from your hassles.

Product Description

The mats are made of OE thermoplastic material that withstands all your daily uses. The mats do not wear out easily because of their toughness and incontrovertible quality. To top it all, they have been carefully measured and cut to size to ensure that they will fit perfectly in your vehicle.

Categorically, they have been contoured for a perfect fit in your car. Therefore, you will not fear about debris, vomit, spills and dirt. The dodge ram 1500 floor mats integrate deep tread which is chevron in shape and patented.

Other Features and Benefits

They have a whopping five-year warranty and their measurements are 56 x 22 x 6 inches. They weigh 17.75 lbs.


  • They are rugged and reliable
  • Offers great protection to your car
  • Made of thermoplastic with a non-slip surface


  • Price hikes in overseas purchase

10. MaxLiner all weather floor mat for Ram 1500/2500/3500 Quad Cab

Hygiene is a vital necessity for humanity. When you spend a fortune to secure a high-end drive, you will also ensure that its cleanliness is top-notch. You will require a floor mat for your vehicle to keep it clean. By going for this brand, you will have done yourself a great favour.

Product Description

All forms of dirt and spillages are contained within the floor mats to prevent them from dirtying your car. The mats are compatible with your car’s hook, clasp and fastener.

They fit perfectly and protect your car from all kinds of contaminants. These mats cover your car’s first, second and third rows, not to mention the maxed-out cargo liner.

Other Features and Benefits

Compared to other mat brands, this one is affordable and reliable. It is easy to clean and maintain, and offers your car guaranteed protection. They weigh 10 lbs. and measure 36 x 28 x 5 inches. 


  • Stain resistant
  • Fit for all weather
  • Offer absolute protection
  • It is skid resistant
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Takes long to ship overseas

11. WeatherTech FloorLiner Custom Fit

Looking for floor mats that offer the most advanced floor protection available for your RAM 1500? If yes, this product might just be what you need. So, what really makes them stand out from the competition, you ask?

Product Description

For starters, the mats are made of patented and high-density Tri-Extruded material. This unique construction ensures surface friction to the carpet and great tactile feel to the floor’s surface. More so, it allows for ultimate strength.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that the products are laser measured to ensure a consistent and perfect fit. Consequently, this helps ensure maximum protection of the front, back, and the sides of your car’s footwell.

Other Features and Benefits

But here is the best part; the rear mats are constructed from a custom and blend of thermopolyolefin (TPO) materials. This, therefore, makes them wear resistant while also allowing them to stay flexible under extreme temperatures.

What’s more? Each product boasts advanced surfacing that creates channels. As a result, this helps keep the fluids away from clothing and shoes.


  • Made from non-toxic and odorless materials
  • Stain-resistant
  • Fits like a glove
  • High lip holds liquids
  • Extremely durable and sturdy


  • The back mats may not fit precisely

Why Get Floor Mats for RAM 1500

Floor mats have become increasingly popular. This is probably because of the many benefits they come with.

Besides providing your RAM 1500 truck with the best protection, there are several reasons why you should get these mats. These include:

1. You cannot avoid spillages from foods and drinks, especially when traveling with kids. Unfortunately, some of these spills are not easy to remove and ruin your vehicle’s carpet. The good news is that there a solution for this. You just need to invest in easy to clean carpet floor mat for RAM pickup.

2. These mats are designed to be absorbent. This means that they are capable of absorbing any water and moisture. Consequently, this helps keep your vehicle’s carpet dry while also preventing rusting.

3. The best car floor mats for pickup truck are not only resistant to stains but also chemicals. So, if you happen to carry some chemicals or heavy load, your vehicle’s floor won’t get damaged if you’ve the mats.

4. When you want to resell your truck, buyers will expect to be in excellent condition. If not, they will lower its value. Floor mats can help preserve the value of your vehicle and enhance its overall look.

5. Despite how careful you try to be, your shoes will bring stones, mud, debris, and other mess into your car. Such dirt can stain the interior of your truck. But if you have mats, they will protect your car’s interior against such an occurrence.

Buyer’s Guide – What Should You Look for When Buying a Floor Mats For Ram 1500?


The type of materials the mats are made from play an important role in determining the durability of these products. With this in mind, the best materials should not only be high-quality but also sturdy enough.

The floor mat should be made of a high quality, tough and sturdy thermoplastic or elastomeric. You may also want to consider getting a floor line that is constructed from thermopolyolefin or any other durable rubber.


Another factor to consider is the fitting. The rubber mat should also have a good fitting to ensure that all kinds of dirt and spillage will be contained within the mat.

Generally, a good fitting mat should provide your vehicle with edge-to-edge protection. This means that it should not leave some areas of your car’s carpet exposed. So, make sure to read reviews just to be sure the mats you intend to purchase offer excellent fitting.


Measurements ensure that the mat will fit in your vehicle’s floor perfectly. You should be very careful with them.

You probably already know that the RAM 150 has had a couple of body changes over the years. For this reason, you need to ensure that the mat you choose is a perfect fit for your RAM truck. So, make sure to take the measurements of your vehicle’s floor and compare them with those of the mats.


Also, worth considering is the surface of the floor mats. The surface will determine of the lines will securely stay in place. If the mats keep sliding, they will distract you while driving and can even make you cause an accident.

So, The mat’s floor should be non-skid and treaded to ensure that you will step on them comfortably.


More importantly, you need to take into consideration the durability of these mats. Generally, The mat should be long lasting, and to top it all, it should be accompanied by a warranty.

The warranty will be an indication that the manufacturer is confident in the durability of their products. As such, some brands offer a lifetime warranty of their floor mats and others limited warranty.

Types of Floor Mats

Next up, you will need to think about which type of floor mat you would like. Generally, there are 2 main types of car mats, including:

All weather floor mat

As the name suggest, these mats are designed to work in all weather conditions. Not only are they durable and stain-resistant but also waterproof. This, therefore, makes them ideal for trucks like RAM 1500. However, they don’t come any close to being luxurious.

Carpet mat

If you’re looking for stylish car mats, you should consider a carpeted floor mat. They are relatively cheaper than their all-weather counterparts and offer more than enough protection. On the flip side, though, most of them are not waterproof and weatherproof. As such, they may not offer maximum protection.

For this reason, they are best suited for city vehicles, including trucks that rarely see any off-road.

Ease of Cleaning

Whether you like it or not, your truck’s mats are bound to get dirty over time. When this happens, they will definitely need to be cleaned.

Unfortunately, some mats can be hard to clean. Therefore, you must choose mats that are easy to clean. Generally, rubber mats are considered to be easy to clean because dirt, spills, and mud don’t stick to rubber.

Any Difference Between Floor Mats and Liners?

Like most people, you probably are wondering if there is any difference between floor mats and liners. After all, these terms are often used interchangeably.

So, yes, there is actually a difference between mats and liners. However, this difference is not huge. As such, it can be hard to tell them apart, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

Generally, floor mats are made of composites or rubber. Also, they come with deep pockets, ridges, and channels. however, they may or may not be made for a precise fit like liners.

Floor liners, on the other hand, are made from polymers to ensure superior durability. And since they are laser-measured, they tend to offer maximum coverage and protection. Of course, they also feature grooves and ridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are new to these mats may want to unearth more about them. Some of the questions they ask include the following:-

Q: Where can I buy these mats?

A: They are available on Amazon and in their manufacturer’s websites.

Q: Why should I buy these mats, but not other brands?

A: The quality, features, durability, warranty, fitting, material and other features of these mats make them the ideal products that you should go for without a second thought.

Q: How to choose floor mats for ram 1500?

A: Well, it depends on your needs. However, you may want to consider factors like materials, size, and durability.

Q: Why you should need the floor mats for ram 1500?

A: There are so many reasons including to protect your vehicle’s interior and preserve its resale value.

Final Word

In a nutshell, these are the top-rated floor mats for Ram 1500 that you can buy, and enjoy their service. They have been carefully designed, and integrate top-notch features, and qualities that you will definitely fall for.

Therefore, whichever floor mat you choose, you can rest assured it will offer your vehicle maximum protection. That said, we hope this guide helps you make an informed choice for your yourself.

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