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Looking for the Best Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra in 2022? Top 5 Picks to Consider

Are you looking for a clever way of protecting your truck’s floor from mud and other debris that may be stuck on your shoes? If you are, consider acquiring the best floor mats for Tundra, designed to minimize the chances of the various elements getting to the floor.

And that is the primary goal of this piece, as we have reviewed some of the best units in the market. As if that’s not enough, we shall also disclose how we arrived at our decision of top products.

Are you interested to know more? Read on, and hopefully, you’ll learn something new.

Best Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra

Top 5 Perfect Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra: Comparison Guide

By reading these brief reviews on some of the best floor mats for Toyota Tundra, you will save a lot of time since you won’t have to read anywhere else to find your ideal item.

The products are as follows:

RankProductSome Top Info
1Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Mats for 2014-2022 Toyota Tundra

Husky Liners 99581 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners...

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Fits: Toyota Tundra
Brand: ‎Husky Liners
Color: Black
Position: Front & 2nd Seat
All-Weather Protection: Yes
Weight: ‎10 pounds
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: ‎Husky Liners
Warranty: No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee
2WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Liner for Toyota Tundra

WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiners for Toyota Tundra - 1st & 2nd Row...

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Fits: Toyota Tundra
Brand: WeatherTech
Material: Advanced Thermoplastic Elastomer
Position: 1st & 2nd Row
Available Colors: Grey, Black, Cocoa & Tan
All-Weather Protection: Yes
Weight: ‎2.2 pounds
Dimensions: ‎19.29 x 3.54 x 42.91 inches
Made in: USA
Manufacturer: WeatherTech
3Gator Accessories Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits Toyota Tundra

Gator Accessories 79605 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits...

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Available for: Toyota Tundra CrewMax Cab & Double Cab
Brand: ‎Gator Accessories
Material: TPO – Thermoplastic Olefin
Color: Black
Position: Front and 2nd Seat
All-Weather Protection: Yes
Weight: ‎12.98 pounds
Dimensions: ‎37 x 32 x 7 inches
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: WINIP
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
4TOYOTA Genuine TRD Pro Tundra All Weather Floor Mats /Liners

Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD Pro CrewMax All Weather Floor Liners/Mats...

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Fits: Tundra Crew Cab
Brand: Toyota
Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Position: Front & Rear Row
All-Weather Protection: Yes
Dimensions: ‎33 x 24 x 4 inches (Package)
Made in: USA
Manufacturer: TRD
5Toyota Genuine Accessories Tundra Carpet Floor Mats

Toyota Genuine Accessories PT206-34072-12 Carpet Floor Mat for Select...

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Fits: Toyota Tundra Double Cab & Crew Max
Brand: Toyota
Material: Carpet
Color: Black
Position: 1st & 2nd Row
Weight: ‎5.95 pounds
Dimensions: ‎29.4 x 18.6 x 1.1 inches
Manufacturer: Toyota

Our 5 Picks of the Best Floor Mats for Tundra

1. Husky Liners 99581 All Weather Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra

As the name suggests, these Toyota Tundra floor mats are designed to put up with any weather condition that you expose them to. So, whether it is rainy or snowy conditions, these units are flexible enough to remain in shape under such weather.

The other crucial aspect of these floor liners is their availability in form-fit design. This feature ensures that they have no problem fitting all your truck’s floor contours to offer maximum protection.

In addition to that, the floor liners feature cleats that are crucial in holding them in place once you install them. And when cleaning time comes, you will only need a damp cloth to clean it up.

Other notable features include lightweight at 10lbs and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Attractive black look
  • Cleats to hold them in place
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

2. WeatherTech Custom Fit Toyota Tundra Floor Mats for 1st & 2nd Row

Made in the USA, this product by Weathertech has to be one of the best Tundra all-weather floor mats that you’ll come across in the market. It may not be a universal fit for all Toyota Tundra models, but it is well-suited to serve the compatible vehicles adequately.

With a 19.3 by 3.5 by 42.9 inches measurement, this set of mats is sizeable to cover the first and second rows of your truck adequately. On top of that, the units are laser-measured for a precise fit so that no floor area is left out.

The other significant feature of these mats is the high lip to retain liquids to avoid getting to the car’s floor.

And due to the protection offered, the mats will enhance your vehicle’s resale value as it will be new for a longer period.


  • Rigid core for sturdiness
  • Laser-precise fit
  • Flexible under extreme temperatures


  • Second-row interferes with the vents

3. Gator Accessories 79605 Toyota Tundra Floor Mats

It is not always easy to find Tundra floor mats that match your vehicle’s floorboards perfectly. However, Gator Accessories will handle the problem with these laser fit floor liners that will cover the entire floor adequately.

Next, the units have a unique all-weather build to give them the capability to withstand potentially-destructive elements such as mud and water. As a result, you can expect their usefulness to last for an impressive duration ahead.

Let’s not forget the raised edge design that retains the spills and other impurities within the mats until cleaning time comes.

Now that we have mentioned cleaning, the process is relatively easy. All you have to do is remove the floor liners and then wipe or hose them off to make them clean once again.


  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent dirt and liquid retention
  • Sturdy construction


  • Cases of poor packaging

4. TOYOTA Genuine TRD Pro All Weather Floor Liners/Mats for Tundra

Why should you be confident with this set of floor liners? The main reason is that they are manufactured by the Toyota brand, which uses the truck’s original design data to attain the perfect fit.

Another valuable feature of these units is the flexible and weather-resistant construction that contributes to their durability. This build gives them the capability to withstand different environments and conditions, including the harsh ones such as extreme temperatures.

Also important are the ribbed channels for retaining moisture and preventing it from getting to the vehicle’s floor.

Finally, the floor coverings feature a skid-resistant backing and quarter-turn fasteners to secure them firmly in place without any unnecessary movement when in use.


  • Have a stylish car logo on the surface
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fasteners to hold them in place


  • A bit thin

5. Toyota Genuine Accessories Carpet Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra

The last item on our list is another high-quality Tundra carpet floor mat that is sure to give you total value for your money. First, as an OEM product, it should provide you with confidence that you are dealing with a high-quality product that will deliver the floor protection you expect from it.

Then, it has a stunning black color that will help enhance your interior’s appearance. On top of that, the mat is made from carpet material which you can customize to blend with your truck’s interior.

We shall also touch on the quality assurance by Toyota, which implies that the product has passed all the checks to ensure it is fit for the job of protecting the floor.

Lastly, the product comes with a manufacturer warranty to give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with units that will not disappoint.


  • Reasonable price
  • Looks good
  • Easy to install


  • Not heavy-duty

Additionally, You Can Check Our Top 3 Picks of Toyota Tundra Bed Mat/Cargo Mat

1. Toyota Pickup Truck Bed Mat

2. BedRug Full Bed Liner for Tundra

3. SmartLiner K0155 All Weather Custom Fit Truck Rubber Bed Mat for Toyota Tundra

Factors to Look Consider When Buying Toyota Tundra Floor Mats

What features should I look out for in a floor mat for my Toyota Tundra? We have pointed out the answers for you below.

I) Water-Resistance

The best Tundra floor mats are those that do not absorb water and other liquids but instead hold them on the surface so that you can drain them off elsewhere. This makes the mats easy to clean, and they also dry faster than an absorbent unit would.

II) Durability

If you are wondering how long your vehicle’s floor mat will last, check out the material used in its construction. The common materials used include leather, rubber, plastic, and fiber, with rubber being the most durable.

Fiber may not be that long-lasting, but it is cheaper and allows you to customize the units to your preference.

III) Underside Grip

We all know how annoying a shifty mat is. Such a unit exposes the floor easily when the car moves, plus it is risky as you can easily slip when getting into the truck’s cabin. So, lookout for a floor covering with a solid grip to hold it in place and with minimal movement even on a bumpy trail.

IV) Compatibility

This is the most crucial feature as it determines how well the mat fits on your car’s floor. In case you acquire a product that is not compatible with your Toyota Tundra model, then you have wasted your money as the mat won’t cover the floor adequately.

Make a point to check the mat’s specification to find whether your vehicle is listed as compatible.

V) Ease of Installation

An easy-to-install unit will ensure that you get to enjoy the benefits within the shortest time.

VI) Surface Grooves

These are features that help make the mat’s surface less slippery and help in trapping any element capable of damaging your truck’s floor.

FAQs on The Tundra Floor Mats:

The main purpose of this section is to cover any relevant issues that we may have left out in our discussion. Here are some of the common questions on the topic.

Why should I go for all-weather floor mats?

This is because such units are designed to put up with any weather condition that you put them in. This included rain, snow, and extreme sunshine, all of which can weaken and damage the mat.

Further, all-weather mats are well-suited to withstand natural elements such as sand, rocks, and mud which are capable of causing permanent damage to the units.

Why are floor mats priced differently?

The difference in pricing comes about due to a variety of factors. A higher-priced unit is probably made of higher quality materials and has advanced features such as grooved surface and gripped underside.

As for the lower-priced item, they tend to be made from less durable materials, and you should be prepared to spend on replacement items within a short duration.

Between floor liners and floor mats, which ones give you more value for your money?

We will go for floor liners in this comparison, and we have valid reasons for this decision. Most of these units are sleek with flatter grooves, plus they are customizable to cover the harder-to-reach spots.

Floor liners may be some of the priciest coverings in the market, but you will get everything you have paid for.

The Best Overall

Although you won’t be going wrong by investing in any of the items on our list, the one that stood out from the rest is the Husky Liners 99581 WeatherBeater Floor Liner. Some of its notable features include weather resistance, ease of cleaning, cleats to hold them in place, and laser-precise fitness to cover the floor in its entirety.

You may also find the black look visually appealing to give your truck’s interior an elegant appearance.


Now that you know what it takes to find the perfect floor mats for your Toyota Tundra go ahead and find one. Once you do, your truck’s interior will get the ultimate floor protection that will ensure it remains fresh and new for the foreseeable future.

We hope your search will be easy and successful so that your Tundra maintains a classy look for a long time to come.

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