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The 11 Best Nerf Bars for Dodge Ram in 2022 – Reviews & Helpful Buying Guide

Adding a seat cover to your dodge ram truck makes it trendy and functional. But you can go a step further by installing nerf bars or side steps as they are usually known to the door sides.

Nerf bars ease you the pain of getting in or out of trucks by offering an extra step. It can get worse if you have pets, kids, or elderly passengers.


Luckily, we have simplified for you the process of finding the best nerf bars for dodge ram. Read on…

Amazon Top 3 Best Seller Nerf Bars for Dodge Ram:

Comparison Table

There are many nerf bars out there, and this makes it tiresome for you to find the most efficient ones. To start us off, here’s a brief comparison list to help you out.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Tyger Auto Nerf Bars Running Boards For Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500Tyger Auto35 Pounds
2Ionic 5″ Stainless Steel Curved Nerf Bars fits for Dodge Ram Crew Cab Only Truck Side StepsIonic Automotive56 pounds
3TAC Side Steps Fit RAM 1500/2500/3500/4500/5500Tac Truck Accessories Company44.76 Pounds
4Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Kit for Ram 1500 Nerf Bars Running BoardsTyger Auto91 Pounds
5Tyger Auto Tyger Rider Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500Tyger Auto44.4 pounds
6MaxMate Compatible Ram Crew Cab Nerf Bars Running BoardsMaxMate46.7 pounds
7VioGi Fit Dodge Ram Oval Side Step Rails Nerf Bar Running BoardsVioGi
8TAC Side Steps Compatible with 2009-2018 RAM 1500 Stainless Steel Side Bars Nerf BarsTac Truck Accessories Company43.9 pounds
9MaxMate Stainless Steel Compatible Side Step Running BoardsMaxMate50.9 pounds
10Ionic 3″ Classic Body Dodge Ram Crew Cab All Models Nerf BarsIonic30 pounds
11Westin Black Platinum Oval Step Bar for Dodge RAM 2500/3500 Crew CabWestin63 Pounds

How to Choose Nerf Bars for Dodge Ram

The below factors will give you an upper hand in making the right decision on which nerf bars are ideal for your pickup truck.

Material Construction

Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used materials in the making of nerf bars. Steel bars though pricey, are mostly preferred as they are durable and are made to withstand different weather elements.

On the other hand, aluminum nerf bars are cheaper but won’t last for years like their steel counterparts. So, just like you shouldn’t buy a tonneau cover just for the aesthetic, you should buy nerf bars for rear protection as well.

While the material ought to be corrosion resistant, it should as well have high resistance to UV rays to prevent cracking or chipping for enhanced durability.

Platform Size

The larger the nerf bar’s surface area, the easier it will be for you or the pets to step on when getting in/out of your car, truck, or jeep wrangler.

A good nerf bar should fit your truck’s car from door to door to create a stable landing platform for your feet. Therefore, you must measure the car door’s distance before ordering your nerf bars to avoid disappointments.

Most nerf bars are sized between 3 inches to 6 inches (width). Standard trucks are good with bars of 3 inches while the heavy-duty ones demand more breadth.

Safe Design

Also related to the size is the traction level; rubber inserts are known to provide better traction than plastic inserts.

Despite the material used on top of the nerf bar, it has to be anti-slip and comfortable to step on. This assures you of total safety and convenient use in all weather conditions.

Ease of Installation

Installation of nerf bars isn’t easy and requires some effort. However, the process can be lessened with the availability of a detailed manual and necessary installation tools.

Bolt-on nerf bars are the best option since they have little impact on your Dodge Ram, therefore, ideal for leased or rented ones. Also, these bars require no specialized tools in the installation.

Conversely, nerf bars that need drilling should only be installed on your trucks as you have to make holes on the trunk practically.


You need to think about what you intend to use your tailgate stepping pads for. Most RAM pickup owners already have reasons why they install the steps.

Usually, it is because they want to have an easier time with ground clearance as far as getting into and out of their pickup truck or jeep. However, the steps can be used to strengthen the truck bed of your car for off-road trips or even improve its aesthetic.

What you need to keep in mind here is that there are different kinds of tailgate steps in the market. The right ones for you depend on whether they meet your needs or not.

Weight Capacity

One of the best things about nerf bars is that they are not too limited when it comes to how much weight capacity they come with.

By that, we mean that most of them come with a generous maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. This should suffice seeing as an average adult person weighs less than this.

That said; you can opt for reinforced steps if you intend to have heavier weights on board your vehicle.


You also want to consider the length of your car’s wheel base as it will help you pick the perfect nerf bars to buy.

Keep in mind that the ideal nerf bars should come with a maximum width that covers the entire length of your Dodge Ram’s wheel base.

Anyway, you can go for a shorter one if you so desire.


Most tailgate steps will be coated with either a chrome or matte black coating. The coating plays a crucial role as far as improving the longevity of the steps.

You would want your nerf bars to withstand things like the harmful UV rays from the sun and harsh weather elements like snow and water.


We don’t need to tell you that the price of nerf bars has a lot to do with whether you buy them or not and this is where your budget comes into play.

Mostly, you get what you pay for in times of capacity, weight, and quality. As such, you want to look at such features and decide whether they align with the asking price of the nerf bars you want to buy.

Going through product reviews will also give you a general idea in respect to whether you will be getting value for your money.


The need for a product warranty cannot be overemphasized. You see, the existence or lack thereof of a warranty lets you know whether you are getting a quality product or not.

A manufacturer that offers an attractive warranty period for their products is confident about the quality and vice versa.

We bet you don’t want to repair or replace your nerf bars within a short time in case they fall apart or malfunction due to manufacturer defects. A warranty covers the same so that you don’t suffer such losses.

All we want is that you get the best nerf bars in terms of efficiency and durability. This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to select some of the top-rated nerf bars for you.

The Best Nerf Bars for Dodge Ram in Review

1. Tyger Auto RISER 1500 Dodge Ram 2009-2018 Crew Cab Step Nerf Bars

Are you looking for a way to sparkle up your vehicle and still keep yourself safe? Then this Tyger Auto nerf bars might interest you.

The bars are designed to fit crew cab vehicles with a total of 4 full-size doors. Moreover, the nerf bars are 4 inches wide and can be installed easily by mere bolting.

However, no worries if you intend to do some drilling as the bars come with an easy-to-follow DIY manual.

Other Key Features

These step bars are made from T304 marine grade polished stainless steel, which boasts a high resistance to corrosion for added durability.

Also, the hassle-free lifetime warranty placed against these stepping pads assures you that they are of outstanding quality.

To conclude, the step-on pads are built with UV resistant plus non-slip material for added safety.

The UV-resistant design is, indeed, important as far as longevity is concerned. And of course, is goes without saying that the non-slip nature of the pads is important for preventing accidents.


  • Durable construction
  • Includes installation manual
  • Non-slip step pads
  • UV proofed


  • Quite thin and difficult to install

2. Ionic Automotive Stainless Steel Crew Cab Curved Nerf Bars

These unique curved nerf bar tubes not only enhance your truck’s look but also make it comfortable for you to get in or out.

The kit comes complete with the bars plus all the hardware you may need for the installation. This process however maybe time consuming.

Other Key Features

The bars are constructed from sturdy T304 stainless steel marine grade tubing, which is highly regarded due to its high resistance to rust. What’s more, the bars are then polished to boost their appearance.

The 5 inches nerf bars offer a wide stepping area and can sustain a weight of about 350 pounds. Also, the bars feature slip-proof step pads for increased feet traction.

So, no matter your body size, this bar will be more than enough to accommodate you. Plus, there is always an added layer of safety in the non-slip step pads which are, in our opinion, quite well-made.


  • Offered in 2 color versions
  • Large weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Non-slip step pads


  • Challenging to install

3. TAC Crew Cab Ram 1500 Side Steps

If you are looking for the perfect truck accessory, you will find it in this Tac unit because the manufacturer has over 20 years’ experience in auto accessories. TAC has also made these crew cab side steps from heavy-duty mild steel for enhanced durability. This is something you will not find in an aftermarket running board.

Similarly, the bars are coated with a heavily textured black powder coat that’s resistant to scratching and rust. Black as a color will, however get covered with dust quickly.

Other Key Features

The bars are easy to install because they come with easy-bolt-on instructions and necessary mounting hardware for drilling if the need arises.

That’s not all, the 4.25 inches wide oval nerf bars give your feet a proper landing base while the UV-proofed step pads improve their safety.

Above all, TAC guarantees the quality of these side steps by offering a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

It is rare to come across companies willing to provide such an iron-clad warranty on their products. In our view, this goes a long way to show that TAC is a company willing to stand behind the quality of their products.


  • Comes with brackets for mounting
  • Top-quality finish
  • Comfortable step pads
  • 5-year warranty
  • UV-resistant pads


  • Undetailed installation instructions
  • Bends slightly when stepped on which may be confusing at first

4. Tyger Auto 2009-2018 Crew Cab Nerf Bars Star Armor Kit

Here are other Tyger Auto nerf bars that make stepping in and out of your SUV or pickup truck easy. The bars are designed with a dual girder system for enhanced protection to your vehicle’s bumper whether front or rear.

These polished stainless steel nerf bars feature one-piece mounting brackets that deliver maximum strength and allow easy installation.

Other Key Features

The 2-inch diameter nerf bars are specially designed for heavy-duty trucks like the Chevy Silverado. All the bars are coated with a smooth black powder coat for protection from rust and enhance durability.

To install, the bars can be bolted on or drilled on the vehicle’s metal shell through the ¼ inches holes. The best part is that the armor kit comes with an instruction manual to make the installation procedure easy.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Skid-proof star metal pads
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Quite heavy therefore challenging to install
  • Requires some drilling

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5. Tyger Auto TG-SS2D35118 Nerf Bars

If you’re after a compact but practical pair, this one from Tyger might be worth checking out. It boasts premium build quality complete with heavy-textured powder finish.

As you might be aware, powder finish is quite superior especially when off-roading is concerned. It comes in handy all thanks to its benefits among them rust protection and ease of cleaning.

Other Key Features

The reason we’d pick this among the best nerf bars for ram is that it boasts a distinctive oval tube design. And do you know what the means? Well, it simply provides you with an extra-wide step pad surface.

That’s unlike the common single round tube bars which provide a limited step pad. We think this is kind of a big deal especially for anyone looking for added stability.

And to crown it all up, this product from Tyger is quite easy to install. It boasts seamless bolt-on installation although minor drilling of holes via the pinch weld is needed for the support brackets.


  • Relatively wide side steps
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality powder finish
  • Backed by 5-year warranty


  • Minor drilling through pinch weld required

6. MaxMate Crew Cab 2009-2018 1500 Ram Crew Cab Nerf Bars

These MaxMate running boards are designed to fit both the passenger and driver sides of crew cab jeeps or pickups.

The steps can be bolted on for some models and may require some drilling for the 1/4-inch holes for proper installation of the support brackets.

Other Key Features

The heavy-duty 4-inch stainless steel nerf bars plus end caps provide the highly needed protection to both you and the vehicle. However, since the bars aren’t power coated, you might not want to use them in extreme wet conditions to prevent the metal from rusting up.

Moving on, these nerf bars feature oval-shaped step pads made from non-slip rubber for increased traction. The pads are also UV resistant to for extended durability.


  • Includes mounting hardware
  • UV-resistant step pads
  • Sturdy steps
  • DIY user manual
  • Unique design


  • The step pads aren’t adequately sealed
  • Not good for use in very wet areas

7. VioGi 3500/2500 Crew Cab/Quad Crew Pickup Running Boards

Do you have a crew cab or quad crew dodge truck and need efficient running boards for convenient getting use? Then these VioGi nerf bars can be your perfect match.

Though versatile, the bars are only fit for 2500/3500 dodge ram pickup models and not the mega cab models. Included in the package are 2 running boards (for driver side and passenger side), installation instructions, and mounting gear.

Other Key Features

These VioGi nerf bars are made of T304 heavy-duty material with each side having a holding capacity of about 450 pounds.

Each bar is 4 inches wide and comprises uniquely designed plastic grooved step pads to offer your feet a secure grip.

To finish up, the well-polished bar surface offers protection from dust and rust.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Elegant polished finish


  • Plastic step pads won’t retain their traction for long

8. TAC RAM 1500 Fit 2009-2018 Quad Cab Side Nerf Bars

TAC cares for your safety as you use your quad cab vehicles. This is why they’ve made these Ram 1500/Ram 1500 classic quad cab nerf bars to allow easy getting in and out without hurting your ankles.

That’s not all that you get, the outstanding design of the bars also help enhance your car or truck’s appearance.

Other Key Features

These TAC side steps are made with ultra-tough stainless steel metal; which is polished for total protection from rust. Additionally, the 3 inches step pads have a ribbed surface for convenient non-slip use.

The purpose of the surface finish is to provide a grille guard to protect your bars from strong UV rays. In conclusion, the step boards can be installed on your car frame easily as no drilling is required.


  • Backed by a 3-year TAC warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Fits perfectly
  • UV resistant finish


  • Confusing installation instructions
  • Won’t provide enough traction in slippery conditions

9. MaxMate 2019-2020 Crew Cab 1500 Dodge RAM Nerf Bars

These brand new nerf bars from MaxMate are among the latest models for the 2019-2020 crew cabs. Unfortunately, the bars aren’t ideal for Mega or Quad cabs.

The lift kit is fully equipped with 3 mounting brackets and other hardware for easy DIY installation.

Set up takes only a few minutes since the bars do not need to be drilled to the motor vehicle’s frame.

Other Key Features

One bar is for fitting to the passenger side while the other is for the driver’s side. Moreover, these MaxMate 4 inches side steps are made from durable stainless steel and have welded ends for extra car safety.

The UV-proofed wide non-slip step pads allow easy access to and from the car on any weather conditions.


  • Includes usage instructions
  • Great oval design
  • Equipped with mounting hardware
  • Easy installation


  • Not heavy duty as claimed

10. Ionic Automotive Crew Cab 2015-2018 Dodge Ram Nerf Bars

Are you having difficulty getting in or out of your crew cab truck or car? Don’t worry anymore since these Ionic Automotive nerf bars will make the activity simple for you.

The bars are constructed with 304L stainless steel metal which is strong enough to last for years.


Other Key Features

The bars feature 3 inches recessed step pads that provide ultimate slip resistance and can each sustain a 500-pound weight capacity.

The curved ends ensure perfect fitting below your car’s door without leaving any impact while the bars are polished to improve durability.

Though quite hectic to install, these bars come with all necessary mounting hardware so that you can get started right away.



  • Might be challenging to install

11. Westin Crew Cab Dodge Ram 3500/2500 Oval Step Bars

If strength and safety are what you need, then these platinum Westin step bars will offer just that.

And do you want to know why many people prefer Westin? This is because their nerf bars like these for the crew cabs of 2009-16 or 2010-16 models require no drilling, simple right!

Other Key Features

These 4 inch nerf bars provide enough space area so that you get a secure footing whenever you use them.

Furthermore, the oval-shaped step pads feature non-slip material for increased safety even in wet conditions.

The lift kit includes all necessary mounting tools and 2 brackets for easy setup. But there’s a need for at least one more mounting bracket to offer full support to the bars.


  • Good-looking oval nerf bar
  • Non-slip
  • Great design
  • Beautiful black finish


  • Not enough mounting tool

Top Dodge Ram Nerf Bars FAQ:

Here is a list of some of the questions you might be having on the high-quality nerf bars for dodge ram. Let’s have a look!

Q: Why use Nerf Bars?

A: Nerf bars allow the convenient use of vehicles while also protecting the tires from getting entangled.

Q: Can Nerf Bars be interchanged?

A: Since nerf bars are made to suit different car models, it’s quite hard for you to interchange them if you are not dealing with the same make.

Q: Can I personally install Nerf Bars?

A: Yes, you can. This is because most of the bars come with installation hardware and instructions.

Q: What is the best brand of nerf bars?

A: Now, there are many great brands in the market so it would be biased of us to pick one as the best. However, brands like Mopar, MaxMate, and TAC perform quite well so you should consider trying them.

Q: Which is better, running boards, or nerf bars?

A: If you are looking for a wider stepping surface, we would say running boards. The main difference between nerf bars and running boards is their shape. The latter have a narrower surface for stepping compared to the former.

Which One Is The Best

The Tyger Auto RISER 1500 quad cab Dodge Ram 2009-2018 Crew Cab Step Nerf Bars are our best pick for dodge rams. This is because they are easy to install, feature durable stainless steel construction, and have non-slip easy-step-on side pads. Despite that, these nerf bars are supported by a stress-free lifetime warranty.


Nerf bars are ergonomically designed with non-slip surfaces for enhanced feet security as you access your cars or trucks.

The material construction and ease of installation are also major determinants for getting efficient side steps for dodge truck. You should, however, note to order the specified nerf bars for your car model.

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