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5 Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage with No Windows – Analyzed & Informative Guide

If you use your garage as your workshop, as lots of people do, you probably are aware of how hot it can get in there during summer. It gets worse if your garage lacks windows.

In this instance, you should consider buying the best portable air conditioner for garage with no windows. Such a unit will keep the workshop cool in the summer, and when colder weather sets in, you can easily move it for safe storage.

So, our focus in this article will be on high-quality portable ACs and the factors that should guide you in your search for the right product.

Portable Air Conditioner for Garage with No Windows

Top 5 Portable Air Conditioners for Garage without Windows: Comparison Guide

If you dislike reading extra-long editorials, this piece is just for you since we have analyzed the top picks of portable air conditioning units for you.

Here they are:

RankProduct NameWeightControl Method
1Black & Decker BPACT08WT Portable AC52.9 PoundsRemote Control
2Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable AC80 PoundsRemote Control
3SereneLife 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner55.12 PoundsRemote Control
4Midea Portable Air Conditioner67.9 PoundsRemote, Smartphone & Alexa (Voice) Control
5DELLA 14000 BTU Wifi Enabled Portable Air Conditioner79.2 Pounds Remote & Smartphone Control

The Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage with No Windows:

1. Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Do you have a hard time finding the right air conditioner for your small garage? Do not look anywhere else as Black & Decker has your back. This unit is specially designed to work in small spaces measuring up to 150 square feet.

The next notable feature is the three modes of operation: air conditioning, fan only to help in circulating air in the garage, and dehumidification.

In addition to that, the ac comes with a remote control so that you can operate the air conditioner from a distance.

With a weight of about 53lbs, this unit is relatively lightweight and most of us find this appealing. When you combine this weight with the rolling casters, you will be surprised how easy moving the unit is from one location to another.


  • Easy maintenance
  • It comes with a complete installation kit
  • Eco-friendly


  • Short exhaust hose

2. Whynter 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

How about a unit that gives you options on how you can vent it? This portable air conditioner by Whynter allows you to vent it through a window using a window slider kit. Create a hole through the garage wall and attach an exhaust tube, or leave the garage door open and pass the exhaust tube through the gap.

At 14,000BTUs, this unit is quite powerful and no part of your 500 square feet garage will be left out. On top of that, the air conditioner features a dual-hose function so that you can dehumidify and cool down your garage simultaneously.

Lastly, the ac is very easy to use due to the clearly labeled buttons and the LCD screen for you to view the functions easily.


  • User-friendly features
  • Low noise output
  • Dual hose functionality


  • Poor technical support

3. SereneLife 3-In-1 Portable AC

The SereneLife air conditioner is a compact unit, measuring 13″ by 32″ by 17″. So, it will not occupy too much space in your garage and leave you with room that you can use for other purposes.

Then, rated at 10,000 BTU, this unit is powerful enough to cool large spaces of up to 300 square feet. So, all areas of your large garage will be fully covered.

Another aspect about this air-conditioner is that with a wattage of 1150W. This makes it relatively energy-efficient, ensuring that you don’t end up with power bills going through the roof.

You may also be impressed by the anti-allergen filters to ensure that only clean air is circulating in your garage.


  • Compact
  • Energy-efficient
  • Silent operation


  • Scanty warranty information

4. Midea 3-in-1 Portable AC, Dehumidifier, Fan

Midea is one of the most popular brands for air conditioners, and it is easy to see why. First, with an output of 10000 BTU, this particular unit can comfortably cool a room measuring up to 200 square feet to make it cool and comfortable.

As if that’s not enough, the unit features an air filter to ensure the air circulating in the room is safe and of top quality.

Another appealing feature is the 3-in-1 functionality, whereby besides being an air conditioner, the unit can also operate as a fan and dehumidifier. All these features aim to make the garage more habitable and comfortable.

The user-friendliness is another winner for this product. This includes the Alexa voice control and the remote control to enter commands without touching the ac.


  • Easy installation
  • Clear display
  • Easy maintenance


  • Leaks a lot

5. Della Wi-Fi Enabled Portable Air Conditioner

Last but not least is a 3-in-1 unit by Della, which has some fantastic features. First, it is Wi-Fi enabled to allow for easy control via the Della app. So, you don’t have to be in the actual room to enter a command.

Then, the low energy consumption translates to some peace of mind since the power bills will be lower.

If you are tired of using buckets to collect leaking water from the ac, the unit’s self-evaporation will be heaven-sent. This will ensure there are no more leakages to mess up your floor.

And the allergen filtration system is there to ensure that only clean and safe air is circulating in your garage.


  • A 3-in-1 unit
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to operate


  • Poor customer support

Benefits of Investing in a Portable Air Conditioner for Your Garage with no Windows

If you are wondering why you should spend your money on the best portable air conditioner for garage without windows, we will explain everything for you below.

I) Ease of Movement

If you purchase a well-built air conditioner for your garage, you will have an easy time moving it to different locations. This may be a different part of the garage or another room that needs its services.

II) Longevity

It would be wise if you acquired a unit that does not need maintenance now and again. It is normal for your product to need repairs, but they shouldn’t be too many such that you will have to deal with hot afternoons in the garage for extended periods.

So, only go for a high-quality model that will be out of business for the least number of times.

III) Value for Money

Note that the better the quality of an air conditioner, the more effective it is for the job. You may be tempted to go for an extremely lowly priced item, but it always comes at a cost. For instance, if it requires more maintenance, and you’ll end up spending more than what you had budgeted for.

On top of that, a faulty unit will be out of use for longer, and this means your garage will be uncomfortable all this while.

IV) A more Comfortable Garage

The main aim of investing in an air conditioner is to make your garage more comfortable for everyone. That is what you’ll get when you purchase a high-quality unit that is well-designed to handle its job. With a well-built product, your garage will be cooler in the summer, and when the time comes to move it to a different location, you won’t face a lot of obstacles along the way.

Features to Look for in a Garage Portable Air Conditioner

One thing you can count on is that while shopping for the perfect portable ac unit for garage with no windows, you will be spoilt for choice. We attribute this to the countless brands cropping up daily, and this may make your search harder than it should be.

A smart way of dealing with this problem is by paying attention to select factors, which are as follows:

1. The Power Rating

Most of the air conditioners we came across are rated in BTU, which stands for British Thermal Unit. To boost your knowledge, this is the amount of energy needed to melt a pound of ice.

This measurement will tell the effectiveness of your conditioner in cooling or heating a room of a particular size. In general, the more the BTUs, the larger the space that your air conditioner can cover.

2. Size of your Garage

The other factor that you need to keep in mind is the size of your garage. Obviously, a larger garage will need a more powerful air conditioner than a smaller space.

For instance, garages measuring between 100 to 500 sq. ft will require an ac of 5,000 BTUs to cover all areas. And a space of between 2000-2,500 sq. ft will need a unit of 34,000 BTUs to ensure that all corners of the garage attain the warmth or coolness that you want.

3. Size of the Air Conditioner

Why is the size of your portable air conditioner a critical factor to think about? It is probably due to the size determining the space that the unit will occupy. Luckily, air conditioners come in varying sizes, and you can land something that doesn’t take up too much space in your garage.

It would be wise if you took your conditioner’s dimensions beforehand and compared them to the room you plan to install it in. this way, you won’t end up with a mismatch that would render the unit useless.

4. Noise Levels

We can all agree that most of the air conditioners in the market are noisy and some of us can put up with it. However, if the decibel rating is too high, it may make the entire space unbearable, and even a conversation with a friend would be impossible.

However, if you will be using a lot of power tools in your workshop, the air conditioner’s noise will not bother you at all.

5. Energy Consumption

How do I know the level of energy that my air conditioner will be consuming? In this instance, you have to look at the EER rating. If the rating is above 12, you can count yourself lucky as that is an energy-efficient unit that won’t leave you with abnormal power bills.

Keep in mind that a unit with a higher BTU will need more energy than that with a lower one to run. On top of that, if you get an ac that is too small for your garage, you can expect it to use more power since more energy is needed to run it.

6. Ease of Maintenance

If you want your portable air conditioning unit to remain effective for many years to come, you will have to be consistent in the maintenance practices. So, it would make sense if you landed a product that would give you an easy time to maintain it.

Here, you should look out for removable and washable filters and built-in indicators to alert you that the unit needs cleaning.

How To Increase Garage Portable Air Conditioner Efficiency

If your air conditioner is facing some efficiency issues, worry no more, as we shall provide you with some tips on the areas that you can use to beat the problem.

I) The Garage Door

Consider insulating your garage doors so that they do not absorb too much heat during the day. This way, your air conditioner will be a more efficient performer as it won’t have to do a lot to keep the temperatures down.

II) The Walls

It would be a good idea to insulate the garage walls, starting with those being hit directly by the sun, followed by those shielded away. This will help minimize the amount of heat getting in your garage, and your air conditioner will end up giving a more efficient performance.

III) The Ceiling

The other part you may focus on is the garage ceiling, and this applies to the workshops with a room above. You find that such a garage absorbs a lot of heat from the space above, which may make the entire area intolerable.

The best way to handle this problem is by installing rolled insulation to the garage ceiling. With the temperatures lowered, your AC’s efficiency will greatly improve.

Common Questions About Garage Portable Air Conditioners without Windows (FAQs):

If we have left out any relevant information regarding the best portable ac for garage with no windows, we hope to cover it in this section comprising the common queries on the topic.

Q: How often should I clean my garage’s air conditioning unit?

A: Regular cleaning is crucial for your workshop air conditioner’s useful life. This is because it is exposed to a lot of dirt, debris, and exhaust fumes from the garage. So, weekly cleaning is necessary to keep the fan blades and air filters in top condition.

Ensure that you do not leave out the drain lines and exhaust vents which require monthly cleaning.

Q: How big should the air conditioner for my garage be?

A: It all depends on your garage’s size, and the unit’s BTU level will be your guide. A larger garage needs more BTUs to cool the space effectively.

Q: How much will it cost to install a portable air conditioning unit in my garage?

A: Several factors will determine how much you will spend in installing the portable ac for a garage with no windows. These include the left-out items needed for the project, the level of insulation of your garage, and the type of ac you have bought.

Professional installation is likely to be costlier due to the labor costs, which aren’t there if it was a DIY project.

The Best Overall

After comparing all the units in our analysis, we chose Black and Decker BPACT08WT Portable AC as our top pick. Black & Decker is a renowned brand with top-quality products, and the unit is very easy to maintain.

Most of all, the installation is pretty easy as the product comes with a full installation kit to help you get going.

Closing Remark

Your garage is supposed to be your safe space to inspect your car and do any other handy work that needs your attention. So, the room has to be quite comfortable, and a high-quality air conditioner would make this possible.

A portable unit is your best bet since you can use it during the hot summer season and then store it safely away when winter sets in.

Our article has covered all the relevant issues concerning portable ACs so that next time you go shopping for one, you won’t struggle a lot in finding your ideal item.

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