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Top 10 Best Power Running Boards for The Money

So, you got a brand new car? That is a great move because you get to look forward to driving across different terrains.

That said; we believe you would want to get value for your money and that means protecting your car from damages.


With the best power running boards, you get to do just that. These can also make your car more functional and versatile.

Now that your interest is piqued, let us get right into it, shall we?

Amazon’s Top 3 Best Seller “Power Running Boards”:

Comparison Table of Top Quality Power Running Boards

We can tell you right now that this guide is going to be quite comprehensive. Therefore, if you do not fancy reading the whole of it, you may want to use the following comparison table to make a quick and informed choice.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research51 pounds
2RBP Aluminum Material Stealth PowerRBP73 pounds
3AMP Research Black Color PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research56 pounds
4AMP Research PowerStep Running BoardsAMP Research54 pounds
5Tyrant 4X4 Power Steps Electric Running Boards with LED LightsTyrant 4X480 pounds
6AMP Research Black Color PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research56 pounds
7Bestop PowerBoard Electric Retractable Running Board Set for Jeep 2007-2017 WranglerBestop54 pounds
8AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards, BlackAMP Research51 pounds
9ARIES ActionTrac 83-Inch Retractable Powered Running BoardsARIES83 Pounds
10Bestop Aluminum Material PowerBoard Electric Retractable Running BoardBestop49 pounds

What are Power Running Boards?

You would think that power boards are powerful hence the name but that is not the case. Rather, they are referred to as that because they use electric power to retract and detract.

If you opt for the standard option, you get a fixed running board that unfortunately does not come with the same feature. Power running boards do that whenever you open your car door.

What are Running Boards on a Truck?

We would say that running boards are mandatory especially for trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado because they play a crucial role in helping you get into your pickup truck – unless you have extremely long legs.

Since these car accessories act as ladders, they need to be kept clean to ensure that you do not slip or fall while using them. Most manufacturers also include rubber grips to increase traction.

Most people think that nerf steps and running boards are the same thing which is not the case and we say this because a truck like the dodge ram will usually have a running board, not a nerf bar.

Nerf bars are small footpads with pipes to prevent slipping while running boards cover the full length of your car.

Therefore, having running boards for your truck is better than nerf bars.

How Long do Power Steps Last?

Sometimes, running boards are referred to as power steps. As far as how long they last, you will realize that most manufacturers offer aa 5-year or 60,000-mile warranty meaning that you can expect them to last that long.

That said; the longevity of your power steps also depends on how frequently you use them and the quality.

How to Choose the Perfect Power Board

The best electric running boards come with several features such as:

Quality Build

This is perhaps the most important factor you need to consider while shopping for your car’s power running board.

You want to think of it as buying new clothes or shoes. Some materials will hold up better than others but most of the time, those come at an extra cost.

Aluminum and steel are some of the metals that you will come across a lot and that is because they are durable and sturdy. Another thing about the said materials is that they are lightweight which is something you will appreciate.

Padding Materials

As you search for the perfect running board, you also want to think about the stepping pad. Most are made from plastic but the problem with that is that plastic tends to wear down over time.

That leaves you with rubber as the next viable option. When used as a padding material, you get remarkable traction which will come in handy especially if you will be driving in poor weather often.

Electric vs. Traditional

You also want to think about the difference between electric and traditional running boards. As you may have guessed, the latter will cost a lot less.

Another thing about traditional running boards is that they will stay mounted in place or fold into your vehicle so that in case of an accident, your car will not incur much damage. The running boards will take the hit.

Conversely, electric powered boards cost more and this is mostly because they are mechanical and will fold down when you open your car’s door. When you close the door, they fold back into place.

Of course, the mechanical system will wear down after some time but we can tell you for sure that electrical power steps will deliver the functionality you need.

Board Width

It is easy to disregard the width of the running board you pick but it is an important factor to consider. First, the correct width will protect your car’s paint job in case it gets a bashing.

Moreover, the right width provides a larger surface for you to step. Be careful though not to get too big of a footpad as it will hinder your ability to get under your car to fix something or change its oil.

You do not want to go the extra mile of getting a jack to lift your four wheel drive or a ramp to get underneath it.

A lift kit also comes at a price that you may want to avoid.

The Finish

When it comes to finishes for your aftermarket running board, you get to pick from a variety. Some of the most popular options include anodized aluminum, powder-coated, and chrome.

All of them come with their pros and cons. For instance, polished and black powder-coated ones are reasonably priced and still protect the boards. Chrome powder-coated boards offer the same but at a higher price.

Anodized aluminum and painted ones are not as popular because they are not as durable.

Running Board Types

Did you know that there are several kinds of running boards that you can choose from? There are size step bars and these can be positioned wherever you want to be and would be a great pick if your main interest is easy access in and out of your truck or crew cab.

Then there are tread boards that run the entire length of your car. Now, even though these will give you full coverage, they stick out and are quite bulky.

Finally, there are power steps that automatically open whenever you open your car’s door. Besides, these have LED lighting that helps you navigate your steps in low light conditions. We would advise you to go for these.

Product Warranty

Never overlook a warranty when purchasing stuff and your running boards are no exception. You want to get your electric running boards from a company that offers a trial period for you to decide whether the product is good for you or not.

Most warranties last for up to 5 years, which is quite reasonable while others work with the mileage you cover over a given period. Usually, that will be enough time for the beard to last as long as you own the car.

Nonetheless, it is important to factor in a warranty that is in your best interest. If you intend to drive the car for a while and have the finances, then you will be better off buying a running board with an additional warranty.

If you are looking for cheap power running boards to use for a short period, you do not have to worry much about the warranty.

Best Power Running Boards – Reviews

You are either going to have an easy or a hard time picking out the best electric powered running boards. We have picked out some of the top-rated options in the market just in case you experience challenges along the way.

1. AMP Research 76154-01A Electric Running Boards

First, on our list, we have this AMP step, which is one of the most reputable power step production companies.

It is not hard to see why this product made it to the y=top of our list. Let us break it down for you. It comes with a powder-coat finish to give you great traction, durability, and anti-slip performance.

When it comes to strength, we are looking at superior die-cast reinforced with aluminum-alloy components. That gives you the durability to drive under any condition.

What We Liked About It

These running boards also do a good job when it comes to corrosion resistance. How? You ask. Well, they feature an anodized Teflon finish that guarantees rust-free performance.

Now, you will also realize that these boards require less maintenance and this is owing to the stainless-step pivot pins fitted by the manufacturer to provide self-lubrication.

However, what we loved most about this product is that it can accommodate up to 600 lbs of load on each side. That is quite a bit of weight and we believe it will be of help.

What Could Have Been Better

According to some users, this product arrived with a destroyed package box.

That could be because of inadequate packaging. We feel that the manufacturer could have used better packaging.


  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Weatherproof


  • Packaging could be better

2. RBP Stealth Power

If you are looking for power running boards that will automatically fold when you open your car’s door and nest up against the rocker panel when you close the door, you will love this unit.

Made from military-grade aluminum that is powder-coated, ribbed, and textured, you get to enjoy an easier clean-up process, maximum traction, and durability when you buy this product.

What We Liked About It

Looking at this power step, it comes with two motor assemblies on either side to guarantee smooth performance even in the face of slushy, freezing, sandy, or gritty conditions.

Other than that, the product comes with in-built resistance sensors that work to stop the progress of the steps whenever an obstacle is detected hence preventing injury to your passengers or damage to your car.

We love that the board comes with LED lights to illuminate your entry or exit from all four doors of your car especially when it is dark.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this product was not for the vehicles advertised. This could lead to misinformed purchases and ultimately customer mistrust.

The manufacturer should have been transparent with that to avoid the same.


  • Built for durability
  • Comes with LED light
  • Great traction


  • Misleading product description

AMP Research also manufactures running boards for ram 1500, check our ram 1500 running boards post.

3. AMP Research 76239-01A Electric Running Boards

When you purchase this running board, you get an LED lighting system as a bonus along with all the hardware you may require for the installation process including mounting brackets.

Note that you will need a drill for the installation but that does not have to worry you because you will not have to be involved in anything rigorous or complicated.

What We Liked About It

You cannot talk about strength and not think of running board. We say that because it is made from first-rate die-cast aluminum alloy components and coated with an anodized finish for rust-resistance.

Other than that, the product comes with stainless steel pivot pins to deliver stability as well as self-lubricating bushings for optimal performance under all weather conditions.

This running board also automatically extends as soon as you open the door to your car and reverts safely out of sight whenever you close the door. We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Even though this product comes with installation hardware, some customers have complained about a difficult installation process.

The manufacturer should have put more effort into ensuring the installation process is easier like being more detailed with the instructions. This could help eliminate some of these concerns.


  • Great packaging
  • Sturdy
  • Clear instructions


  • Difficult to install

4. AMP Research 76235-01A Running Boards

This is yet another AMP Powerstep. What does that tell you? We would say that the brand is known for manufacturing high-quality power running boards.

Other than that, the unit comes with an integrated LED light system to illuminate where you are stepping particularly when it is dark.

High-strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy components with an anodized and PTFE-coated, military-spec finish to resist corrosion.

What We Liked About It

You also get to enjoy a corrosion-free performance from this piece seeing as it is PTFE-coated. It comes with stainless steel pins as well for maximum stability.

Other than that, you can count on this product to perform as expected regardless of prevailing weather conditions.

Nonetheless, what we found most appealing about this product is that it is made in the USA (which is known for producing high-quality products) and that it comes with a 5-year warranty.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this running board fell apart after a while of use. We feel that the manufacturer should have made it with durability in mind.


  • Highly functional
  • Integrated LED light system
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty


  • Questionable quality

5. Tyrant 4X4 Electric Running Boards

If you are in the market for the perfect power running boards for your Toyota Land Cruiser, you do not have to look further than these boards. They offer an effortless entry into your car with side steps that retract when the door closes and extend when it opens.

You will also appreciate that these power steps are designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions with their aluminum alloy construction and military specification finish.

What We Liked About It

Unlike most running boards that come with a single motor, these heavy-duty side steps come with two motor brackets on each side to deliver great speed when it comes to retracting.

That along with LED lights, you can rest assured that this product is not for people who settle for mediocrity.

Anyway, what we loved most about the product is that it is extremely easy to install because it comes with mounting brackets making it the ideal choice for beginners.

What Could Have Been Better

As reported by some users, this product’s cost is a bit on the higher side for what it offers. We feel that the manufacture should have toned down on the pricing.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Rustproof


  • Could be cheaper

6. AMP Research 76138-01A PowerStep Running Boards

At this point, there is no doubt that AMP is an industry leader when it comes to power running boards and this is yet another of their masterpieces.

These boards feature a low-profile LED light system that allows you to see where you are stepping especially at night.

What We Liked About It

You never have to worry about corrosion with this piece since it is made from superior quality die-cast aluminum and plated in military-spec finish.

Moving away from that, the product comes with precision pivot ins to give you unmatched stability while on the road.

We love that the product is packaged well as well to ensure that it gets to you in mint condition.

What Could Have Been Better

As per some users, this product is not easy to install. We feel that the manufacture should have given enough instructions along with the hardware required for installation to make the process easier.


  • Stable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Great packaging


  • Installation could be easier

7. Bestop PowerBoard Model #7515115

Bestop is another brand with a long history of pioneering new products for the automotive industry. This powerboard comes with step extrusions, brackets, motors, mounting hardware, and a wiring bundle.

This unit comes with an in-built safety feature that detects pressure to stop the board from retracting on your feet or hands.

You also get a die-cast aluminum build and OEM-quality sealed motors that are designed to weather any climate.

What We Liked About It

With this powerboard, you get sturdy performance as well as a non-slip, ultra-durable, and powder-coated surface.

Moving on swiftly, the manufacturer also incorporates an LED light kit into the mix to help you have an easier time getting in and out of your car particularly when it is dark.

That said; what we loved most about this product is that it drops down to create a stair-step that facilitates getting into your car.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this product tends to rust and we feel that the manufacturer should have used better quality coating to avoid that.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Built to last
  • Safety features


  • Tend to rust

8. AMP Research Powerstep 76151-01A Running Boards

AMP power step boards seem to be taking the day so here we are again with another of their running boards.

This plug-and-play conversion kit delivers a great price-to-performance ratio. We will tell you right here that this is not the most affordable option on our list, but it does come with some amazing features.

First, you are less likely to experience any issues with the installation process simply because you will not be required to do any drillingAs for the build, we are talking about military-grade materials, anodized Teflon, and aluminum alloy so you can expect durability.

What We Liked About It

Just like other running boards from the AMP stable, this kit delivers functionality and longevity. The only difference would be vehicle compatibility.

While other running boards are compatible with several vehicles this particular one is exclusively made for Ford F-150 models made between 2015 and 2019 so if you own a model like the SSV, XLT, or XL, you are in for a wonderful surprise.

We love that the board is self-lubricating as well as that means that you can rely on it to deliver optimal performance regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or terrain.

What Could Have Been Better

Several users have complained that their boards arrived with dents. We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job with the packaging to avoid that.


  • Self-lubricating
  • OEM quality
  • Pressure-sensitive technology


  • Inadequate packaging

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9. ARIES 3048314 Running Boards

With these Aries power steps, you get to enjoy easier access to your car and the best part is that they are two steps in one!

Another great thing about this product is that these boards are made for the urban and off-road trail alikeThe outer shell safeguards the internal mechanics, pivot points, and power steps thus protecting them from mud, water, and the elements.

What We Liked About It

Resilience is a crucial feature when it comes to running boards and that is what you will get with these electric ones.

Not only are they lightweight, but they are also corrosion-resistant. They also come with retractable steps that operate safelyquietly, and quickly.

They are also extremely easy to install with no drilling required and we love that about them.

What Could Have Been Better

Judging from reviews, these boards do not come with clear instructions. The manufacturer should simply have put more thought into that.


  • Simple installation process
  • Lightweight
  • Additional side protection


  • Vague user instructions

10. Bestop 75138-15 Powered Running Board Set

You will not experience any problem as far as getting into your car with these boards as they effortlessly retract underneath your car when you close the door and drops down to create a stair-step when you open.

Makes you think that this could be the perfect power running board for the disabled, right? Anyway, the board comes with a powder-coat finish for anti-slip performance and durability.

What We Liked About It

This board can accommodate you even you are a bit on the heavier side. It can support up to 600 pounds on each side.

It features an OEM quality motor that features superior quality wiring and weatherproof connectors. That delivers the longevity you need for your driving.

What we loved most nevertheless is that with this product, you get value for your money seeing as it is among the most affordable options on this list without compromising on quality.

What Could Have Been Better

According to some users, this board fell apart after a while and we feel that the manufacturer should have put more thought into its durability.


  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money


  • Not as durable

Frequently Asked Questions

We have addressed some commonly asked questions that have to do with power running boards below to give you a better understanding of the same.

Q: Between a running board and nerf bar, which is better?

A: The main difference between the two is the shape. Running boards are flatter and wider while nerf bars are rounder and narrower. Whichever you pick will depend solely on your needs and preference.

Q: Can I lower my running board?

A: Yes, you can but you would have to get specially manufactured parts or alter your car’s frame to make that happen.

Q: Can I install running boards on my own?

A: Yes, that is possible even if you have limited experience. Some of these boards even come with the hardware required for installation.

Q: Do I really need running boards?

A: Now, running boards are not essential, but they will add functionality and aesthetic to your car so it would be up to you to decide whether to get them for your truck or not.

Q: What is the best brand of running boards?

A: There are many great brands in the market so it would be impossible to pick one as the best. However, brands like AMP Research, Mopar and Bestop perform quite well.

Q: Why are Running Boards Called Running Boards?

A: Running boards are the narrow step pads that fit on the side of your trolley, ram truck, jeep wrangler, and SUV. They are particularly useful for high vehicles.

They are called running boards because they run the entire length of your car.

Q: Can Running Boards be Removed?

A: Yes, they can. Most of them are easy to install and therefore easy to remove. You can do it in a matter of minutes if you need to.

The Benefits of Purchasing Retractable Steps for Lifted Trucks

It would be understandable for you to question why you need retractable steps for your lifted truck or crew cab especially because they do not come cheap.

Nonetheless, they come with several benefits including giving you an easier time when it comes to the ground clearance when climbing into and out of your crew cab or truck.

Another benefit is that the steps trap dirt as you get into the vehicle so that you have a cleaner interior. Finally, the steps add to the aesthetic of your car making it look better.

Our Top Pick

The AMP Research 76154-01A Electric Running Boards have to be our top pick on this list. We chose the first because they come from a reputable brand that is known for manufacturing high-quality products.

Second, they are lightweight hence easy to handle, and lastly, because they are weatherproof making them the perfect option for different terrains and weather conditions.


Power running boards are for drivers who do not mind spending a little bit more to get aesthetic, and functionality for their vehicles.

You will not have an easy time picking the right ones especially if you have never done it before but with this guide at hand, that should be easier.

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