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The Best Running Boards for GMC Canyon in the Market Today

What makes the GMC Cranyon such a joy to own? With this truck, you’ll have an easy time navigating off-road and muddy trails that would otherwise be declared impassable. However, this model is pretty high, and you may have difficulty entering and exiting it.

To deal with this problem, you will need the best running boards for GMC Crayon that you could step on to get into and out of your truck. Not only you but your passengers too will find this accessory to be of great help.

If you are clueless on this topic, we hope that your situation will have changed by the time you are done with this piece.

Best Running Boards for GMC Canyon

Comparison Table of Top 5 GMC Canyon Running Boards

You do not have to use up all of your time before you find the right running board for your truck. Instead, you could refer to this list, where you’ll find some of the best running boards for Canyon that could work for you.

RankProductSome Top Info
1APS GMC Canyon iBoard Running Boards

APS Black Running Boards Style Compatible with Chevy Colorado GMC...

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Fits: GMC Canyon & Chevy Colorado
Brand: ‎APS
Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color Available: Black, Silver
Size Available: 4 Inches, 5 Inches, 6 Inches
Weight: ‎41.4 pounds
Dimensions: ‎82.25 x 9.2 x 8.25 inches (Package)
Load Capacity: 300 LBS (Each Side)
Package Includes: 2 Running Boards, Mounting Brackets, and Hardware Kit
Manufacturer: ‎APS
2APS Drop Steps GMC Canyon Running Boards

APS Stainless Steel Pocket Steps Running Boards Compatible with Chevy...

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Fits: GMC Canyon & Chevy Colorado 2015 – 2022
Brand: APS
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Weight: 49.9 pounds
Dimensions: ‎82 x 14 x 8 inches (Package)
Load Capacity: 300 LBS (Each Side)
Coating: Triple-Layer Black Powder Coated
Package Includes: 2 Running Boards & All Mounting Hardware
Manufacturer: APS
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
3AMP Research Electric Power Running Boards Compatible with GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado

RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep Plug-N-Play | Fits 2015 - 2022...

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Fits: GMC Canyon & Chevrolet Colorado
Brand: AMP Research
Material: Aircraft-Quality Aluminum
Color: Black
Weight: ‎55 pounds
Dimensions: ‎81 x 13 x 7 inches
Load Capacity: 600 Pound (Each Side)
Coating: Black-Anodized and PTFE Coated
Made In: USA
Manufacturer: AMP Research
Warranty: 5-Year Warranty
4Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit Running Boards for 2015-2022 GMC Canyon

Tyger Auto Star Armor Compatible with 2015-2024 Chevy Colorado GMC...

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Fits: 2015-2022 GMC Canyon & Chevy Colorado Crew Cab
Brand: Tyger Auto
Color: Textured Black
Coating: Dual Stage Powder Coated
Weight: 82.8 pounds
Dimensions: ‎80.71 x 11.42 x 17.32 inches
Load Capacity: Up to 300 LBS (Each Side)
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Tyger Auto
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
5Yitamotor CEETSS-3031 Stainless Steel Running Boards Compatible with 2015-2022 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon Crew Cab

YITAMOTOR 6 inches Running Boards Compatible with 2015-2024 Chevy...

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Fits: 2015 to 2022 GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado
Material: Stainless Steel
Color Available: Chrome, Aluminum Black
Weight: ‎46.9 Pounds
Dimensions: 82 x 6 x 2 Inches
Load Capacity: Up to 450 LBS (Each Side)
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: ‎YITAMOTOR
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Best Running Boards for GMC Canyon in Review

1. APS iBoard Running Boards for GMC Canyon 2015-2022

The iBoard series is one of the most popular GMC Canyon running boards, and there are valid reasons for that. These running boards may not have the flashiest look, but you will still stand out with their unique low-profile design.

Next up is their solid aluminum construction, which gives them impressive durability and strength and offers outstanding corrosion resistance. Further, each board has a load capacity of 300lbs and won’t buckle easily under pressure.

You’ll also appreciate the high-grip tread pad that covers the entire board to make it slip-proof and safe.

And to back it all up, the installation of these units is a pretty straightforward affair.


  • Solid build
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent load capacity


  • It needs extra mounting brackets

2. APS Drop Steps Running Boards for GMC Canyon

Next, we have a set of GMC Canyon side steps designed to last for a lifetime. We attribute this to the sturdy aluminum square tube and the black powder-coated finish to provide reliable resistance against corrosion.

It is also important that we point out that the units are precision-engineered to give them a load capacity of 300lbs. On top of that, the running boards are easy to install, and you get everything you need for the setup.

This includes the mounting hardware needed and a set of DIY instructions to guide you through the process.

Last but not least, the product is covered by a limited 5-year warranty to give you some much-needed peace of mind.


  • Boosts the fuel economy
  • Outstanding anti-rust protection
  • Heavy duty


  • Poor quality attachment clips

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3. AMP Research 76153-01A Electric Running Boards for GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado

How about you go a notch higher and upgrade your truck with these electric and automatic running boards? Whenever you open the door, these boards protrude outwards and hide away from sight when you shut the door.

As if that’s not enough, the units feature an integrated LED light system to enable you to spot where you are stepping in low light conditions.

What about durability? Here, you shouldn’t have any doubts since the die-cast aluminum alloy material makes them quite strong while the PTFE-coating gives them excellent corrosion resistance.

This combination assures us that the units will last for a lifetime.

Most of all, each side has a load capacity of 600lbs to tell how suited they are for accommodating different individuals.


  • Well-made
  • Have an integrated LED system
  • Decent load capacity


  • Vague installation instructions

4. Tyger Auto TG-AM2C20178 GMC Canyon Running Boards

If you are looking for a running board set that will complement your Canyon truck’s appearance, the Star Amor series kit by Tyger Auto is just for you. It has an attractive black design that is hard for anyone to ignore.

Other than that, the bars’ solid build coupled with the dual-stage powder coating should be enough to guarantee you that they will serve you for a long time to come.

The easy bolt-on installation is another positive aspect of this running board, whereby no drilling will be required to set up the unit for use.

Lastly, you will surely appreciate the 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • 300lb load capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Built to last


  • Poor packaging

5. Yitamotor 6 Inch Stainless Steel 2015-2022 GMC Canyon Side Steps

Closing down our list is an asset of running boards by Yitamotor that are sure to give you full value for your money. The first reason for this is the stainless steel construction that makes the units durable and rust-resistant.

You’ll be pleased to know that the boards have been tested and confirmed to withstand salty water corrosion or fade due to UV rays.

Another notable feature lies in the side steps covered by ABS plastic to make them slip-resistant and safe for you and your passengers while getting into the truck.

In addition to that, each side has a load capacity of 450lbs and won’t break apart easily. And the installation is also pretty easy, whereby there will be no drilling at any stage of the setup.


  • Non-slip steps
  • Resistant to corrosion and discoloration
  • Easy installation


  • Short warranty period

What Type of Running Boards Should You Buy for Your GMC Canyon Truck?

There are three different types of running boards that you could get your truck. They are:

A Running Board

This unit is entirely flat, and it mounts to the truck’s side just underneath the doors.

Side Steps

This is a single and narrow step that is meant to give you and your passengers an easy time getting into and out of your truck. Unlike the running board, the side step offers you two mounting options.

You could either install them on the truck’s side underneath the passenger door or behind the rear axle to easily access the truck bed.

A Nerf Bar

Lastly, we have the nerf bar, which stands out with the cutout section with a rubber grip or textured surface to provide the user with a safe space for getting into and out of the truck.

Buying Guide to Perfect Running Boards for GMC Canyon

Now that you know the different brands of running boards in the market, it is now important that we point out the key features of the accessories. With these aspects in mind, you will have a relatively smooth ride finding the ideal running board for your truck.

I) Material

Which material is used to put together the best side steps for GMC Canyon? Most of these units are made out of stainless steel, aluminum or ABS plastic material.

When you compare the materials, you’ll notice that aluminum and stainless steel are sturdier, have better load capacity and tend to be more durable and scratch-resistant. This is in comparison with plastic which is not that strong and has a shorter lifespan.

II) Load Capacity

This refers to the maximum weight that your running board can support, with the ideal range being 300lbs-550lbs.

III) The Step Padding

You should also pay attention to the material used to make the step padding, with the common ones being rubber and plastic. The former offers a superior grip in different weather conditions while the latter wears down with continuous use.

Further, rubber gets slippery when the weather gets colder.

IV) Installation

Most of the aftermarket running boards that we came across have easy bolt-on installation that you could do by yourself. However, some require drilling for proper installation and may require the services of a professional.

V) Length

For a running board to be effective in its functions, it must be of the right length. Luckily, you can find the right size for trucks of different sizes.

FAQs on GMC Canyon Running Boards

We don’t want to leave anything out of our discussion and therefore included this section where we shall answer some of the common queries on this topic.

Hopefully, we shall put to rest some of your concerns once and for all.

Will Running Boards affect my truck’s gas mileage?

It all depends on how much the unit weighs, whereby the effect of a lighter aftermarket running board on the gas mileage is insignificant. However, the impact is greater for heavier units, whereby they can reduce the fuel economy at the rate of 4% for every 100lbs.

Will Installing running boards void my GMC Canyon’s warranty?

Even though it is unlikely to do so, it is a good idea to check with your car dealer beforehand. And if you are uncomfortable with an aftermarket running board, you could always check whether your manufacturer produces such accessories to be on the safe side.

How much weight can running boards hold?

The average load capacity of aftermarket running boards is in the range of 300-500lbs and is affected by the quality of material used to put the piece together.

Our Top Pick

After checking out and comparing the different running boards on the list, we chose APS iBoard Running Boards for GMC Canyon as the best running boards for GMC Canyon. They are well built; their load capacity is reasonable while installing is a walk in the park.

And for the quality they pack, the units are decently priced.


If our article has been helpful, you should be on your way to finding the perfect running board for your Canyon. With this accessory, getting into and out of your truck will no longer be a hassle as the interior is now within your reach.

You should ensure that the stepping pad is non-slip to minimize the risk of slipping and getting hurt as you attempt to enter or exit your vehicle.

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