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Top 11 Best Running Boards for GMC Sierra – 2022

Are you looking to replace old and worn-out running boards for your GMC Sierra? Well, you’re in the right place. The number and different brands selling aftermarket running boards are at an all-time high.

This makes it difficult to decide on which are the best GMC Sierra running boards and which ones are of low quality to avoid buying them.


Running boards ensure you’re able to enter or exit your car comfortably as well as protecting the vehicle from getting scratches from other vehicles on the road.

We have featured easily fixable, high-quality, and durable running boards to give you a detailed understanding of what’s needed for your car below.

Comparison Table for Best GMC Sierra Running Boards

Before we begin the review, here’s a quick list that will help you analyze all the running boards featured in this article briefly.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1APS iBoard 5in Black Powder Coated Running Boards Nerf Bars Side StepsAPS42.4 pounds
2YITAMOTOR 6 inches Running Boards, Side Step Nerf BarYITAMOTOR55.1 pounds
3AMP Research Black Color PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research51 pounds
4APS Off-Road Armor Aluminum Running Boards, Nerf Bars Side StepsAPS44.3 pounds
5APS Black Powder Coated 5in iBoard Running Boards Nerf Bars Side Steps BarsAPS46.9 pounds
6AMP Research Black Color PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research51 pounds
7OEDRO Aluminum Alloy 6.5″ Running Boards Side Steps Nerf BarsOEDRO46.1 pounds
8Tyger Auto Step for Crew Cab Running Boards, Side Step Rails, Nerf BarsTyger Auto35.2 pounds
9AMP Research Black Color PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP Research51 pounds
10Off Roader 4″ Black for GMC Sierra Crew Cab, Nerf Bar, Side Steps, Eboard Running BoardsOff Roader40.6 pounds
11HD Ridez Flat Steps 6″ Polished Compatible with Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra Nerf Bar, Side Steps, Side BarsHD Ridez51.5 pounds

The Best Running Boards for GMC Sierra:

1. APS Iboards Running Boards

On top of our list, the manufacturer has given you 2 running boards that have been made with new generation technology to look good and add to the beauty of your car.

Also, an aluminum side step has been provided on each running board to ensure it can handle up to 300lbs. The treads on the side steps are rough to ensure you get enough grip when entering your car. More to that, the boards are sturdy, stable, and durable.

More Benefits and Features

Another plus we love is the fact that supporting brackets, a mounting kit, and installation instructions have been provided to make the fixing process simple. These boards are easy to install since you don’t require drilling when fixing them.

You can fix it in less than an hour. Additionally, the running iboards come with a 3-year warranty period in case you purchase a pair with manufacturing defects.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Attractive design


  • Prone to scratching if subjected to extreme abuse

2. Yitamotor Running Boards

If you’re looking to purchase a great quality set of step bars for GMC Sierra, then this kit should be on top of your potential choices. The running boards are manufactured using strong stainless steel material.

The steel ensures that your running board is resistant to wear and rust formation. Therefore, it will remain sturdy and serve you for a very long time before replacement.

These running boards can stand up to 450lbs of weight. Additionally, you’re provided with a manual for easy installation.

More Benefits and Features

To complement all this goodness, the manufacturer has given a 1-year warranty for the running boardsThis means you will get a replacement or compensation in case you’re provided with a defective item.

You need to know that these running boards only fit a crew cab with 4 large doors. Therefore, you need to check your GMC Sierra’s size before ordering one as it’s not compatible with a regular or double cab.


  • High quality
  • Rust and wear-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Holds up to 450lbs


  • Not very wide

3. AMP Research 76154-01A Running Board

The main reason that has made us feature these running boards is the fact that they’re automatic and powered by electricity.

Whenever you open your door, the running boards extend to enable you to enter the car easily and retract once you’ve closed the vehicle doors.

During the night, an in-built LED light system ensures you see them clearly when you want to enter your car. What’s more, these running boards are made of stainless steel that has been coated with Aluminum metal to ensure it’s corrosion-resistant.

Benefits and Features

Additionally, the kit has an impressive weight-holding capacity of about 600 pounds on both sides of the vehicleAnother reason we like it is that its quality is equal to OEM designs and can be used in all weather and climatic conditions without getting damaged easily.


  • Weatherproof
  • Automatic
  • Stable
  • 5-year warranty


  • Expensive

4. APS Off-Road IA-57271712 Running Boards

What we love about these running boards/side steps bars is that they ensure you experience a comfortable step into your GMC Sierra. On top of that, the boards can protect the rocker panels from damage.

Also, fitted with a double girder system, your car will be safe from obstacles and other kinds of impacts on the roadWhen it comes to beauty, the running boards square tube design that are black gives your car a great aggressive look especially when driving off-road.

What’s more, installation is very easy and the running boards come with a manual DIY guide and other installation hardware.

More Benefits and Features

Another plus with these boards is that they’ve been made with Aluminum material to ensure they are highly durable and won’t corrode when exposed to all kinds of environments.

They support 300lbs of weight and grille openings on both step plates ensure debris and water doesn’t make it dirty and slippery.


  • Grille openings
  • Anti-rust
  • Sturdy
  • Free installation hardware


  • Not a good rock slider

5. APS IB-C5004N Running Boards

When it comes to quality assurance, these running boards are ISO 9001: 2008 Certified. This ensures that you will enjoy good service with minimal or no repairs at all. The running boards have an innovative iboard design that gives a unique look and appearance to your car.

Also, the kit has been manufactured and tested severally to withstandcorrosion and wear when exposed to extreme weather and temperatures. Measuring 5 inches each, these boards have a wide step area and can handle a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, on its surface is a rough rubber material to ensure you don’t slip from it. When installing them, you don’t require drilling and DIY instructions have been provided to make the process easy. The top of the boards is UV resistant.


  • UV resistant
  • Rock-solid
  • Patented unique design
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Anti-slip protection – rubber friction co-efficient test

6. AMP Research 75113-01A Running Boards

These running boards are powered by electricity and hence can automatically extend or contract when you’re getting in and out of your car respectively. On top of that, an LED light ensures that you can see them while driving at night or in dark areas.

What’s more, even though they’re lightweight, they can support up to 600lbs of weight without bending. Another plus is the PTFE and Aluminum material coating on its surface to prevent corrosion when exposed to extreme conditions.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the hinge points and bearings on the running boards are made of steel to ensure its automatic feature is conducted without any trouble.

When you purchase these running boards, you’re assured of using them without having to do maintenance checks for a long time.


  • Maximum grips
  • LED lighting
  • Maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-free


  • Not easy to install

7. Oedro Running Boards

We have featured these pieces are part of our list since they have a wide 6.5-inch step area that ensures that going in and out of your car is safe and convenient.

Also, the probability of corrosion is minimized by a unique powder on the carbon steel that offers protection for the running boards.

More to that, they are strong since an Aluminum alloy has been added to their surfaces. This means they can hold over 350lbs without cracking nor bending and stay durable for years.

Additionally, a mounting bracket has been provided for easy installation and therefore drilling isn’t necessary.

Benefits and Features

You need to know that you can customize the color of your running boards after purchaseBesides that, the boards have a modern design with a blind road and division canal that reduces skidding or accumulation of water and debris.


  • Easy installation
  • Strong
  • Modern design
  • Wide step area


  • Loses grip when it’s muddy

8. Tyger Auto TG-ST2C50028 Running Boards

This kit comes with 2 running boards that are fixed on both the passenger seat and on the driver’s seat. They are made of Aluminum material which protects them from corrosion and rusting to increase durability.

For extra protection, silver trims have been included to keep the running boards looking neat and classy.

You don’t need bolts for installation purposes since all mounting hardware has been provided in the kitWhat’s more, the DIY instructions have been provided to ensure you fit the running boards with maximum precision.

More Benefits and Features

On top of that, the manufacturer has given a long-term attractive warranty of 5 years. All defects and malfunctioning running boards can be returned for replacement or a refund.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Corrosion proof
  • DIY Instructions
  • Mounting hardware provided


  • Some users complained of missing installation parts

9. AMP Research 76254-01A Running Boards

If you own a GMC Sierra 1500, then this kit is your perfect aftermarket replacement for your running boardsYou get 2 automatic running boards, powered by electricity to help you enter and exit your car smoothly.

Also, with an LED light system fitted inside the boards, it ensures you see where you’re supposed to step during the night. What’s more, this kit supports an impressive weight of up to 600lbs. This means it can hold lots of pressure and abuse without bending or cracking.

Additionally, this kit is highly durable and corrosion-free due to a strong finishing made of PTFE material and anodized metal that reduces wear and tear.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, an impressive 5-year warranty ensures that you buy it with confidence that in case you have a defective product, there will be a refund or replacement.


  • Automatic
  • Holds up to 600lbs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Weather-proof


  • Costly

10. Off Roader Running Boards

This kit is compatible with GMC Sierra 2007-2018 car models. What we like about it is its lightweight made of high-quality aluminum material that withstands many rough road and weather conditions.

Also, step pads are provided on each running board to ensure that you don’t slip when entering or exiting your car.

The set supports 300 pounds of weight on each running pad. What’s more, we love the fact that installation takes less time compared to other running boards.

No drilling is needed to fix it onto your car and all hardware for installation has been provided.

More Benefits and Features

On top of that, the running boards kit comes with an instructional guide to help you find it easy to mount on your car. When it comes to durability, its patented design shows that the quality of the boards can be trusted to last for many years without maintenance.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Installation hardware provided
  • Weatherproof


  • Could have been wider

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11. HD Ridez Running Boards

If you’re looking for running boards that resemble OEM types, then this is your option. These running boards are made of solid strong Aluminum that ensures they are protected and can hold a weight of up to 400lbs.

Additionally, the Aluminum ensures that your running boards are protected from corrosion and wear out when exposed to extreme road conditions. Another plus is that the running boards have a corrugated surface to ensure that you don’t slip when stepping on them.

What’s more, these running boards prevent debris, mud, and water from entering your vehicle’s interiors keeping it clean all the time.

More Benefits and Features

Besides looking good and fitting perfectly, these running boards are easy to install with the hardware and brackets needed to install providedLastly, DIY instructions that are free to understand have been provided to ensure you have an easy time fixing it into your car.


  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Easy to install
  • DIY instructions
  • Perfect fit


  • Regular stock-out

Buyer Guide for GMC Sierra Running Boards

Running boards are very important for your vehicle. Therefore, you need to know the features and qualities that constitute a good board. We have discussed some of the considerations you need to check out before deciding to purchase a running board.

Warranty Period

It’s important to check out the length of your running boards to ensure that you get a good deal. Warranties for running boards range from 1 year up to 7 years depending on the brand you’re purchasing.

Some companies offer warranties depending on the mileage your car has covered over time. A long period warranty is important if you’re looking to own a car for many years.

However, if you’re interested in running boards for a short time, you can purchase the ones with shorter warrant periods since they’re cheaper.

Construction Material

The reason the construction material is important on running boards is that it determines how long it lasts, the weight it holds, and if it can resist wear and tear.

Most high-quality running boards are made of steel or Aluminum material since they’resturdy and strong compared to other substitutes.

Width of the Running Board

Purchasing a running board with a good width ensures your paint job is safe in case another car bashes their vehicle into your vehicle. Also, if your running board is wider, there’s more surface area to step in compared with a shorter one.

However, the width shouldn’t be too much since accessing your car’s underneath might prove to be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions on GMC Sierra Running Boards

We have compiled a few questions regarding running boards on GMC Sierra and other general questions to enhance your understanding.

Q: Do trucks look better with running boards?

A: Yes. Running boards increase the attractiveness and the stylish look of your truck. They come in different colors, sizes, and materials to fit your truck perfectly.

Also, some running boards have an LED lighting system that enables you to see them clearly during the night.

Q: What is the difference between a running board and a Nerf bar?

A: The difference between a running board and a nerf bar is their different shapes.

A nerf bar is narrower and round in shape whereas a running board is flat and has a wider surface to ensure you place your feet comfortably.

Q: Are running boards necessary?

A: Yes. Running boards are very important since they prevent your vehicle from damage and they don’t allow debris into the vehicle. Additionally, most drivers use them as doormats to clean their shoes before hopping into their cars.

Best Pick Overall

Running boards have unique features that give each an advantage over the other. However, we have discovered a running board that is better than the rest by far.

In our opinion, the best running boards for GMC Sierra are the APS iBoards. From its great look to the durability, this board outshines all the other substitutes in terms of performance.

Additionally, at its price, you’re getting a good deal as it includes installation hardware and DIY instructions to make you fix it within an hour.

Final Thought

In the motor vehicle industry, there are numerous brands and types of GMC truck running boardsThis means that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good quality running board that is appropriate for your car.

We’re glad that we have made it easier for you to choose by selecting some of the best running boards and outlining their advantages and limitations.

Additionally, our buying guide will help you consider important things that you should pay attention to when buying a good running board kit. With all this information, tips, and tricks, we hope it shall ease your purchase decision. Good luck.

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