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The 11 Best Running Boards for Toyota 4Runner Reviewed and How to Choose

As much as the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most significant investments you can ever make, it has one significant disadvantage, i.e., difficulty in making an entry or exit. This is due to its elevated height, and the sickly, little ones and the elderly are the ones most affected.

A solution to this problem lies with running boards which will provide you with a convenient platform to step on as you enter or exit your carYou have come to the right place as this article shall be discussing the best running board for Toyota 4Runner.

We shall look at the top units in the market and the buying guide you can use to narrow down to the best running boards.


Comparison Table for Quality Toyota 4Runner Running Boards

The following running boards are some of the best that you will find in the market. Check them out, and we believe you will find one that meets all your unique preferences.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1TAC Running Boards Aluminum Black Side Steps Nerf Bars Fit Toyota 4RunnerTac Truck Accessories Company30.3 pounds
2APS iBoard Running Boards Nerf Bars Side Steps Step BarsAPS38.7 pounds
3Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit Side Step Rails, Nerf Bars, Running BoardsTyger Auto70.9 pounds
4AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running BoardsAMP51 pounds
5APS Off-Road 6.5in Side Armor Aluminum Running Boards, Nerf Bars Side Steps Side BarsAPS41.2 pounds
6APS 6 inches Aluminum Silver Color iBoard Running BoardsAPS44.2 pounds
7ARIES ActionTrac 79-Inch Retractable Powered Running BoardsARIES80 pounds
8ARIES Black Steel Rocker Step Guard Running BoardsARIES58.8 Pounds
9APS Custom Fit iBoard Black Running Boards, Nerf Bars Side Steps Side BarsAPS36 pounds
10Off Roader Eboard Running Board 6″ Black Fits 4Runner Trail Sport Utility (Nerf Bar | Side Steps | Side Bars)Off Roader37.4 pounds
11APS Premium 5in iBoard Running Boards for Toyota 4Runner LimitedAPS42.1 pounds

Best Running Boards for Toyota 4Runner Reviewed

1. TAC Running Boards for Toyota 4Runner 2010-2022 Limited Model

Opening our list is a set of budget-friendly that would be a perfect fit for your Toyota 4Runner. They feature an easy bolt-on installation that does not require any complicated steps. Further, the kit includes all the mounting hardware and installation instructions to guide you through.

Next up is the aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction that offers outstanding longevity, sturdiness, and corrosion-resistance for your units.

Meanwhile, the corrugated rubber step pad covers the entire running board, and when combined with the polished stainless-steel edge, it does a great job of enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.

Lastly, the 5.5-inches wide step is slip-proof, safe, and comfortable for all those using it.


  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-skid


  • Too low

2. APS iBoard Running Boards

Next up is the APS iBoard, which, besides the obvious function of running boards, is designed to give your truck a unique look. The units have a unique flat profile design that will leave your vehicle looking clean and modern.

We liked the heavy-duty aluminum brackets that can support up to 300lbs without bendingIn addition to that, the board has a ridged high grip tread top that offers an anti-slip footing running along the entire bar.

This implies that the boards enable you to access the windshield, truck bed, and top of the car.

You should be pleased with how easy it is to install the boards as they come with instructions and all the hardware to guide you through the process.

Lastly, maintaining the units will not be an issue as you only need a garden hose to wash them clean.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Great look
  • Easy installation


  • Too long

3. Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit 

The most notable aspect of these solid 4runner running boards is the star symbol and Tyger logo cut onto it. Other than that, the dual girder system is crucial in protecting the underside from any potential impacts by debris and objects.

We liked the dual-stage powder coated textured finish that gives the boards a great look and offers corrosion-resistance. On top of that, each side has a load capacity of 500lbs that can sustain the heaviest individual.

If you are DIYer, you will appreciate the easy bolt-on installation whereby you will need a few minutes to set up the entire system.

Last but not least, the product comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Solid construction
  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • Protects the underside from impact


  • Expensive

4. AMP Research Powerstep Electric Running Boards

Made in the USA, these running boards are quite pricey, but we believe they are worth this price due to the electronic features that they offer. The electric-powered boards automatically extend whenever you open the door and then retract out of sight when you shut the doors.

The boards have a sleek design to make you stand out from the rest, while the low-profile design allows for ease of boarding.

Do not worry about the durability since the die-cast aluminum alloy gives us a solid unit that is meant to last for a lifetimeOn top of that, the PTFE coating makes the units corrosion-resistant, vital for their longevity.

Let’s also touch on the precision stainless steel pivot pins that offer outstanding stability while the self-lubricating bushings allow for all-weather performance.

Lastly, these 4runner running boards are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


  • 600lbs load capacity
  • Built to last
  • Automatic extending and retracting doors


  • Pricey

5. APS Off-Road Side Armor Aluminum Running Boards

Once again, we shall be looking at a product from APS, and this particular set is perfect if you usually subject your vehicle to off-road use. First, the running boards are 6.5-inches wide to provide you with sufficient surface to step on.

Then, the 1-piece aluminum construction gives the steps the capability to support up to 300lbsFurther, the step plates feature grille openings that allow ice, dirt, and water to seep through, and in the process, keeps the boards safe and clean.

You are sure to stand out with the steps’ unique square tube and slotted design, while the powder-coated black finish gives the units an aggressive look ideal for off-road use.

Lastly, the boards are easy to install, with the hardware in the package making everything easier.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Clean and safe


  • Low load capacity

6. APS iBoard 6-Inch Running Boards

Once you see what this product has to offer, you may end up concluding that APS has produced some of the best running boards for 4runner.

When you acquire this product, you will get a package that contains two running boards, mounting brackets, and a hardware kit so that you can do the installation all by yourself.

Let’s now talk about the aircraft-grade aluminum construction that gives us a heavy-duty and rust-resistant product with a load capacity of 300lbs.

Thanks to the corrugated rubber, you can confidently step onto the units without worrying about slipping or falling.

Other notable features include a low-profile design and a low weight of only 22.4lbs to make these boards some of the lightest around.


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip corrugated rubber
  • Sturdy construction


  • Unclear user instructions

7. Aries ActionTracRetractable Powered Running Boards

There are several reasons why we believe this set of running boards will be any Toyota 4runner owner’s dream. First, the 3-inch retractable steps are designed to automatically deploy when the door opens and offers convenient 2-step access with another 4-inch step.

Then, the units feature an outer housing that shields the internal electronics, power step and pivot points from external elements such as water and mud.

Next up is the aluminum construction that makes the boards lightweight and with a load capacity of 650lbsOn top of that, they are powder-coated to enhance their resistance to corrosion and similar elements.

We liked the quiet and safe retraction of the steps while the integrated control module halts operation any time an obstruction is detected.

Lastly, the installation is easy and does not require any drilling or splicing. To know the full installation process definitely check out this.


  • Offers unique 2-step access
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Poor packaging

8. Aries Rocker Step Guard Running Boards

Aries does it again with the Rocker step rails designed to offer you a convenient way of getting into your truckThe rail features an all-steel construction that provides strength and stability plus provides the underside with protection against scratches while on the road.

These steps’ high mounting offers better ground clearance while protecting the sides from debris during off-road use.

If you are bothered about outdoor elements messing up the steps, the dual finish of textured black powder and E-coat should calm your nerves as they help make the boards resilient against the potentially-destructive elements.

Lastly, the no-drill brackets make the installation to be a walk in the park.


  • Solid construction
  • Better ground clearance
  • Coated against harmful external elements


  • Poor fitment

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9. APS iBoard Black Running Boards 2003-2009 4runner

We consider these units by APS as some of the best running boards for 4runner, and we shall tell you why. Any time you purchase the product, you get a package that includes two running boards, mounting brackets, and all the necessary hardware kit to give you an easy time during installation.

Then, the 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum construction ensures that the boards serve you for the longest time without corroding while sustaining loads of up to 300lbs.

The one-piece design and a 6-inch stepping area give you sufficient space to step on. Additionally, a high grip tread pad ensures you do not have to worry about slipping any time you step on the board.

Most of all, the boards should enhance your vehicle’s visual appeal.


  • Look great
  • Anti-slip
  • Complete installation kit


  • Coating peels off easily

10. Off Roader Eboard 6-Inch Running Board

This is a versatile set of running boards that are suited for both city and off-road use. The units are made out of aluminum and are powder-coated for durability and to offer the required stability needed by such items.

The 6-inch stepping area is very wide, while it is non-slip for safety and comfort any time you put your foot on it. Further, the steps are easy to clean so that you can easily return them to their initial condition.

Also worth noting is that the package comes with everything you need to set up the boards effortlessly and in the shortest time possible.


  • Built to last
  • Versatile
  • Wide and safe stepping area


  • Poor customer support

11. APS Premium iBoard Running Boards

Closing down our list is the APS premium running boards that offer great value for the amount of money you spend. First, they are easy to assemble due to the advanced bolt-on installation coupled with the mounting hardware included in the package.

Let’s head over to the construction whereby the aircraft aluminum material used gives the units impressive sturdiness, corrosion, and rust-resistance for the sake of longevity. Further, the rubber pads are UV-resistant to ensure they never fade or get worn out when exposed to the sun.

We liked the 5-inches wide stepping area that gives you sufficient space, which would ensure you never have to worry about slipping or sliding as you access your vehicle.

Lastly, the polished exterior gives the units a beautiful look so that they look fantastic on your vehicle.


  • Visually appealing
  • UV-resistant top
  • Wide stepping area


  • The bolts are too visible

Buying Guide to the Running Boards for Toyota 4runner

Now that we know which brands are the dominant ones in the market let’s now see the factors that you need to consider during your search in order to make an informed decision.

Here they are.

I) Material

The construction material will determine how long the running boards will serve you and the resilience it can put up against elements such as sunlight, water, and corrosion.

Common materials used for the metal running boards are aluminum and stainless steel, which offer outstanding strength, stability, and scratch-resistance.

II) The Step Padding

Next, ensure that the step padding is made from high-quality material that is durable, anti-slip, and an all-weather performerHere, you can choose between rubber and plastic, with the former being pricier but offers more longevity and an excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Plastic is affordable but wears down faster and is too slippery when it gets wet.

III) Load Capacity

Your ideal 4runner running boards should support a considerable amount of weight without bending or breaking apart. In most cases, you will come across whose capacity ranges between 300-600lbs.

IV) Ease of Installation

Nobody likes spending a fortune hiring a handyman to do the installation for them. So, we suggest that you go for units that you can set up yourself in the shortest time possible. They should come with pre-drilled holes and a set of instructions to guide you through the installation process.

V) Design

The running boards come as nerf bars, side steps, or the traditional running board design. So, it is up to you to decide which one would be more beneficial to you.

FAQs on Top 4Runner Running Boards

This section should boost your knowledge on the topic by attempting to answer some of the common queries regarding the perfect running boards for Toyota 4runner.

Q: Are running boards easy to install?

A: Yes, most of them are. They often have bolt-on designs that you can mount on the pre-existing mounting holes, while some come with a set of instructions to make the process straightforward for you.

Q: Do running boards affect the gas mileage?

A: It all depends on the bulkiness of the boards. The impact on lighter units on the gas milage is negligible, while the heavier ones have been proven to reduce the fuel economy by around 4% for every 100lbs.

Q: Does installing running boards void my car’s warranty?

A: No, it should not. However, we advise that you check with your car dealer so that you know the manufacturer’s position and policy on this issue.

The Best Overall

In the end, we settled on TAC Running Boards for Toyota 4Runner 2010-2022 Limited Model as the best running board set on our list. They are budget-friendly, well-made, anti-skid, and comes with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Closing Remark

We hope our article has made you understand what running boards are all about and how you can get the best set for your Toyota 4Runner. In the end, entering and exiting your vehicle will no longer be as stressful as it used to be.

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