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11 Best Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma in 2022 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular vehicle for the kind of off-road performance that it delivers. It can handle tough jobs with ease, and yet its interior controls are straightforward to use. Even better is that the automobile is decently priced, considering what it has to offer.

However, this truck is too high, and not everyone may be comfortable getting on or off of it. That is why it is vital to invest in the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma so that accessing your vehicle does not turn into an everyday hassle.

In this article, we shall discuss these auto accessories in detail so that you can easily find the perfect item whenever you search for it.

Best Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma

What Are Running Boards for the Toyota Tacoma?

Owing to the design of this awesome double cab truck, you might find it wise to go for aftermarket footboards to provide a convenient stepping surface. These footboards are what people, Tacoma owners included, commonly refer to as running boards.

The boards are typically fitted underneath the side doors and can help make it easier for you to board or disembark from your pickup truck. Other benefits that come with footboards include:

  1. They provide an extra layer of safety thereby preventing the formation of dents or scratches
  2. Enhancing the face value of your truck making it look sleeker and meaner
  3. They are pretty easy to install at home provided you stick to the provided manual

Let’s begin by looking at a sample of the units.

Comparison Table of Top 11 Tacoma Running Boards:

This section contains a selection of running boards that we consider as the topmost ones in the market. Take a look at the detailed reviews on each of them so that you can understand what they are about and whether they are worth investing in or not.

RankProductSome Top Info
1APS Black Color iBoard Running Boards Compatible with Toyota Tacoma

APS Running Boards 5in Black Compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2005-2023...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double/Crew Cab
Brand: APS
Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Weight: 42.5 pounds
Dimensions:‎ 86 x 12.2 x 7.8 inches (package)
Load Capacity: 300 LBS
2Toyota Genuine Accessories Running Board for Tacoma Cab

Toyota Genuine Accessories PT212-35055 Running Board

Check Latest Price
Fits: Toyota Tacoma Double Cab (4 Door)
Brand: Toyota
Weight: 47.2 pounds
Dimensions: ‎81 x 14.4 x 8.3 inches (package)
Made in: Japan
3AMP Research 75162-01A Toyota Tacoma Electric Power Running Boards

AMP Research PowerStep | Ergonomic, Rust-Proof Aluminum, True Flush...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma Double and Access Cab Model
Brand: AMP Research
Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
Weight: 53 pounds
Dimensions: 73 x 12 x 11 inches
Made in: USA
Warranty: 5 year
4Tyger Auto 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Side Step | Running Boards

Tyger Auto Star Armor Compatible with 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma | Double...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
Brand: Tyger Auto
Material: Metal
Weight: ‎79.3 pounds
Dimensions: ‎84.65 x 11.42 x 13.39 inches
Made in: China
Warranty: 5 year
5APS 6in Premium iBoard Running Boards for 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double/Crew Cab

APS Premium Running Boards 6in Compatible with Toyota Tacoma Double...

Check Latest Price
Fits: Toyota Tacoma 2005 to 2022 Double/Crew Cab
Brand: APS
Material: Aluminum, Metal
Weight: 37.2 pounds
Dimensions:‎ 82 x 13.5 x 8 inches (package)
Load Capacity: Up to 300 pounds
6AMP Research Electric Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma

AMP Research PowerStep | Ergonomic, Rust-Proof Aluminum, True Flush...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
Brand: AMP Research
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Weight: 53 pounds
Dimensions:‎ 11 x 73 x 12 inches
Made in: USA
Load Capacity: Up to 600 pounds
7APS iBoard Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma Cab

APS Running Boards (Nerf Bars Side Steps Step Bars) Compatible with...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma
Brand: APS
Material: Aircraft Aluminum
Weight: 29 pounds
Dimensions:‎ 55 x 13 x 8 inches (package)
Load Capacity: Up to 300 pounds
8TAC 5” i4 Running Boards Compatible with 2005-2022 Tacoma

TAC 5” i4 Running Boards Fit 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Truck
Brand: TAC
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 39 pounds
Dimensions: 83 x 11 x 7 inches
Load Capacity: 300 pounds
Warranty: 5 year
9Tyger Auto TG-BL2T7078 Toyota Tacoma Blade Running Boards

Tyger Auto 6.6' Blade Running Boards Compatible with 2005-2023 Toyota...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma
Brand: Tyger Auto
Material: Forged with Carbon Steel
Weight: 62 pounds
Dimensions: 81.5 x 8.27 x 9.45 inches
Made in: China
Load Capacity: 500 pounds
Warranty: 5 year
10OEDRO 6.5″ Tacoma Aluminum Alloy Running Boards

OEDRO 6.5' Running Boards Compatible with 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma...

Check Latest Price
Fits: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2022 Double Cab
Brand: oEdRo
Material: Aluminum Alloy with Stainless Steel Step Plate
Weight: 42 pounds
Dimensions: 85.43 x 7.08 x 9.05 inches
Load Capacity: 450 pounds
Warranty: 1 year
11APS Wheel-to-Wheel Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Running Boards | Side Bars

APS Wheel to Wheel Running Boards 6-inch Compatible with Toyota Tacoma...

Check Latest Price
Fits: 2005-2022 Toyota TacomaAccess Cab
Brand: APS
Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Weight: 43 pounds
Dimensions:‎ 88 x 10 x 8 inches (package)
Load Capacity: 300 LBS

Why Do You Need Tacoma Running Boards?

There’s no doubt that they add a stylish touch to vehicles, but is there more than that? Indeed, by investing in the right set of running boards for your Tacoma truck you’re bound to reap a number of key benefits.

Extra Protection

Well-made footboards can provide a sturdy barrier that can help protect your car from debris as you drive. As you know, when off-roading, vehicles tend to kick up all sorts of things including mud, nails, and even rocks. Running boards can protect your precious paint against such.

Cleaner Interior

In some cases, running boards provide a much-needed doormat surface. This can provide an extra layer of protection as far as keeping your interior clean is concerned.

Easier Access

Above all, these accessories can be helpful to elderly passengers as well as small kids who may struggle to enter or exit the truck. This is particularly important if you’re planning to raise your rig to achieve extra ground clearance.

The 11 Best Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

1. APS iBoard Running Boards for 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma

There are several reasons why this particular unit is at the top of our list. That said, in our view, the running board’s outstanding aspect is the impressive stability that it offers.

Let’s look at this product in detail.

Product Description

We shall start by telling you why these boards are so stable. Indeed, these Toyota Tacoma double cab footboards from APS are fully covered in rubber with thick and deep treads. This simple feature adds grip to your shoes thereby giving you extra confidence when entering or exiting your truck.

What’s more, the Toyota Tacoma double cab boards are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. As you know, this is one of the toughest kinds of metals available out there in the world. It’s light in weight yet highly durable.

In addition to that, these boards are rust and corrosion-resistant, and this is crucial for the unit’s durability.

Other Features and Benefits

With the 5-inch width, you will be very comfortable stepping on the boards without worrying about tripping and falling off.

We liked the low profile design since it makes it easy for the elderly to board the vehicle comfortably.

Lastly, the units are easy to install, and you can get the job done in a few minutes.

In fact, each package comes with mounting brackets along with a fully-equipped DIY installation kit. And that’s in addition to a clear installation manual that’s provided in PDF. You absolutely don’t need to hire an expert when working with this footboard from APS.


  • Easy to install
  • Slip-proof
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Poor packaging

2. Toyota Genuine Running Board Fits with Tacoma Cab

What more could you ask for than Toyota Tacoma running boards made by the Toyota brand itself? Of course, this is a company known for reliability!

And so, you can trust the engineers from this Japanese car-making company to know what it takes to create the perfect running boards for their cars.

Here is a detailed review of this product.

Product Description

This footboard pair is designed to be sturdy. It can easily accommodate more than 300 pounds of weight at any given time.

On top of that, it is equipped with non-skid stepping pads that do an excellent job of holding your feet securely in place as you step in and out of your truck.

This design particularly comes in handy especially when it is rainy or snowy.

Let’s not forget the textured black powder coat that gives the unit a rugged appearance while also ensuring it remains great-looking for many years to come.

Other Features and Benefits

The fact that this pair of running boards are a perfect fit for your Toyota Tacoma double cab truck means that they are stable enough to offer the support you need from them.

Finally, the boards are reasonably priced to make them affordable to anyone and not dent your pockets when you invest in them.

That said, even though the unit is backed by Toyota’s genuine accessory warranty, this cover only applies if the board is installed by a Toyota-approved installer. So, if you’re planning to install it the DIY way, you might want to think twice about it lest you void the warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Anti-skid step pads
  • Easy installation


  • Limiting warranty terms

3. AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma Double and Access Cab

AMP Research is a brand that has a reputation for producing some of the best Tacoma running boards out there. For this reason, we have no doubt that the Power Step series of running boards deviate from these standards.

Let’s see what this particular set of products has to offer.

Product Description

The first outstanding feature of these units is their automatic design whereby they extend when you open the door and hide when you close it. Further, they have a low-profile design to make it easy for the elderly and short individuals to hop on and off the truck.

Next up, these Toyota Tacoma double cab and access cab boards boast sturdy build-quality as they are made from high-strength metal and coated with anodized coating. So, no doubt, these can withstand almost anything from debris to corrosion.

What’s more, these units come with stainless steel pivot pins that provide guaranteed stability. And the icing on the cake is that the moving parts are equipped with self-lubricating bushings for uninterrupted performance.

Other Features and Benefits

Another notable aspect is the integrated LED light system that makes the board easy to see in the dark for safe climbing. On top of that, they have a waterproof design that lets the water flow off rather than accumulate on the surface.

Lastly, these units are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

This extended warranty is important because these boards have quite a lot of things that are likely to go wrong. Think about the bushing and the electric components! Fortunately, the warranty remains valid even under DIY installation provided it is the original purchaser claiming it.


  • Automatic, Electric power running boards
  • Made in the USA
  • All-weather performer
  • Low maintenance
  • 5-year warranty


  • Installation isn’t easy

4. Tyger Auto Running Boards for 2005 to 2022 Tacoma Double Cab

Tyger Auto is another brand that has established itself as a producer of budget-friendly yet high-quality car accessories. As you shall see in our review below, this running board maintains high standards, and you will not be unwise to invest in it.

Product Description

First, this is a heavy-duty side step that can handle any person’s weight without much difficulty. On top of that, the patented star metal step pads will eliminate any discomfort getting off or on the truck.

When it comes to installation, you will be pleased with the quick bolt-on design. This ensures that you can get the footboards up running in the shortest time possible.

Another impressive feature is the textured black finish with dual-stage powder that gives it a sleek and attractive look.

Other Features and Benefits

This metal running board is guaranteed to serve you for a long time. Plus, it comes with a dual girder system that provides maximum protection to the underside of your Toyota Tacoma double cab rig.

Lastly, the product comes with a 5-year warranty against workmanship defects. This is the kind of protection we like to see.

As you can imagine, 5 years is a really long time to test the boards and confirm that they are indeed worth the money. And with a good customer support team to boot, this product from Tyger Auto Store seems poised for greatness.


  • Quick installation
  • Attractive look
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Metal running board
  • Each side have up to 500 pounds weight capacity


  • Bulky

5. APS Premium iBoard Running Boards for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab/Crew Cab

If you are tired of the silvery accents in other iBoard units, here is an option that you should consider going for. These premium running boards are all-black and would help enhance your truck’s current aesthetics.

Product Description

When you purchase this set, you will get a package that includes two running boards, mounting brackets, and other hardware to allow for an easy installation process. The fact that the installation is bolt-on makes everything much easier.

Then, with the aircraft-grade aluminum construction, you can expect these units to serve you for a lifetime. Further, the 6-inch width offers a wide step pad while the raised ends serve as mudguards.

And of course, We cannot leave out the high grip tread that holds your feet securely and offers anti-skid protection.

Other Features and Benefits

This iBoard has a low-profile design for easy getting on and off, even for those who usually have a hard time.

These are heavy-duty Toyota Tacoma double cab boards that can comfortably support up to 300lbs without bending or breaking apart.

However, this low weight limit makes them less-than-perfect for plus-sized users. So, if you fall in that category, you might want to go for something extra stronger. For instance, the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit is a good alternative as it has a 500lb weight limit.


  • Built to last
  • Low-profile design
  • Easy installation
  • Style and Assistance
  • The looks is phenomenal


  • Prone to water spots

6. AMP Research 75142-01A Tacoma PowerStep Electric Running Boards

Once again, we shall be looking at a product by AMP Research, and this should give a hint of the high quality associated with the brand. Note that, all these boards from AMP are built right here in the US under strict conditions to ensure that they meet the standards required for long-term performance.

Here is what you get from this product.

Product Description

The PowerStep running boards is an electric-powered and automatic running board that extends as soon as you open the door and then hides when you close it. This feature is crucial for an improved look and enhanced ground clearance for uninterrupted off-roading.

Next up is the build-quality, whereby the boards are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum making them heavy-duty, reliable, and durable. Further, they are PTFE-coated to make them corrosion-resistant, and this is crucial for their longevity.

We liked the stainless-steel hinge points and bearings that are vital for trouble-free action.

Other Features and Benefits

Let’s briefly look at the sturdy steps with a textured powder coat finish which has an outstanding grip to ensure no accidents occur due to slipping.

Also worth noting is the 600lbs load capacity on each side, which assures us that the boards can comfortably handle the heaviest individual around.

Lastly, these units’ maintenance-free nature will give you peace of mind for many years to come.


  • Best running board (automated)
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Anti-skid steps


  • Not for snowy weather

7. APS iBoard Running Boards Fit with 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab

If you are looking for running boards that offer the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, this pair of iBoard units from APS should be at the top of your list. Everything about them is straightforward, and this makes the units highly user-friendly.

We have outlined the key features in detail below.

Product Description

We shall start with the stepping bar, which is 5″ wide, which makes it very easy to use. This width offers some sense of security whereby even an aged individual would have no problem stepping across the board.

In addition to that, the stepping bars have a non-skid design that makes them relatively safe to step on.

Another thing about the boards is the high-quality aluminum build that makes them durable and ensures you never have to be bothered by rusting and corrosion issues.

Other Features and Benefits

This set of running boards has an easy bolt-on installation design, which means that you should have a really easy time setting them up.

Last but not least, the boards boast a polished finish that not only makes them adorable but also easy to maintain.


  • Built to last
  • Attractive finish
  • Easy installation


  • Poor packaging

8. TAC i4 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck Running Boards

With over 20-years of experience in the manufacture of auto-accessories, Truck Accessories Company (TAC) is a brand that can rarely go wrong when it comes to the production of high-quality car accessories. Indeed, their i4 nerf bars/running boards are designed to bring convenience to your motoring experience.

Product Description

One thing we love about this nerf bar is that it comes with a 5-inch-wide step board. This is more than enough space for you to step on comfortably even when carrying heavy weights.

What’s more, each footboard is housed within injection trim covers that offer adequate protection. Plus, they are easy to clean all thanks to their minimalistic appearance.

And don’t get us started on its sturdy build-quality. Indeed, this Toyota Tacoma double cab footboard from TAC is built from air-craft grade aluminum. We all know just how tough and bullet-proof that type of aluminum is.

The bolt-on installation is a walk in the park, plus you get all the necessary mounting hardware and installation guide to see you through the process.

That said, this nerf bar only supports a 300lb load capacity. So, it might not be ideal if you’re plus-sized or if you regularly step on running boards while carrying extra-heavy items.

Other Features and Benefits

In case you’re worried about the design of these boards, you’ll be glad to learn that they come with grooves. These grooves fit into the brackets enabling you to bolt them safely in place.

What’s more, the mounting brackets are sold along with the boards at no extra cost. They are well built and made from 5mm thick carbon steel (mild steel) for extra strength and stability.


  • Easy installation
  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • Minimalist design


  • Non-durable coating

9. Tyger Auto Blade Running Boards Fit Toyota Tacoma Cab

There are multiple reasons why we think that these boards by Tyger Auto are worth adding to all the awesome Tacomas out there. This board is listed at number 9 in our best running boards for Tacoma trucks review.

First off, they provide you with a whopping 500lbs worth of load capacity. As such, they are highly dependable and can handle anyone and everyone including plus-sized individuals.

And there’s more.

Product Description

These footboards are made using forged steel. It is a well-known fact that this type of steel provides the highest grade of hardness possible.

So, if toughness is your craving, you know all too well that these nerf bars won’t let you down.

And as if that’s not enough, each board is powder-coated effectively providing it with an additional layer of protection against debris and corrosion.

To top it all up, the step area is 6-inches wide, and this makes coming into and out of your vehicle to be very easy.

Other Features and Benefits

With the easy bolt-on installation, the setup process should be very easy, and you may be done within a couple of minutes. Even better is that you do not need to have prior experience in the process to do it comfortably.

Lastly, the product has a hassle-free 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects/quality flaws.


  • Perfect fit
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • 500lbs load capacity for each side


  • Bend easily

10. oEdRo 6.5-inch Running Boards Compatible with Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck

Here is another set of high-quality running boards designed to make it easy for you to enter and exit your truck Tacoma arch-rival to the Jeep Wrangler. Further, they will help prevent your car’s sides from getting scratched by the road debris picked up while driving through rough terrain.

Here is a detailed review of the side step, which is also called nerf bars.

Product Description

The oEdRo side steps are made out of aluminum which is a material that makes them sturdy and lightweight at the same timeOn top of that, the boards have a unique powder coating that offers corrosion resistance for durability.

Let’s also talk about the customized mounting brackets for a convenient bolt-on installation that does not require any drilling.

The 6 ½” step area is extremely wide and offers a safe way to board your car.

Other Features and Benefits

We liked the low-profile design that maintains the driving height while enhancing your truck’s aesthetic appeal. It is also important to note that the nerf bars can handle up to 450lbs without bending.

Last but not least, the product comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects to give you the confidence you need for your investment.


  • Solid construction
  • Wide step area
  • Anti-skid design


  • Short warranty period

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11. APS Wheel to Wheel 6-inch 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Running Boards

Closing down our list is a pair of running boards by the popular APS brand that aims to ensure you and your family have an easy time entering and exiting your truck. A closer look at the boards tells you that they were designed with the users’ safety in mind.

Let’s see what these products are all about.

Product Description

Equipped with generously wide stepping boards that measure 6-inches, these nerf bars are highly user-friendly and safe to use. If anything, the stepping surface is covered with corrugated non-slip stepping pads that make it safe to step on even during the rains.

Generally, this set of nerf bars feel well built and sturdy. However, the manufacturer rates them at 300lbs load capacity so be careful not to overload them.

Other Features and Benefits

The installation of these units is highly straightforward, especially if you are a DIYer. Even better is that the package includes installation instructions and all the other hardware needed for a complete installation.

That said, we feel that these footboards are a bit overpriced for what they have to offer. But to be fair, this is the kind of stuff you go for to add to the looks of your car all thanks to the low-profile design they rock.


  • Low profile design
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Easy installation


  • A bit pricey

Different Types of Tacoma Running Boards

They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but just what are the different kinds of footboards used for Tacomas? Well, in general, you’ll find two major categories of boards out there and those are as follows:

I) Side Steps

Also known as step bars or side bars, these are rails that run parallel to the sides of your auto. The TAC 5” and Tyger Auto Blade are two good examples of Tacoma side steps designed specifically for the rig.

And the best part is that both are compatible with Double Can Tacoma models from 2005 to 2022.

So, you’re sorted as long as what you own is a 4-door truck, similar to a GMC Sierra.

One thing worth noting is that it is always wise to go for powder-texture-finished boards for longevity. Without this kind of finish, chances are that your step bars for Tacoma will start to rust or look ugly due to dirt or rust.

And of course, nothing beats a good iron-clad warranty coverage. Such coverage ensures that you’re safe from potential issues emanating from production-line defects.

II) Full-Length Running Boards

As their name suggests, these footboards straggle the entire length of your motor vehicle. If looks matter a lot to you, then these are definitely worth looking into. They naturally cover a larger surface area and are, therefore, highly noticeable.

Here we’re talking about the like of the APS iBoard and the Toyota Genuine PT212-35055 running boards. Needless to say, thanks to their extended length, these boards provide a streamlined look.

Also, if size matters to you, these extra-large boards also tend to offer adequate width (5 to 6 inches). That way, you not only get lots of room to step on but also extra-weight support.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Toyota Tacoma Running Boards

There are numerous brands of Toyota Tacoma running boards in the market, some of which are guaranteed to disappoint you. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, there are certain factors that you should pay attention to.

We have outlined them below.

1. Material

The most common material used in making running boards is either aluminum or steel. The former is popular due to its lightweight nature, and stylish looks. The latter is known for its durability, and pretty much guarantees you of long-term ROI.

Other options include plastic and fiberglass boards which are lightweight and customizable. However, their stability is often wanting.

2. Length (Vehicle) and Width (Board)

Even though all the current Tacoma models have back seats for passengers, there are significant differences in their sizes, which will determine the kind of running board you settle for.

The Access Cab has two doors, and accessing the rear passenger seat requires the driver’s seat to be tilted upwards. So, the running boards will only be necessary for the front doors as there’s no rear door anyway.

On the contrary, the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab has four doors that can be opened, and, therefore, all the passengers will need the best running board design availed. That’s not the case for access cab users, though.

When it comes to the width, a board meant for family usage should be at least 6-inches wide so that older people can be comfortable with it. And if you are focusing on a stylish appearance, the width should be in the range of 4 to 5 inches.

3. Load Capacity

The first thing you need to know about this aspect is that it is dependent on the quality of materials used in the unit’s constructionWe advise that you be keen on the board’s weight rating to ensure that it can comfortably handle everyone stepping on it.

In most cases, you will find accessories with a standard capacity of 500lbs, although some go higher (others go lower).

4. Safety

Running boards or bars that come with any built-in traction are safer options than the smoother ones. This is due to the reduced chances of slipping, which would cause injuries.

In short, look out for features that boost your stability any time you step on the board. These include rubber treads and diamond plates.

5. Style/Appearance

Your truck deserves better whether it’s a Toyota Tacoma double cab or access cab. So don’t settle for anything that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Most precisely, you want to go for something that has a color and finish that complements your truck’s current looks.

As you’d expect, numerous options exist ranging from chrome, anodized to textured powder-coated and even black powder-coated. Textured black powder coated boards are our favorites as they provide a nice, rugged look.

6. Shape

The shape of a footboard can affect two things i.e., foot room and aerodynamics. You want to go for a shape that is wide enough to provide a comfortable fit for your feet. And this is precisely where extra-wide steps for Toyota Tacoma come in.

But then again, you don’t want the running boards to be too wide as that might affect your truck’s aerodynamics and even reduce fuel mileage. Ideally, you should settle for something that’s 5 to 6 inches and streamlined in design.

7. Finishing

Most people tend to overlook this important factor. But the reality is that the quality of your footboard finishing matters a lot. Different kinds of finishing options exist but our top favorite remains powder-coating.

This type of finishing provides a stable coating that’s resistant to scratches and corrosion. As such, it is extremely versatile.

Brushed finishing is also great especially if you’re after a minimalistic look. But if you’d like to create a good first impression, consider settling for a polished finish for a sparkling shine.

8. Warranty

Companies that are confident in their products always have the confidence to provide warranty coverage. This is highly important as it assures you that you’re protected from manufacturing defects.

Normally, the longer the warranty period, the better. As a general rule of the thumb, you should aim for nothing less than 3 years of iron-clad warranty. That’s the only way to be sure that the product you’re investing in will live up to expectations.

Replacement or Installation Process of Toyota Tacoma Running Boards/Side Steps

Caution: While effort has been made to make these instructions are as accurate as possible, please note that this information is not from the manufacturers. Always consult your car’s manual before initiating any installations or repairs on your own.

Here is how to install or even replace footboards or bars on your Toyota truck. Note that the specific details may vary based on the model or year of manufacture of your auto.

Tools & Items Required: There are some basic level tools are needed. They are: Gloves, Box-end wrenches, socket sets, ratchets, and of course some safety glasses.

Step 1: Inspect the side of your car for pre-drilled holes that allow you to bolt-in running boards. If your truck already has these holes you won’t need to drill them into your vehicle.

Step 2: The accessories that come with your boards have all the tools needed for the job. Use them to attach the brackets of the running boards in place. NB: Avoid tightening them in full at this step, you might need to re-adjust them later.

Step 3: Use the same method to install the second running board to the opposite side of your 4×4 truck.

Step 4: It’s now time to align the footboards against the brackets you’ve already bolted in. Of course, you’ll want to insert the bolts via the provided bracket slots.

Step 5: Part of your running board’s kit is hardware that’s specially designed to attach the brackets. Use them to achieve this.

Step 6: Finally, fine-tune everything to perfection, and most importantly, make sure everything is tightened properly in place.

Since this is an extremely important addition to your car, take a few minutes to test its functionality and safety. Check how the board handles your own weight when you step on it. If everything seems fine, take your truck for a test-drive preferably in a rough-road setting.

This will give you the opportunity to double-check if everything has been installed perfectly before hitting the road.


FAQs on Tacoma Running Boards

Before we conclude our discussion, we shall answer some of the frequent queries on these auto accessories, and the Q&A session should put you on the right path towards finding the ideal Toyota Tacoma running board.

Do running boards for Toyota Tacoma affect the ground clearance?

In most cases, they do not, but it all depends on the mounting bracket’s length. If your vehicle has lower steps, you can expect a hard time navigating rocky and hilly terrain.

Will the Toyota Tacoma running board affect my car’s gas mileage?

Yes, they will but only to a certain degree. Since they add some weight to the truck, you can expect them to reduce the fuel efficiency. The consolation is that the difference will not be too large if you compare it to the bulkier add-ons such as carriers.

How easy is it to install running boards on Toyota Tacoma?

This is very easy, and we can attribute this to the inclusion of mounting points on the modern Tacoma models by the manufacturer. It will be easier for you if you have prior experience of this process, and it should not take you more than an hour to be done.

How much weight can running boards for Toyota Tacoma hold?

Most well-made running boards for this truck model are rated 300 lbs to 600 lbs. For instance, the APS iBoard is rated at 300 lbs while the AMP-Research PowerStep is rated at a whopping 600 lbs.

Does Toyota Tacoma come with running boards?

No. Fortunately, Toyota already figured out that most people would need this accessory and so they made it available as an after-market product. 

Do Tacoma running boards prevent door dings? 

Unfortunately, Tacoma running boards are not designed to stretch far enough to stop all door dings. That said, they may help reduce the impact of debris and stones kicked up by the tires. In other words, they can even provide you with superior dirt mitigation abilities.

Does Toyota sell running boards?

If you’re looking for OEM running boards you’ll be glad to learn that Toyota actually does sell them. That said, the company’s warranty only applies when the installation is done by a Toyota-approved installer. 

Do Toyota Tacoma trucks look better with running boards? 

Even though looks are subjective, one thing that Tacoma truck owners generally agree on is that their trucks looked better with running boards. So, it’s true that these accessories can make your rig look a tad better.

How can a running board affect your Toyota Tacoma performance? 

Well-made and streamlined running boards do not affect your car’s performance. That said, their additional weight can contribute to a negligible drop in fuel mileage (the same way it happens when you install a fancy grille guard). Also, side steps for Toyota Tacoma may reduce ground clearance in some cases.

How do you check if the running board is compatible with your vehicle?

It is important to check if the running board you’re about to buy is compatible with your trick before paying for it. Amazon provides you with a tool for the same. Feed this tool with the details of your car and it will check for you if it’s the right fit or not. 

Does the weight of the running board affect its durability?

Toyota’s OEM running boards for the Tacoma weigh approximately 48 pounds. That is to say, anything that is way lighter than this might not have the same kind of build quality as Toyota engineers desired. So, yup, avoid going too light than OEM if you want to bank on durability.

What should be the width of the side steps?

There are no hard rules on how wide or narrow side steps should be. That said, it is always wise to go for something that allows for comfort and stability. Generally, the sweet spot as far as the width of Toyota Tacoma nerf bars goes lies somewhere between 5 and 6 inches.

How long does it take to install a running board?

Depending on your level of experience, the installation process can take anywhere between 60 and 120 minutes.

Should I go for aluminum or steel build running boards? 

If you like them beefy, steel is the way to go. However, if you care about looks and are particularly looking for a lustrous look, aluminum footboards are your best bet. No material is too inferior for the job provided the product is properly tested and inspected before being availed to buyers.

What are non-slip side steps/running boards?

These are footboards or bars that are equipped with special rubber sections. These sections are grippy and are meant to provide comfort and safety as you disembark from your rig.

Our Top Pick

We have settled on APS iBoard Running Board (5-inch) model as the best product overall. The footboards are built to last, are anti-slip for safety purposes, and are easy to install even for the most inexperienced persons.

This combination of features is what makes us consider these units to be the best ones around.


We hope that we have made finding the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma a tad easier for you. And if you find the right item, not only will it be easy for you to get into and out of your truck, but your vehicle will get protection from debris and scratches.

Your Tacoma may be excellent, but a set of high-quality running boards will make your truck even more incredible.

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