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The 11 Best Running Boards for Toyota Tundra – 2022 Top Picks

Afraid that you could be putting a lot of strain on your body while climbing in out of your Toyota Tundra? Or better yet, would you like to enhance the overall look of your truck?

If yes, high-quality running boards are just what you need. They allow you to take it easy on your knees and ankles while enhancing the visual style of your rig.


Better still, a good set of these boards can help protect your truck’s paint job from debris. But what are the best running boards for Toyota Tundra?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options currently available on the market along with:

  • Their features, pros, & cons
  • A detailed buying guide
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Our top pick

Comparison Table of Popular Toyota Tundra Running Boards

The right boards for your Tundra will allow you to step in and out of your vehicle with confidence. So, here is a quick comparison of our top picks.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1APS Premium iBoard Running Boards Toyota Tundra Double CabAPS32.6 pounds
2APS Black Color iBoard Running Boards 5 inches Matte, Nerf Bars Side Steps Side BarsAPS40.8 pounds
3AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards Crew Max, Double CabAMP45 pounds
4Off Roader for Tundra CrewMax Pickup 4-Door Eboard Running BoardsOff Roader44.1 pounds
5ARIES ActionTrac 83-Inch Retractable Powered Running BoardsARIES72 pounds
6APS Black Powder Coated iBoard Aluminum Running Boards Nerf BarsAPS41.2 pounds
7OEDRO Aluminum Alloy Running Boards, Stainless Steel Step PadOEDRO41 pounds
8APS iBoard Running Boards, Nerf Bars Side Steps Step BarsAPS38 pounds
9HD Ridez Flat Style Running Board, Nerf Bar Side Steps Side BarsHD Ridez51.6 pounds
10APS Premium 6in iBoard Running Boards for Toyota Tundra CrewMax CabAPS45 pounds
11HD Ridez 6″ Stainless Steel Running Board Side Step BarsHD Ridez45 pounds

Best Running Boards for Toyota Tundra Reviewed

1. APS Premium 4in Black iBoard

If you’re searching for the best running boards for your 2007-2022 Tundra double cab, this set is an excellent choice. It is 4-inches wide, which ensures you have a massive wide stepping area for secure footing.

On top of that, you will be pleased to know that the set is constructed from polished 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum. As such, it is not only highly durable but also extremely light in weight for ease of installation.

More importantly, the surface of the boards is covered with a matte black powder coating. This makes the kit both rust and corrosion-resistant for added durability.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Non-slip top
  • Includes solid mounting brackets
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Full-length secure stepping pad


  • Brackets are not completely rust-resistant

2. APS iBoard 5 inches Running Boards

Our second pick is also from the APS brand. However, this set is a little wider as it features a 5-inch corrugated and non-slip step pad. The pad is designed to cover the entire board to ensure a comfortable, secure, and slip-proof step.

What’s more? This product comes as a complete set, including 2 running boards, a hardware kit, and heavy-duty mounting brackets. So, as far as installation is concerned, it is easy and straightforward.

Also, worth mentioning is that the kit is manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. The exterior, on the other hand, is made from a matte black coated finish. Therefore, you can count on them to provide you with the best in durability, corrosion protection, and strength.

Product Documentation and Guide


  • Patented low profile design
  • Boasts full coverage stepping pad
  • Solid aluminum build
  • Anti-slip and rust protection
  • Compatible with 2007-2021 Tundra double cab


  • Quality could be better

3. AMP Research 75137-01A PowerStep Electric

For 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Double cab, these electric running boards are a good investment. They are powered by a heavy-duty electric motor to ensure reliable service. As such, they will automatically extend when you open the door and hide out of sight when you close the door.

And you know what the best part is? The kit includes high-strength linkage arms made from die-cast aluminum alloy for maximum strengthAdditionally, the linkage arms are anodized and coated to protect them against rust and corrosion.

The steps, on the other handare constructed from extruded aluminum along with a powder coat finishThis helps ensure comfortable and secure footing while also minimizing the chances of accidental slips.


  • Can support up to 600 pounds load
  • Built-in LED light system
  • Durable stainless steel hinge points
  • Rock-solid and lightweight
  • Maintenance-free electric motor


  • Installation instructions are not clear

4. Off Roader 5” Eboard Running Boards

Here we have another excellent option from Off Roader. These Tundra running boards are manufactured from T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them lightweight yet durable and sturdy.

Similar to other sets in this list, this kit is also easy to install on your Toyota Tundra. This is because no drilling is needed. Besides, all brackets, hardware, and installation instructions are included.

You will also be happy to know that each unit features a full-length and rubberized tread. This is designed to provide you with superior access to your vehicle. The feature also ensures maximum grip when stepping in and out of your cab.


  • Custom-fit design
  • Ridged non-slip rubber top
  • Corrosion-resistant steps
  • Simple yet clean, flat profile design
  • Super easy to install and clean


  • Only fits the Toyota Tundra CrewMax pickup with 4 doors

5. ARIES 3048351 ActionTrac Retractable Boards

These are unique side steps for Tundra that feature a patented step-within-a-step design. Simply put, they are two steps in one, including a 3-inch retractable step and a 4-inch top step. The 3-inch step is designed to automatically deploy once the door opens for easier access.

The boards are powered by a single, rotary motor that boasts quiet operation. More importantly, the motor is contained in the main housing for added protection from the elements.

Also, worth mentioning is that the set boasts powder-coated aluminum construction for optimal durability. As such, it can support up to 650 pounds without bending. The powder-coating also helps protect the steps from corrosion and other elements.


  • No bracket drilling or splicing needed
  • Highly resilient to the elements
  • Operates safely and quietly
  • Can easily withstand the off-road trail’s rigors
  • Protective housing


  • Quite pricey
  • May experience mechanical issues with time

6. APS iBoard 6-inch Aluminum Running Boards

Looking for wide Toyota Tundra running boards? If yes, these step bars might just be what you need since they are 6-inches wide. And according to the manufacturer, they offer end to end coverage for your comfort and safety.

On top of that, the bars feature metal backsplash alongside tapered ends to create a factory look. This design also adds class and style to your vehicle.

What’s more? The steps are constructed from T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. This helps ensure long-lasting durability. The exterior, on the other hand, boasts a matte black powder-coated finish for the best corrosion protection.


  • Covered in the anti-slip tread for superior grip
  • Solid construction
  • Tough on rust and corrosion
  • Comfortable and secure footing
  • Super clean mounting brackets


  • Poorly written instructions
  • May become slick in icy weather

7. oEdRo 6.5inch Aluminum Alloy Boards

For your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra double cab, these running boards are worth checking out. At 6-1/2 inches, the set offers a wide step area for a convenient and safe entryway to your car. This is of course compared to traditional 4” steps.

As if that’s not enough, the steps of these running boards feature stamped stainless-steel pads for additional corrosion resistanceAlso, the steps boast textured black powder-coating to provide you with superior traction and slip-proof footing.

But you know what the best part is? The set is made out of aluminum alloy stainless-steel to ensure unshakable strength and rigidityTherefore, it can comfortably handle 350 lbs load capacity without bending.


  • Quick and easy bolt-on installation
  • Low-profile design
  • Includes a complete set of brackets
  • One-year promise against manufacturing defects
  • Durable and rust-resistant finish


  • A little on the heavy side

8. APS iBoard Running Boards

Here is yet another pair of high-quality Toyota Tundra step bars from the APS brand. And similar to other bars from this manufacturer, these too feature matte black powder coating. As a result, they offer the best corrosion and rusting resistance compared to other bars on the market.

Additionally, the surface of this set is covered with a full-length non-slip top to ensure a solid, slip-proof, and continuous footingConsequently, this allows unparalleled access to your vehicle’s rooftop and windshield.

The best part is that the bars are manufactured from polished aircraft-grade aluminum. Also, included are heavy-duty brackets to ensure they can handle up to 300 lbs without any issues. So, as far as durability is concerned, you don’t need to worry.


  • Wider and secure step area
  • Premium-quality UV-resistant top
  • Innovative and patented design
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Easy to install


  • Some people find the step is not wide enough
  • Brackets may get rusty with time

9. HD Ridez Flat Style Board

If you’re on the market for some OEM-style Toyota Tundra crewmax running boards, this kit will probably meet your needsThe bars are built to sit close to your Toyota Tundra body, thereby ensuring a streamlined factory look. This means that the steps don’t leave gaps.

What’s more? The bars are 6-inc wide and boast full-length tread for improved grip and traction. As a result, you can enjoy slip-proof, comfortable, and safe footing even during the winter.

On top of that, the boards are made from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide you with superior rust and corrosion protectionAnd for added durability, the sides are equipped with a durable mirror finish for the best abrasion resistance.


  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Solid build with no plastic caps
  • End to end coverage for stepping safety
  • Polished finish
  • Lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame


  • Installation instructions are not straightforward

10. APS Premium 6in iBoard

If you own a 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax, you might want to check out these premium running bars. The set is easy to install by simply bolting-on. And of course, the manufacturer provides you with all the necessary mounting hardware and brackets.

The steps also feature a high-quality full-length UV-resistant top to keep them safe from the harsh elements. Additionally, the top is non-slip to provide you with a superior grip when climbing in and out of your cab.

More importantly, this product is made out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, which keeps them lightweight but also extremely long-lastingThe exterior, on the other hand, boasts a hairline textured finish for the best rust and corrosion protection.


  • Massive wide step area
  • Heavy-duty mounting hardware
  • Clean and modern design
  • Offers the highest standard of corrosion-resistance
  • Unparalleled and durable build


  • The pad gets a little slippery if wet

11. HD Ridez Running Boards

Looking for premium yet affordable side steps for your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax? This kit might meet your needs. The bars are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel for superior strength and durability.

Additionally, at 6-inches, the steps are massively wide to provide you with a secure footingThe best part is that the boards feature e-coating for protection against rust and corrosionTherefore, even the harsh winters won’t affect their performance.

On top of that, you will be pleased to learn that the bars are entirely covered in a corrugated, high-friction pad. Consequently, this makes the entire set anti-slip, which ensures comfortable and safe footing.


  • Clean, sleek, and minimalist design
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to be custom fit
  • Excellent access to your truck
  • Made from premium stainless steel


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Installation instructions not included

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Top Running Boards for Toyota Tundra Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider

Installing running boards on your Toyota Tundra brings a host of benefits. But with so many options on the market, finding the right one can be daunting. So, here are some of the key features to consider before making your purchase.

Construction Material

One of the important things to take into account is the type of material the boards are made from. This is because different running boards are built from various materials.

Generally, most units are made from either steel or aluminum. Of course, each of these metals has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, steel step bars are known for their rigidity and strength. On the flip side, they are quite heavy, which results in poor gas mileage.

Aluminum units, on the other hand, are lightweight but also highly durable. As such, they can help improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. However, they are not the best for off-road terrain.


Another feature to keep in mind is the length of the side steps. After all, Toyota Tundra comes in different styles, including Crewmax cab, double cab, and access cab.

Also, running boards come in different lengths. So, we recommend getting a board that runs the entire length of your truck’s wheelbase. But depending on your preferences, you can choose shorter boards.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation is yet another feature that you need to pay more attention to. You see, a pair of high-quality can be a little expensive. And when you add the cost of installation, you will end up spending so much money.

Therefore, you must choose a kit that is extremely easy to install. Such a kit should also come with all the necessary installation hardware, mounting brackets, and clear instructions.

Side Step Pad Material

A good step pad should be made with safety and durability in mind. Therefore, you need to ensure the pad is constructed from non-slip material for superior grip.

Additionally, you should look out for step bars with thick and wide tread pads. The treads are designed to excellent friction for added safety in all weather conditions.


Equally important is also the width of the boards. Generally, wide boards provide you with more surfaces to step on. However, they may restrict your entry under the vehicle.

Narrower bars, on the other hand, boast a low-profile design. As such, they won’t affect your Toyota Tundra’s look much. On the flip side, they offer a limited stepping surface. So, if not careful, you may slip.


Cost is not a major thing to consider, especially if you’re not shopping on a budget. The good news is that you don’t need to break an arm and a leg to get high-quality running boards.

So, depending on your needs and requirements, you can get affordable quality bars. But if you want more premium features like electric-powered, then you need to be willing to pay more.

Nerf Bars or Running Boards? – What is the Best

There is no huge difference between running boards and nerf bars. They have the same application and nearly specifications and features. So, they are like cousins.

The main difference between the two is the shape. You see, running boards offer a flatter and wider surface to step on. As such, they offer the most secure and comfortable stepping experience.

Nerf bars, on the other hand, boast a round and narrow surface for stepping. So, overall, running boards are the best option, especially if children and older people will be using your vehicle.

Top Questions Frequently Asked Concerning Toyota Tundra Side Steps

Still not sure which boards to choose for your Tundra? Check out these common questions that people frequently ask.

Q: Are running boards universal?

A: They are built to mount on certain makes and model years of vehicles. So, before choosing your favorite set, make sure it’s compatible with your Tundra model year.

Q: Are running boards worth it?

A: Well, they can be an excellent investment. Besides acting as a step for people climbing in and of the vehicle, they are also stylish.

Q: How far should the side steps stick out?

A: They cannot stick out too far because then drivers would constantly smash them into light poles or curbsTypically, they only stick out about 3-inches, which is not wide.

Our Top Pick?

Our most preferred running boards for Toyota Tundra are the APS Premium 4in Black iBoard. These premium steps are made from polished aircraft-grade aluminum for superior durability. On top of that, they boast a UV-resistant and non-slip top.

Bottom Line

One of the key benefits of running boards is that they offer easy access to your Toyota Tundra. They also help promote clean interiors and are stylish. So, if you have children, elderly people or short passengers using your vehicle, investing in the steps would be wise.

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