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The Best Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid in 2022 – Top 8 Picks

Are you tired of replacing non-performing transmission fluids in your car’s transmission system? Worry no more. In this review, we are going to take you through the best synthetic automatic transmission fluid choices in the market.

A car owner requires a good transmission fluid that cools, lubricates, and maintains optimum pressure on the transmission system. A high-quality automatic transmission fluid enables your vehicle to run smoothly on the road.


We have prepared a full review that will help you order a transmission fluid that matches your car’s requirements.

Top 8 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid – Comparison List

Before we get started, here’s a quick comparison list we’ve compiled for you. It brings together our top picks in brief that we find the best in the market.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Royal Purple Max ATF High-Performance Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidRoyal Purple2 pounds
2ULV Transmission Fluid Case of 6 by ValvolineValvoline11.82 pounds
3Valvoline Syn Gard ES Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidValvoline23.5 pounds
45 Liter, Pentosin ATF-1 Synthetic AutomotiveTransmission FluidPentosin2.2 pounds
5ACDelco GM Original Equipment Dexron Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidACDelco4.8 ounces
66 Pack Mobil Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidMobil 115.9 ounces
7Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidLucas12.23 pounds
8Mobil High-performance Automatic Transmission FluidMobil 112 pounds

Best Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid – Review

1. Royal Purple High Performance 06320-6PK Max ATF

This ATF is one of the best brands in the market thanks to its high compatibility with other transmission fluids. You don’t have to worry about the large amounts of heat produced during automatic transmissions since it allows for fast cooling.

Also, reduced heating protects the wear of the transmission system leading to a longer life span. It is equipped with a high film strength to increase the efficiency of the ATF fluid in heat reduction.

More Benefits and Features

One feature that is outstanding about this fluid is its high oxidation stability that helps you get a longer fluid life before replacing it.

You need to know that this fluid is a good fit for vehicles carrying large numbers of passengers.


  • Long-lasting
  • High film strength
  • Reduces wear
  • High performance


  • Lacks a nozzle for easy application

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2. Valvoline ULV#888460-CS Automatic Transmission Fluid

The Valvoline ULV fluid is specially enhanced with a high-quality premium synthetic oil that minimizes the build-up of deposits in your vehicle’s transmission system. Also, this synthetic fluid has a low viscosity that is engineered to increase the speed of automatic transmissions.

What’s more, the fluid has a perfect oxidation performance and thermal endurance that increases the life span of the ATF before making a replacement. It’s important to note that you should empty old synthetic transmission fluid from your car before replacing it for optimal performance.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the fluid has been manufactured using an anti-wear technology to stop your car’s gear from wearing out.

This fluid contains durable friction modifiers that prevent shaking in your car’s engine. More to that, the fluid offers superior base stocks and offers metal protection in the transmission system.


  • Anti-shudder
  • Affordable
  • Anti-wear technology


  • Strong odor

3. Valvoline Synthetic Gard ATF ES Full Synthetic Model #887972-CS

A property that your vehicle will benefit from using this ATF is its highly refined paraffinic additives that makes it suitable in many automatic transmission systems. These additives help to provide sealing to prevent leakages in your vehicle’s transmission.

In addition, the fluid contains cleaning agents that ensure all components of your car’s transmission system that are prone to friction don’t have deposits.

It has a better draining interval that is a major characteristic in most synthetic fluids. Another advantage of this fluid is that it meets requirements that are set for Mack TO-A Plus transmissions and Meritor 0-81.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the synthetic transmission fluid offers amazingly excellent performance during the cold seasons. What’s more, the fluid has a durable seal life with many transmission systems and this will save you money if you have different car brands.


  • High performance in cold weather
  • Deposit control
  • Premium quality
  • High thermal properties


  • Pricey

4. Pentosin 1058206 ATF-1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you’re looking for a transmission fluid that exceeds Dexron III, then this is your best bet. You are assured to use it in your automatic gearboxes for a lifetime since it lasts and doesn’t interfere with the quality of the transmission system.

Moore to that, the fluid provides your vehicle with a stable friction performance in clutch transmissions using electricity as the source of power. You need to understand that the manufacturer has used premium base oils and additives to give your car the best quality.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the fluid has VI-Improver that has anti-wear technology and friction reducing properties for the best automatic transmission experience when driving your car. What’s more, the synthetic transmission fluid has an excellent shift ability.

It’s important to read the product description to understand Prop 65 caution messages during the use of the product.


  • Premium base oils
  • Affordable
  • VI-Improver
  • Improves shifting


  • Needs better packaging

5. ACDelco 10-9243 Dexron VI Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

This ATF fluid prides itself in being the most visible in the majority of General Motors vehicles. It is high quality such that it’s shipped to car buyers as part of the original equipment from GM automotive production.

You are therefore assured of durable transmission fluid and great value to your vehicle’s transmission system.

Also, the fluid is compatible with both current and previous Dexron fluids. This is helpful since you can use it to improve older vehicle models with its improved formula. In addition, the fluid offers a prolonged drain interval.

More Benefits and Features

What’s more, it has high viscosity stability and reduces friction greatly to ensure your gearbox and whole transmission system is healthy. Besides that, the fluid offers more foam control and reduces oxidation in the transmission system significantly.


  • GM-approved
  • Premium quality
  • High Oxidation resistance
  • Extended draining intervals


  • Confusing listing on Amazon

6. Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Mobil 1 brand is known for its contribution in enabling the transmission system to have a longer life. This fluid increases and extends the efficiency of transmission. In addition, your car achieves better shifting performance to reduce fuel consumption.

Even when you are under hot or cold driving conditions, the fluid keeps the transmissions clean to give you an outstanding performance. You need to understand that its wear protection technology will give a longer transmission life to your vehicle.

Also, under O Degrees Celsius, this transmission fluid will promptly give reliable lubrication to avoid wear of the transmission parts.

More Benefits and Features

More to that, this automatic transmission fluid resists oil breakdown and the formation of impurities in the system. With its high viscosity levels, thermal breakdowns are prevented. Besides that, your vehicle’s transmission system will be fairly clean at all times.

It’s important to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations on how regularly you should refill your automatic transmission fluid for maximum performance.


  • Long transmission life
  • High viscosity
  • High quality
  • Reduces deposits and impurities


  • Expensive

7. Lucas Oil 10052-PK6 Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you want to achieve extraordinary protection in your transmission parts, then you should consider buying this fluid. It has been manufactured to help your car perform excellent transmissions.

The main feature that we love about it is its great ability to prevent tear and wear in the transmission system. You are therefore assured that your car will stay in good shape for a long time before going for service.

Another advantage of this transmission fluid is its polymeric film formation that prevents slippage of the transmissions when bands get worn out.

More Benefits and Features

With its relatively low price, the transmission fluid is highly resistant to foaming in the system keeping it clean and operating optimally. You will not encounter seal leaks when using this fluid since it maintains low temperatures in the transmission system.

It will give you precise shifts especially if you are an elapsed time racer.


  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Precise shifting
  • High performance
  • Affordable


  • Ineffective to old transmission systems

8. Mobil 1 6 Quarts ATF3309 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

This fluid is highly viscous and stable and will enable it to prevent fluid breakdown at high temperatures reducing wear and tear in the transmission system.

Even during the winter season, your vehicle will not experience problems since the transmission fluid can withstand low temperatures. This fluid will give your vehicle a high performance while extending the life of the transmission system.

Also, it has recommendations from ExxonMobil to be used in JWS 3309 and GM 9986195 transmissions.

More Benefits and Features

What’s more, the transmission fluid keeps the gearbox and the whole system clean while improving shift performance. Besides that, you get the advantage of leakage control on the transmission system.

You shall experience reduced rusting of transmission system parts hence saving money that could have been used in replacing them after a short life span.


  • Increases tranny life
  • Anti-foaming
  • Affordable price
  • Protects against rust and corrosion


  • Not ideal for motorcycles

Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Right Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Thinking of getting some fresh ATF for your car? Before buying a transmission fluid, you should consider the following factors below.

Transmission Compatibility

This is the most important factor. You should go through your manufacturer’s manual to see which types of fluids are compatible with your car model. This is important to avoid destroying your gearbox.


In terms of pricing, synthetic automatic transmission fluids can be categorized into 3 price ranges.

There are fluids that are priced below $10. These usually offer the basic functionalities of your transmission system. They are popular due to their affordable price.

The other range is for fluids between $10-$30. At this price range, you get the best fluids at an average price. Their additives are better compared to the fluids below $10.

Finally, we have a select few transmission fluids that retail at over $30.These have been designed with high-quality material and can be used for multiple functions.

Type of Transmission Fluid

We have both synthetic and natural forms of transmission fluids in the market. It’s very important to check whether your vehicle uses synthetic transmission fluids to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Quality of the Transmission Fluid

While you may find it affordable to purchase the cheap fluids, it’s important to ensure you buy from reputable brands. This is important since low-quality transmission fluids may lead to damages in the transmission system which may cost more to repair.

High Quality Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid FAQs:

And now, it’s time to respond to some of the questions people often ask when it comes to buying replacement ATF. Here are some of them.

Q: Is Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid better?

A: Yes. Compared to natural transmission fluids, synthetic automatic transmission fluids are better in a couple of ways. This includes better performance and good at resisting oxidation, friction, and high heat environments.

Q: What happens if u don’t change transmission fluid?

A: The effectiveness of the transmission fluid will continue to decline. Ultimately, the performance of the ATF will go down leading to damage to your car’s clutches and the whole transmission system.

Q: Does the transmission fluid brand matter?

A: Yes. This is because we have brands that manufacture basic fluids while others manufacture premium transmission fluids. The basic fluids will do normal work whereas the premium brands will have additional benefits to your transmission system.

Q: Can you mix old and new transmission fluid?

A: Yes. You can mix them but it’s not recommendable. The old transmission fluid has lost most of the important properties that help keep the transmission system healthy.

Therefore, adding new transmission fluid to old transmission fluid will reduce its viscosity and performance.

Best Pick Overall

It’s usually very difficult choice to choose the best transmission fluid. This is because most types of transmission fluids are compatible with a limited number of car brands and models. However, there’s one fluid that stands out from the rest.

In our view, the best synthetic automatic transmission fluid is the Royal Purple 06320-6PK Max. We have picked this fluid since it’s highly compatible with most of the other transmission fluids in the market.

Also, it has high oxidation stability which makes it last up to 10 times more than its substitutes.

Final Thought

Selecting a synthetic transmission fluid should be carried out carefully to ensure your choice matches with the model of your car requirements. Also, it’s very important to check on the additives that have been added to the transmission fluid to find which is the best for your car’s performance.

It’s important to drain all the current automatic synthetic fluid you are using when you want to introduce a new type to your vehicle’s transmission system. This will ensure uniformity and optimal performance of the vehicle.

You should make sure to replace all contaminated synthetic automatic transmission fluids so that you may not cause damage to your car. Finally, we hope that this review that includes a buyer’s guide will help you find the best transmission fluid for your vehicle’s needs.

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