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5 Best Transmission Fluids For Honda in 2022 – A Run-Down To Help You Buy Better

Buying a car is an awesome achievement and maintaining it is equally important. You need the best transmission fluid for Honda to ensure that your car runs smoothly, and it is well lubricated.

This fluid is distinguished from other fluids and motor oil by its green or red colour. Categorically, it is used to operate valves, torque conversion, gear lubrication, and reduce brake band friction. To top it all, it is also used as a hydraulic fluid for powered steering systems.


When you install it into your car, you will be sure of safe and perfect driving because all parts of the car will function impeccably. Its properties are amazing because the manufacturer has carefully designed it using topnotch skills and expertise.

There are varieties of transmission fluids in the market as you will see in this article. Some of the distinguished ones include the following.

Top Transmission Fluid For Honda – Comparison Table

By just looking at them, you cannot be able to know which one to pick. Therefore, you need to have them properly analyzed for you. Their features, qualities, and properties are hereby articulated for you in this table:

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Red Line Manual Transmission Gear OilRed Line1.7 pounds
2Honda 4 Pack FBA_08200-9008 Automatic Transmission FluidHonda7.58 pounds
3High Mileage Transmission Fluid by Castrol Transmax ATF GreenCastrol7.22 pounds
4Genuine Honda Fluid, Manual Transmission FluidHonda1 pounds
510-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid by ACDelcoACDelco4 pounds

5 Best Transmission Fluid For Honda: At a Glance

1. Red Line 50304 Manual Transmission 75W-90, GL-4, MT-90 Fluid

If you are looking for a comprehensive and versatile fluid, this is the ultimate one to go for. Apart from being used on Honda, it is also compatible with 7 other car brands. This oil offers perfect synchronization, quicker shifts, and coefficient friction.


Red Line integrates longer synchronic life and topnotch gear protection, owing to its impressive performance. You will marvel at its cold shifting, not to mention its compatibility with low and high mileage vehicles.


This fluid is compatible with brass synchronizers because it is a less slippery low sulfur formula.

More Features and Benefits

Apart from serving as a fluid, it also used as an SAE gear oil. It weighs 1.7 lbs. and comes in containers with 65 x 14 x 16 inches.


  • It is versatile: used both as a transmission fluid and gear oil
  • Compatible with a variety of car brands
  • Has a wide variety of viscosities


  • Not available in most countries

2. Honda FBA 08200-9008 QT/946 ML Automatic Transmission Fluid

Everybody who owns a car is always careful and cautious to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. This transmission fluid for Honda accord is magnificent both in performance and quality.


Categorically, it comes in a pack of 4 genuine Honda transmission fluids. Moreover, it has a wide range of viscosities which heightens its performance and protection.


Specifically, the fluid is reliable, and its properties are quite amazing. When you put it in your vehicle, it will not develop any mechanical problem or fault. Moreover, it is comprehensive, and it functions in different parts of the vehicle.

More Features and Benefits

It can be used on other car brands apart from Honda. Furthermore, it comes in containers that weigh 7.2 lbs. and their dimensions are 4.2 x 10.5 x 9.1 inches.


  • Available in different SAE viscosities
  • Can be used in a wide range of vehicle brands
  • Its performance is impressive


  • Has to be imported from the USA

3. Castrol 03518 Green Transmax ATF 1 Gallon High Mileage Transmission Fluid

For topnotch and exceptional performance of your car, this is the ultimate fluid that you should go for. It has been designed to make your car to remain in perfect condition, without developing faults.


This is one of the best transmission fluids for Honda civic that you can find in the market. With the ongoing sophistication which has greatly revolutionized automatic transmission, this automatic transmission fluid has also stepped up its reliability.

In fact, automatic transmission is the most complicated mechanical component in a vehicle. Honda Odyssey transmission is expertly designed integrating exquisite properties for great performance.

More Features and Benefits

This oil does not get used up soon because of its superb durability. It takes up to 75,000 miles and takes care of your car from friction. It weighs 7.55 lbs. and it is packed in containers measuring 8.3 x 4.6 x 11 inches.


  • It is durable and its performance is topnotch
  • Compatible with the entire transmission system of the car
  • Protects the car from wear, corrosion, and friction
  • It is a hydraulic fluid, and good for shift gears and packs


  • Available in limited places unless you import it

4. Honda 08798-9031 Genuine Manual Transmission Fluid

Quality is the most precious thing in every commodity. When you buy manual transmission fluid for Honda and find that it has spectacular features, you will be thrilled.


This manual trans fluid is quite a force to reckon with, and when you buy it, you will not have anything to regret about. Firstly, the fluid has lower fluid friction hence no wear and tear.


Moreover, its quality is impressive, and it meets all the Honda requirements and standards. To top it all, this fluid is fit for all Honda models.

More Features and Benefits

The fluid takes care of your car’s system, and it remains in good condition. The features and properties of this fluid are absolutely good. It weighs 1 lb. and the container’s dimensions are 8.8 x 4.3 x 2.7 inches.


  • It meets Honda standards
  • Its performance is incredible
  • Integrates superb qualities


  • Buying it from overseas is costly

5. ACDelco 10-93395 Transmission Fluid – VI Automatic

For great and terrific transmission fluid, you should buy it from a distinguished and recognized manufacturer. ACDelco is of topnotch performance and it withstands the test of time.


With time, you will find that this oil is still good because its degradation is slow. Surprisingly, this oil is highly recommended by General Motors which is a recognized motor car dealer.


You can use it on any GM car which was manufactured from 2006 and newer. In addition, you will marvel at its outstanding qualities, and goodness that it does to your car’s engine.

More Features and Benefits

It has impressive viscosity stability, oxidation resistance, and friction durability. It weighs 2.28 lbs. and 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches in dimensions.


  • Approved by General Motors
  • Compatible with a wide range of GM cars
  • Durable and its quality is great


  • Importing it hikes the price

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Buyers Guide

When you are buying transmission fluid for your Honda car, these are the factors that you should consider:


The transmission fluid that you buy should be compatible with your car brand.


The quality of the transmission fluid should be topnotch, and its performance should be magnificent.


You should buy transmission fluid that has a long service life, and which will take good care of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is new to transmission fluid has a series of questions including the following:-

Q: Is transmission fluid versatile?

A: Yes. It is used as hydraulic fluid, gear oil alongside many other uses.

Q: Are they specifically meant for Honda?

A: No. They are general purpose and can be used by a variety of car brands.

Final Words

To sum it up, these are reliable and top of the range transmission fluids for Honda that you will find in the market. They are recommendable, and their quality and performance are exceptionally good.

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