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The Cheapest Way to Cool a Garage: Things to Consider

If you have ever been in a garage that seems too hot for life, you must understand how unbearable the situation is. It gets worse in the summer when it is hot both outside and inside.

Luckily, there are affordable and straightforward ways of keeping your garage’s temperatures at acceptable levels. The methods include temporary and permanent measures, and it depends on which ones you’ll find to be more convenient.


Take your time and read this piece and see which is the best way to keep your garage cool without spending a lot of money.

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Things To Consider Before Selecting the Cheapest Way to Cool Your Garage

Before you settle for a particular method of cooling your garage, there are several factors that you have to think about. These include:

1. The Frequency of Using that Method to Cool Your Garage

How often do you intend to lower the temperatures in your garage? It could be for several hours a day, specific days of the week, or even periods such as mornings or afternoons.

2. The Location of the Garage

Your garage could be located in an area where it is exposed to the sun for the entire day or in a shady area. Further, the structure may be in a highly humid area, which will influence the cooling method you settle for.

3. Appliances/Tools in The Garage

It is a known fact that large appliances give off a significant amount of heat, which may make the garage hotter or stuffier. It gets worse if the indoor space doesn’t have windows or ventilation.

Further, some items need perfect temperatures and humidity levels to remain in good condition. These include paintings, furniture (wooden), and electrical appliances.

Once you have answered the questions above, let’s now look at the options at hand that could help keep your garage cool.

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The Cheapest Methods of Cooling Your Garage:

There are two primary options that you could follow to keep your garage cool:

I) Permanent Options

II) Temporary Options

Let’s see what these methods entail.

I) Permanent Cheapest Options

Some of the permanent measures that you could take to ensure that your garage’s temperatures are tolerable in the long run include:

1. Garage’s Ventilation

There are various ways that ventilation would help in keeping your garage cool. First, it allows hot air to escape so that the room remains cool and habitable. Another thing about these vents is that you can open them at night to bring in the air from outside to stabilize the conditions.

Besides cooling the garage, the vents help expel the fumes that your car has produced while you were parking it in the garage or fixing an issue on it.

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2. The Garage’s Color

We all know that dark colors absorb heat faster and make the garage hotter in the process. So, if your garage is painted in colors such as black, consider changing it to brighter colors such as white to repel some of the heat.

Ensure that you undertake this task before summer sets in so that you can gauge how effective your work is.

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3. Add Garage Insulation

Most of us are guilty of not insulating our garages, making them unbearable in the summer or winter by being too hot or cold. The best way of dealing with this problem is by insulating the walls, and you can rest assured that the garage’s temperatures won’t become too high or low during the different seasons.

And while insulating the walls, don’t leave out the attic and garage doors, as this will help improve the general atmosphere of the interior space.

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4. Install a Garage Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is an affordable way of keeping your garage cool, and it works particularly well in an insulated room.

You could talk of installing an air-conditioning unit, but a ceiling fan will cool your room without blowing your energy bills through the roof.

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5. Changing the Incandescent Bulbs

Besides emitting a lot of heat, incandescent bulbs are also known to contribute to extremely high-power bills. So, the wise thing to do would be to replace them with LED bulbs which tend to be more energy-efficient and also don’t give off too much heat.

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II) Temporary Cheapest Options

Next, we shall present you with some temporary measures that you could take to keep your garage cool and comfortable:

1. Avoid Parking a Car that Has Been used Recently

On a typical day, your car will heat up after use, so you can imagine how the situation will be in the summer. So, we advise against parking such a vehicle in your garage as the heat radiating from your car could turn your garage into an oven.

You could leave it outside for a while to cool down before eventually parking it inside your garage.

2. Leaving the Garage Door Open When It’s Hot Inside

This has to be the cheapest way of keeping your garage cool as it does not involve any handy work or installations. Once you open the door, hot air, which tends to be lighter, will escape and leave your garage cooler and more habitable.

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3. Closing The Garage Door When Hot Outside

Note that this method works if your garage is not located in the shade, you should always keep the door locked. This will lock in cool air to the maximum and keep out any element that may lead to a significant rise in the room temperature.

This way, combined with the opening the door method, are the cheapest ways of keeping the temperatures in your garage low.

4. Use Portable Fans

It is easy to underestimate the impact that a fan can have in your garage. These devices help in ventilating the room to make it less stuffy and habitable. Further, fans push out hot air from the room to make the space cooler.

You’ll also notice your body temperature dropping since the appliance works by increasing the rate of evaporation from your skin. In general, the more evaporation, the more cooling occurs.

Keep in mind that a portable fan will not be that effective if you live in an extremely sunny state.

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5. Remove Clutter from Your Garage

If your garage is full of tools, machinery, and other junk, you will find that the airflow is not as it should be. These items will take up a lot of space, leaving the room stuffy and hotter.

To deal with this problem, start by taking out all the stuff that is no longer in use from the garage. Then, for the space to be more organized, consider installing cabinets and storage racks, and this will leave the entire area clutter-free.

Another tip for keeping your garage tidy is returning the tools and boxes to their rightful place after every use. In the end, your garage will be more spacious, and an improved airflow will ensure it is as cool as you like it to be.

Final Words

There you have it; the above tips can help you keep the temperatures in your garage tolerable throughout the year. The best thing about the above pointers is that they are affordable, and in the best scenarios, you won’t have to spend a dime to implement them.

By now, we believe that you have identified the ideal method that could work for you in keeping the temperatures in your garage down and the area habitable.

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