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How to Adjust Headlights on Chevy Truck

Failure to adjust your headlight will lead to traffic police writing tickets due to wrong positioning of the headlamps. A Chevy headlight does not need a professional mechanic because of the simplicity, and it is something that you can do in less than an hour.


The article will guide you through adjusting the headlight; thereafter; you will realize how simple the entire process is.

What You will Need

  • A tape measure for measuring the distance
  • A marker or chalk to define the X and Y-axis
  • A Philip’s head screwdriver for making adjustments

The moment you are ready to confirm the following steps:

Take Off Any Weights from the Vehicle

Adjusting the headlights where they are supposed to be is important. Therefore any weight inside the car that can bring down the beam of the headlight. Remove any substantial weight from the track to get the true height of the beam

Adjust all Tire Pressure

Make sure that the tire pressure of every tire has the same amount of air. If one side of the car has reduced pressure, aiming the headlights will be a problem. Use the air compressor if tire adjustment needs to have the same air pressure level.

Park on a Flat Surface

Adjusting the headlight should only take place at an average driving height. Using the lift kits will give the wrong driving height.

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Make Sure the Vehicle is Stable

When every other thing seems to be fine, the last bit in preparation is to make the Chevy is stable. Grab the bumper or the radiator support and pull the car up or down a few times and let suspension get time within seconds.

Before you ought to have started this entire process, you ought to have known that a Hotspot is the brightest part of any light beam. The goal of this article is to make sure that the hotspot intersects at the X and Y-axis. Do not be worried about the definition of the two axes for now.

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Chevy Headlight Adjustments

Choose the Place and Timing

Make sure that the place is conducive for headlight adjustments. Working during the day and in an open place means, natural light will interfere with the flow of light. You can work in an enclosure that will expose the entire strength of your headlights. Use a wooden board or a smooth wall to cast the beam

Park the Car

Move the car close to the wall and leave at least twenty-five feet between the vehicle and the wall.

Create the Y-Axis

Mark the center of the headlight using that marker or the piece of chalk. Take height measurements, i.e., the distance between the center point of the headlight and the ground. Mark this point at an angle of 90 degrees and extend it vertically to create the X-axis.

What matters here is to remember the first point of the wall, which appear darker to differentiate the mark and the vertical line. If possible, use a wide-edged tape after marking the height with a marker. The wide-edge market improves visual accuracy.

Cresting the X-Axis

Fur inches below the center of the vertical marking, draw a 180 degrees horizontal line. Use the horizontal level to be more accurate. Place the tape a notch higher on the upper horizontal line to make sure that the edge of the tape and the horizontal line meet to create the X-axis.

We have created the two axes and found their point of intersection.

Reverse the Car 25-Feet Away

Measure the distance and mark it well on the wall while maintaining a straight line from the car’s nose.  Drive the car back and take the distance using a measuring tape.

Align the Hotspot

As a final adjustment, look for two screws that enables either headlights to move in a vertical or horizontal position. Adjust the screws until the hotspot meets at the point where X and Y intersect.

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Video: (The whole process, Take a Look)

Final Words

The process of adjusting headlights on Chevy uses a universal method that can apply to any other model. You can also use the same procedure to make adjustments for both the driver and passenger headlight.

Remember the importance of having the quality to shine your way; therefore, adjusting headlights is a vital safety activity. I think you will never face this problem for your Chevy Trucks

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