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How to Clean Interior Car Windows

Having clean and sparkling windows goes beyond cleanliness and getting a better outside view while driving. Clean windows improve visibility as it reduces driver’s fatigue translating to safe driving.

Cleaning windows may sound like the last thing you want to do in your spare time until you see messy smudges that reduces your visibility. If you use the right products and methods of cleaning, you will see nothing but sparkling and clear windows.


The article is a guide that will show you how to clean both inside and outside the glass. Later on, we will highlight the main reasons why your car window becomes dirty.

What You will Need

  • Your favorite cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber towels

Cleaning Inside the Glass

  • Spray your favorite cleaner on a cloth and avoid spraying directly on to the window because only a fraction of the spray hits the window. Some of the drops may get to the interior creating more cleaning work.
  • Direct spraying wastes the cleaner and chances are that there is a possibility of the chemicals staining or causing damage.
  • Use a microfiber cloth as the best choice because of its softness and otherwise excellent absorption properties. The cloth is far much better than newspapers that may leave ink residue on your hands, car interior, and windows.
  • Newspapers or paper towels shred easily. Therefore you will use more of them
  • Wipe in all direction and not in circular motion. The best approach would be to start wiping up-and-down and then use the side-to-side to motion leaving fewer streak marks.

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Cleaning Windows on the Outside

  • You need to wash the car to remove as much dirt as possible. Washing the car before heading to the windows makes the entire cleaning process easy.
  • Spray the glass cleaner on the windows (remember this is the opposite when cleaning windows from inside). Direct spraying on the outside by maintaining an even moisture helps dissolve stubborn stains. 
  • For the larger sections like the front or back windshield, do the cleaning in sections so that you do not end up with dry glass cleaner.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to remove bugs and dirt from the outside. When cleaning the outer surface of the windows use several for each wipe.
  • Use the vertical then horizontal to avoid squeaks, use a vertical and then horizontal motion. The next step is to wipe in an up-down motion, and then side-to-side movement. The only difference between cleaning in and outside the window is that you need to apply more rubbing pressure.
  • Remember to clean your car windows under a shade or under favorable to avoid rushing to wipe before the spray dries out.

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What Makes Car Windows Dirty


Some particles tend to stick on the interior of the car including the windows leaving a bad scent all over.

Dust and Dirt

Dust has no barrier when it comes to getting inside your car. The most visible place is be the windshield as it the most visible locations in a vehicle. If dust or dirt accumulates, the driver’s visibility is compromised and you should clean your windshield as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Tinted Windows

Windows with tint have an aftermarket window film that protects against UV rays. The positive thing about tinted windows is the absence of haze build-up making the cleaning process more manageable.

Cleaning the Rubber Surrounding the Glass

The rubber sealants securing the window during assembly may start to wear out when they come into contact with some cleaning agents. Make sure that anytime you feel sticky at the end of the wiping cloth; replace it with a clean one.

You will need special methods to get rid of the mess created by the sealant

Final Word

Clean windows mean having the right tools and knowing what is expected of you. In the case of tinted windows and the rubber running around the windows frame, please, observe the directions shared.

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