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How to Keep WeatherTech Floor Mats from Sliding – Top 7 Methods

Do you struggle to keep your WeatherTech floor mats in place? Well, this an all-too-common problem encountered by most drivers and can really be annoying.

Unfortunately, a loose car floor mat can cause a serious safety risk if it gets underneath the brake pedals. For this reason, you should secure the mats in place to keep them from moving around.

In this article, we take a look at some of the methods on how to keep WeatherTech floor mats from sliding. Check them out.


Stop WeatherTech Floor Mats from Sliding:

Method 1: Use Fasteners or Hooks

To start with, you can choose to secure the mats with built-in fasteners or hooks if your car has them. If your vehicle comes with hooks, simply push them through the holes in the mat until they hold tightly.

Additionally, if your car’s carpet has snap fasteners, line up the other sides of the fasteners on your mat. Then, push down the liners firmly until they click into place.

However, if the mats don’t come with holes, you can use a hole cutter or a hole punch to make them. Just make sure to position the hole to ensure it lines up with the liner.

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Method 2: Applying Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Another method you can use to keep the WeatherTech floor mats from sliding is applying double-sided carpet tape. Start by flipping over the mat so the bottom is face up.

Next, cut small strips of double-sided tape. The strips should be of the same lengths as the edges of the mats. Then, get rid of one side of the adhesive backing and put the tape around the mat’s edges.

After applying all the tape, go ahead and remove the second adhesive backing and then flip over the liner. Lastly, place the mat in your vehicle and apply force on the edges to secure the double-sided tape.

As for the double-sided carpet tape, you can get it from hardware or home improvement stores. The best part is that you can use it even in vehicles with hard floors.

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Method 3: Putting Velcro Strips

You can prevent your floor mats from sliding around by putting Velcro on both the liner and the floor. Start by getting heavy-duty Velcro strips with adhesive backing from your local stores.

Next up, get 4 pieces of the Velcro and press them into the corners of each floor mat. Then, place the liners inside your car and mark where the Velcro strips will line up.

When done, put the Velcro pieces on the vehicle’s floor and set the mat down so the strips line up. More importantly, make sure to press the mat firmly.

Additionally, you can put the Velcro around the edges of the mat for maximum security. However, they may be difficult to remove.

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Method 4: Using Drapery Hooks

This method involves pinning the floor mats to the floors using drapery hooks. So, how do you go about it? Well, you start by laying the liner in the footwell. Then, make marks on the carpeted floor where the holes in the mat line up.

Moving on, remove the mat and get a drapery hook. However, the top of the U-shape should point toward your vehicle’s seats. Then, push the pointed and straight end of the hook into the mark of the carpeted floor to secure it.

You should repeat the process with the second hook. Finally, place the mat back into your car so the drapery hooks loop through the holes.

These hooks will keep the vehicle floor mats from moving forward. Therefore, if you forcefully move the liners backward, the hooks may slide out. Also, make sure not to pull the mats too hard as they may damage the carpeting.

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Method 5: Use Screws

Another way to prevent your WeatherTech floor mats from slipping around is to drive a screw into them. Yeah, you heard that right!

But don’t worry because you won’t have to drill through the bottom of your vehicle’s frame. Instead, you are going to drill just enough to let the screws catch the carpet and until the mats are secured in place.

Although you can use multiple screws, a single screw will suffice as long as it’s positioned correctly. Ideally, if using just one screw, make sure to put it in the very center of the floor mat.

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Method 6: Using Floor Mat Clips

Many drivers don’t know this, but there are clips designed to secure floor mats in place. Known as floor mat clips, they are built to clip to both the mat and the carpet.

Generally, most of these clips are made from plastic materials. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about them rusting.

On the flip side, not all clips are compatible with all make and model cars. Therefore, if using this method on your car, make sure to choose a compatible type of clip.

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Method 7: Install Floor Mat Anchors

Additionally, you can choose to install floor mat anchors to keep your WeatherTech mats from sliding. Simply get an anchor kit from your local hardware store whichever design and color you want, since the anchors are universal.

Next up, search for two spots nears the corners of the seat with padding underneath and mark them with a pen. Using a hole cutter, cut holes in the mat’s back corners from the edges. But if your liner already has holes near the corners, you should skip this step.

Moving on, push the anchor caps through the holes you just punched. Then, press firmly until the bottom of the anchor is completely flush with the mat. After that, slide the washers onto the threaded end of the anchor caps.

The washers will make it easy to screw and even unscrew the cap later. This way, your floor mats will not get stuck inside your car. Finally, using a hammer, hit the anchor caps to secure them in place. You may also stomp on the caps with your foot to press the anchors down into the flooring.

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Bottom Line

As discussed above, there are many ways on how to keep WeatherTech floor mats from sliding. The most common is using built-in fasteners or hooks if your car has them. This method is also easy and will keep your mats secure for as long as you want. However, it is also worth trying out the other methods as long as they work for you and your vehicle.

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