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How to Remove WeatherTech Floor Mats from Ford F150

The F150 is a top-performing truck that looks good on the outside and that should be the case when it comes to the interior.

You can get the WeatherTech floor mats to keep your truck’s interior protected and aesthetically appealing. That is all good until when it is time to remove the mats for cleaning.

You have to ask yourself if the process is going to be easy or not. We do not know if you’ve had an experience with the said mats but we are going to explain how to remove them so here goes.


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The Process of Removing WeatherTech Floor Mats from F150:

As you are about to find out, the process of removing WeatherTech floor mats from the F150 is not as hard. The point is to have them removed without causing any damage.

Step 1

Intrinsically, the first step would be to take out the mats from the floor of your truck. Note that during installation, the mats are secured with hold-down grips so it wouldn’t be wise to just yank them off the floor.

Sure, you could do that, but you risk damaging both the mats and your car’s flooring. Instead, you want to lift the mat and expose the base albeit halfway.

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Step 2

After that, you want to use one of your hands to reach the attachment point and hold it down while the other hand is holding up the mat.

As you are holding down the attachment points try pulling the mat up but do not do it vigorously You should notice then that the mats come off quite easily.

Step 3

At this point, the mats should be removed and out of the car and what should happen next is the removal of any loose dirt on the surface of the mats. You do not want such dirt to cause any issues once you begin the cleaning process, right?

That said; rubber is one of the easiest materials to clean so do not let that stress you out. Getting rid of the surface dirt involves banging the mats on a wall or brushing with a soft-bristled brush.

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Step 4

Now that you have brushed off most of the surface dirt from the mats, you want to place them on a flat sturdy surface in readiness for cleaning.

A sturdy surface will ensure that you do not spend too much time doing one thing.

Step 5

As soon as you place the mats on your stable surface, you want to splash a bit of water on them in preparation for soap application and scrubbing.

At this point, you realize that it will be easier and more convenient to do this outside unless you are willing to clean the mess after doing it inside your house.

Step 6

You are now ready to soap the mats up so go ahead and do it. This should preferably be done with liquid soap.

After applying the soap, use a brush or piece of cloth and begin rubbing the surface. Do not be too rough or too gentle either. Apply moderate force to remove any dirt that remained on the mats after the dry-brushing.

Step 7

If you are certain that, all the dirt is gone, get some water either on a bucket or from a hose connected to a tap and rinse the mats off.

Use as much water as you need to remove the soap and dirt. After doing that, the mats are ready for drying so may choose to let them dry outside or wipe them manually using a dry towel. The latter is always an option if for whatever reason; you can’t wait for your mats to dry outside.

Step 8

If you decided to air-dry your mats, leave them outside for about an hour. Allow them to dry some more if they are not by the time you are going to check but if they are dry, take them and re-install them back into your F150 floor.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, that is the process you need to follow if you are looking to easily and effortlessly remove the WeatherTech floor mats from your truck.

We are sure that you can now concur that the removal process is not as daunting and hard. Follow our steps to remove the floor mats from your truck and save yourself time and trouble.

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