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How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button

A garage door keypad is the simplest way of getting access to your garage. It is more convenient and simple to use. The keypad links to a button remote with a security lock to secure the door. The keypads are in most cases found outside the door; anyone with the passcode can gain access.


Garage door keypads come in various parts and each with different methods of resetting the door keypad. In this article, we will look at the popular ones and procedures to follow when resetting the keypad.

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Genie Garage Opener

The Genie Garage Keypad uses wireless technology with a 9 or 12 inches code setting switches. A slide covering the keypad reveals the logo only. The keypad is available in three different models, but the general reset procedure is as follows:

  • Slid the slide cover up way up and press the # and 8 buttons simultaneously, then slide the cover up until it latches. Release the # and 8 buttons at this point the back lit light should stay on as you proceed to the next step
  • Press the 3, 5, 7 and # buttons in the respective order
  • Enter your pin and press the # button. The pin is made of any number and digits except the symbols or # keys
  • Enter the door code as indicated on the keypad manual
  • Slide the cover back to its original position
  • Test keypad by sliding cover until it latches. Enter the PIN and press the * key
  • Your door should operate

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Resetting Other Keypad Models

Intellicode Model GWKIC and ACSDG

  • Resetting the wireless keypad
  • Open the cover halfway
  • Press and hold the PROG and 8 as the cover fully opens.
  • Watch the indicator blinking once
  • Close the cover fully

Program the Wireless Keypad

  • Open the cover by opening it until it latches
  • Press 3-5-7
  • Press PROG and the red light will blink
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press PROG red light blinks very fast
  • Close the cover

NOTE:If the indicator does not blink, it means the keypad is not taking re-programming instructions. You can confirm if the battery has enough charge.

  • Release the receiver learn code button found on the head receiver of the Genie door opener. (Usually located behind the light lens at the motor head and near the motor head)
  • When the radio signal indicator blinks for at least thirty seconds, please proceed to the next steps
  • Enter the PIN after pressing the learn code button
  • Press SEND twice for the system to capture your frequency and code it in the system
  • Press SEND once to test the system and watch the door move.
  • There are situations where you may want to add more doors to your keypad. Follow these instructions:
  • Open the cover fully
  • Enter the first PIN
  • Press PROG, PROG, PROG
  • Enter the number of doors to add
  • Press PROG

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For Each Door do the Following:

  • Press operator learn code button
  • Enter PIN 1
  • Press SEND
  • Enter the door number (1, 2, or 3)
  • Press SEND, SEND, SEND
  • Close the cover
  • Test by opening the cover and enter PIN 1, ENTER 1
  • Do the same to the other doors and follow the same instructions as above.

Model GWKP

Here are the steps to follow for this particular model:

  • Erase the old PIN by pressing and holding PROG, 6, and UP/DOWN arrow keys in that order. The red LED light will blink once and turn off. Release the buttons
  • Press the following keys one after the other 3, 5, 7, and PROG
  • Enter the PIN of using the keys 3 to 8
  • Press PROG, the red light will blink twice in second before turning off

Final Words

For these particular models, once you have programmed the code, you will be able to change it in the future. Confirm the frequency under which the keypad is using for wireless communication. If you misplaced a keypad, you must buy one that will work with the garage door opener, the best way to get it right is to buy from the same company that made the garage opener.

Always confirm with your remote manual for more information before resetting the garage door keypad. Never disable any safety devices when resetting the garage door keypad.

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