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How to Make Car Rubber Floor Mats Shine – 7 Simple Steps

Rubber is durable. Let’s get that out of the way first. That is why it is used as flooring in high-traffic areas like restaurants and hospitals.

It is also low-maintenance and easy to clean and that is why it works perfectly as a car flooring option. However, the material can lose its shine over time, and if you care about how the interior of your car looks, that may bother you a lot.

That would then leave you yearning to find out how to make rubber car floor mats shine. Don’t worry, that is what we are about to discuss here so stick around.


Make Car Rubber Mats Look Like New:

Let’s just agree that faded rubber car mats are not a good look. Okay, so then what? You need to turn that around and the process is quite easy. Don’t believe us? Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Remove the Mats

The first thing you need to do is remove the mats from your car and place them on a sturdy clean surface like your garage’s floor.

That way, you will be able to take a good look and have enough space to work on them.

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Step 2: Brushing

The second step should be brushing the surface of the mats lightly to remove any loose dirt. Next, you want to get a basin or a bucket and mix two tablespoons of dish detergent with a gallon of warm water.

Get a stiff brush and dip it into the soapy water. Take it out and begin scrubbing the surface of your rubber mats. That should eliminate and dried-on buildup and dirt.

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Step 3: Use Garden Hose or High-Pressure Nozzle

After that, you want to use a garden hose or a high-pressure nozzle to rinse off everything that you have just scrubbed off the mat.

Again, you want to do this outside because who wants to clean such a mess indoors? Once that is done, shake the mat vigorously to get rid of excess water.

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Step 4: Apply Degreaser

Next, pick up a degreaser and apply it to the mat. Ideally, it should come in a spray bottle for easier application.

Degreaser works to cut through any dirt, oil, and grime that may be on the mat surface. Allow it to sit on the mat’s surface for 10-15 minutes and hose it down again with water.

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Step 5: Use a Dry Cloth or Towel

At this point, you want to dry the mat using a dry piece of cloth or towel and look for things like road tar, water spots, or salt deposits on the surface.

If there is any tar, use a soft damp piece of cloth with linseed oil to remove the sticky residue by rubbing.

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Step 6: Apply Vinegar

Then, you want to remove any salt or hard water deposits by rubbing a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar over the mat until the crust is eliminated.

Note that vinegar is known for buffing glass surfaces and adding shine to them. It also acts as a disinfectant so go figure.

Anyway, after doing that, rinse the mats with plain water and allow them to air-dry. However, you can dry them off using a towel if you need to use them right away and have no time to wait for them to dry.

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Step 7: Final Stage – Soak for Five Minutes

In this final stage, you want to treat your mats with a non-greasy treatment specifically designed for rubber.

To do that, you are required to wet a foam pad with some of the treatment and start rubbing the surface of the mats in a slow circular motion. That should bring up the shine.

Allow the treatment to soak for about five minutes and do away with any residual on the surface with a clean and dry piece of cloth.

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Final Thoughts

Rubber floor mats are usually placed in vehicles to protect the interior from things like tar, mud, salt, and other outdoor pollutants. Most drivers will tell you that such mats are easier to clean and offer anti-skid protection which is a good thing.

However, they also tend to lose their shine especially if your car experiences heavy traffic. By following the steps we have given, you can restore your rubber floor mats so that they are as lustrous as they were when they were new within half an hour. Make use of this guide and transform the interior look of your car.

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