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Top 5 Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat

Investing in a good Tesla Model 3 trunk mat is a very important thing if you’re looking to keep it clean and safe from getting dirty, stained, and rusty. Also, it’s always easier to clean it compared to washing the carpet all the time.

We have hundreds of Model 3 weather cargo mats in the market but not all are good performing and high quality. In this review, we are going to talk about the best ones in the market according to our research and what customers are saying about the products.

A buyer guide shall also be provided to give you a list of things to consider before making a purchase decision.


Comparison Chart of Model 3 Trunk Mat

Before we dive into each mat’s review, here’s a quick comparison list that explains all the products in brief. This will help you to make a quick decision if you want to make a fast buy decision.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
13D MAXpider Custom Fit All-Weather Cargo Liner Car Floor Mat3D MAXpider4 pounds
2TOUGHPRO All Weather – Heavy Duty Black Rubber Cargo/Trunk Mat AccessoriesTOUGHPRO9.23 pounds
3SUPER LINER Custom Fit Floor Mats Complete SetSUPER LINER14.27 pounds
4SEG Direct Heavy-Duty All-Weather Trunk MatSEG Direct5.22 pounds
5Heavy Duty & Odorless Eco-Friendly Tesla Model 3 Trunk Frunk Storage MatT1A TruBuilt 1 Automotive18.96 pounds

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat:

1. 3D Maxpider-M1TL0041309 Mat

If you’re a driver who wants maximum protection in your trunk, this truck liner should be your best bet. Being one of the best model 3 all-weather cargo mats, it’s very effective for storage and holding of your belongings.

 It has been manufactured using high-quality materials to keep your vehicle’s cargo space clean by holding dirt, mud, and water spills from reaching the floor.

As a result, your car stays clean and free from staining which usually reduces the car resale value. More to that, the deep groves ensure that water and other liquids are trapped to stay on its surface before spilling them outside.

When it comes to comfort and grip, this liner has an anti-slip material that prevents skidding. This ensures that your items and goods are safe and secure from sliding on your vehicle’s trunk.

More Benefits and Features

Another plus is the safe SGs certified material used to manufacture a liner that is safe and odorless when in use for you and the family. Additionally, the side walls have been raised to protect the leakage of liquids on the vehicle’s carpet.

Designed to fit into the car’s contours perfectly, the laser scanning technology ensures that you don’t need any adjustments for an accurate installation on your ride.

2. Toughpro Cargo Trunk Mat

As its name suggests, this liner is one of the most effective when you’re worried about driving in extreme road and weather conditions. It’s a heavy-duty mat that does the job without getting destroyed no matter how extreme the road conditions are during your trips.

You don’t have to worry about fitment issues as it has been made with precise 3D scan patterns which allow the mat to fit your Tesla Model 3 without leaving any spaces. This ensures that your trunk will be able to hold your goods and other accessories without damaging the carpet.

More Benefits and Features

What’s more, the mat’s edge-to-edge design increases the covered area and makes your trunk look organized. Another advantage you will like is that it has low maintenance costs compared to the rest of the mats.

Due to its inbuilt high capacity surface, it’s easy to clean all types of waste and debris such as water, juice, oil, and solid refuse. To add to that, the liner is fitted with anchors and a non-skid surface to add safety to your trunk.

3. Super Liner Mat

One of the main reasons we’ve featured this mat is because it’s highly waterproof. This feature ensures that no matter the amount of spilled liquid there is in your trunk, it will hold it till you can dispose it off. This means that your carpet shall always stay clean and stainless for a longer time.

You shall enjoy a longer service life with this liner as it’s very durable. Additionally, the mat has a good look and design that adds to your Tesla Model 3 beauty. We love the fact that it’s a perfect fit with precisely designed contours matching your vehicle’s trunk inch by inch.

More Benefits and Features

What’s more, this mat is resistant to scratching and hence will hold your items and accessories safely. Its raised sides ensure that you get extra protection for your carpets from accidental spills at all times.

 In terms of ease of cleaning, with a hosepipe and soap, it can be washed within a few minutes as its surface doesn’t attract dirt easily. Made of low-density material, this elastic model 3 all weather cargo mats fold easily.

As such, it’s quite versatile when put to use.

4. Seg Direct Trunk Mat

We like this mat due to its wide surface that ensures you have a larger baggage area on your trunk when you’re going for a trip with your business associates or family. It doesn’t require any extra trimming as it’s made to fit your Tesla Model 3 car perfectly.

For maximum carpet protection, this liner has fine-designed grooves and ridges which are essential in holding off snow, water, mud, and other debris. With its specially designed fine grooves and ridges, it’s properly prepared to protect your trunk’s carpet from all kinds of dirt such as snow, mud, oil, and juice.

Additionally, with a spill saver lip, debris and spilled liquids shall not be able to penetrate to the car floor keeping it clean and dry at all times. It’s made of thermoplastic rubber which is flexible and scratch-resistant making it long-lasting.

What’s more, the mat is free from odor and toxic materials and therefore convenient and safe to use. You will not be risking your health and your passengers by using this product made of TPE material.

5. T1A TruBuilt 1 Automotive Mat

When you have a messy lifestyle, this mat will come in handy for your car’s trunk by preventing it from having unnecessary blemish. Also, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s health since it’s an eco-friendly mat made of latex that isn’t toxic.

You’re assured of maximum cargo protection from unnecessary movement while you’re driving due to the good grip and skid-free surface. Another benefit to note is that it can be used in all weather conditions and holds all dirt and debris keeping the car’s floor clean always.

Additionally, we love the idea of the ease and speed with which you can clean it. You require a water hose and a little soap to clean it since it doesn’t keep stains for a long time.

Lastly, we highly recommend this liner due to its lifetime warranty terms. For the first 30 days, you’re given a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

 This unique long-life warranty ensures that you get a replacement on each product that doesn’t satisfy your expectations and needs with no questioning whatsoever.

Buyer’s Guide for Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat

Good Tesla Model 3 cargo mats should ensure that your ride is clean and in good shape at all times. Here are a few important things to consider before purchasing a liner.


Thicker liners always perform better compared to thinner ones in the trunk. They move less, absorb debris quickly, and are not easy to crack. Ultimately, they give more service life as the thinner mats get damaged fast. Besides that, their deep groves keep your carpet cleaner at all times.

Construction Material

A mat’s material determines its durability and effectiveness during cleaning in your car’s trunk. Most Tesla Model 3 liners are made of fabric, rubber, or vinyl material. Model 3 all weather cargo mats made of rubber are longer-lasting, easily washable, and waterproof.

 Fabric mats are more good-looking but get dirty and wear out faster. On the other hand, vinyl mats are cheaper and come in many sizes.


Most undersides are either slippery or rough. It’s always recommendable to purchase a mat with an underside that is anti-skid to ensure it doesn’t shift from one side to another. This helps to keep your goods and accessories safe while reducing the tear and wear of the liner.

People Also Ask the Following Questions About Model 3 Tesla Trunk Mats

Do you have questions concerning the Tesla Model 3 all-weather trunk mats that require a detailed explanation? Well, worry no more. Here are a few of your most searched questions and our responses that will increase your understanding of Tesla Model 3 all weather trunk mats.

Q: Does using an aftermarket trunk market affect my Tesla Model 3 warranty?

A: No. Usually, the manufacturer has to prove beyond doubt that the product has caused considerable damage or a part failure to your car. This is not likely to be caused by using an OEM trunk mat.

Q: Who makes the best car trunk floor mats?

A: Several brands manufacture high-quality Tesla Model 3 all weather trunk mats. They include MaxSpider, Super Liner, Weathertech, and Toughpro trunk mats. We suggest that you try them since they’re of high quality and are durable.

Q: What are 3D floor mats?

A: These are floor mats that have been designed using a 3D scanner to ensure that it has perfect fitting contours, grooves, and edges to give your car the best look. They are long-lasting, durable, and have a better grip compared to normal floor mats.

Best Pick Overall

All the Tesla Model 3 cargo mats that we have reviewed are of good quality and should be able to do the job well. However, we have one of them that is outstanding in terms of durability, look, and performance.

In our opinion, the best Tesla Model 3 trunk mat is the 3D Maxpider-M1TL0041309. With its heavy-duty design, you’re assured of a long-lasting product that will hold your luggage as well as protect your carpet floor from spills.

Final Thoughts

To keep your trunk clean, you have to purchase a good mat that doesn’t permit spills and debris from reaching your vehicle’s floor. This ensures that you don’t have to wash the carpet frequently as well as preventing rusting and discoloration of the interior parts. These Tesla Model 3 all-weather trunk mats that we have featured are of the best quality aftermarket products. They shall ensure your car’s resale value is maintained as well as hold your cargo in place to avoid sliding during travel. Happy shopping experience!

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