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What Are Power Running Boards?

Accessing a raised truck may prove tough for some people. Not everyone has the heights or capability to climb into high cabin vehicles. However, some innovative automobile companies introduced running boards to lower the distance between the truck and the ground.

A power running board is an accessory that you buy as an aftermarket alternative to fix around your car doors for easy cruising.

Some are automatic such that they have their conventional wiring and brackets for powering the boards. Others are static and become part of the car’s body and appearance. You have a choice depending on your car’s model and the manufacturer’s preference for running boards.

Now, let’s look at some features of electric running boards.


What are Electric/Power Running Boards?

The method of mounting the running boards determines their mode of operation. Electric-powered steps have the traditional wiring that connects them for an automated response using sensors or magnets. They appear when doors open and drawback when doors close.

There are various original options from auto companies. But, where they are not available, you can still access them from other manufacturing companies.

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Top Features of Electric Power Steps:

Here are some remarkable features of Electric Power Running Boards.

1. They are Automatic

Static running boards are part of your car’s appearance. However, electric power steps appear only when the door opens in response to a sensor. They are common on most four-wheel drives and pick-ups which tend to be a little high, yet to access rugged roads, you may need an easy way to climb out.

It also helps you to stay out of rocky terrain without knocking the lower body on hard rocks.

2. Have an Extension Arm of Varying Length to the Ground

The arm extends the board out when the door opens, while it also draws the board away when the door closes. It ranges between 5” to 8” depending on the height of the truck.

3. Build of Tough Steel

The steel boards are of varying diameters in inches. Steel is strong and steady and a wider diameter ensures a more confident step. It is also able to hold as much weight as 550lbs without bending.

4. Versatile Step Pads

The presence of steel or rubber rails provides more tread to avoid slipping. Besides, you don’t have to worry about your shoes carrying dust and mud on muddy roads. The treads can clear off the dust from the passenger’s shoes.

5. Various Metal Finishes

Running boards can also be for aesthetics. All you want is for your car to have that stylish appearance. You can have an all-black finish, silver, or a mix of both. The metal finishes also come with radiating LED lights that make climbing easy even in darker areas.

Types Of Electric Running Boards

Depending on the model, cabin length, and year of your car model, there are several electric running boards. Let’s look at the two common power steps in this category.

I) Nerf bars

They are common for jeeps and 4×4 wheel drives depending on their cabin length. They are fixed by their wiring or some hardware like nuts and bolts on mounting brackets. You may find pre-existing holes for the fixtures or you may need to make your own.

II) Sidestep

They are either around the driver’s seat, the passengers’ area, or behind high truck boots.  You may need to drill your holes to fix them at the most convenient place.

Wrap Up

Power running boards make your riding experience enjoyable regardless of the type of road or terrain. Besides, children, the old or those with physical challenges should find their way to cars without much fuss. Be sure to compare the cost and convenience to your track before choose any particular for your vehicle.

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